Sunday, August 28, 2005

Instructions for my Male Readers

For the most part, people are not stumbling across sites that preach the virtues of loving female authority. Most of the people that come to sites like this do so because they have an active interest in the topic.

I think that the best way to generate awareness and enthusiasm for wife-led households is to push for mentions of the topic in general audience media outlets. Send letters and emails to magazines, post on forums related to marriage advice, call your local radio talk shows. Do anything that allows people that are completely unaware of femdom marriages to hear about the topic. You can mention your favorite sites if you want, but just mentioning the subject in general will at least make people aware of the fact that sites like this even exist. People can then do their own research with a search engine if they wish.

Male visitors to this blog are encouraged to reach out to the media at least once a month with some sort of plea to cover this topic. Please post comments against this post to indicate what you are doing to honor this request and what, if any, response you might get. If you send emails to sites, include a copy of the email and the address to which you sent it in your post. The Around Her Finger Movement begins with individuals just like yourselves.


globalfriendshipnetwork said...

well written

redleg said...

Lady Katherine,

May I link to your blog from any websites I now or in the future may set up?