Monday, February 27, 2006

Reading Old Posts

I am sitting here drinking my second... maybe third... (large) glass of wine. My dearest husband has given me a glorious massage and spent more than an adequate amount of time adoring me with even more glorious sexual attention. I have sent him to bed with a golden nightcap of my own making and a very well-deserved orgasm to end an evening of his perfect devotion.

I have spent the better part of the last thirty minutes re-reading old posts. I am quite aroused by my reminiscing. As I now look over at my husband sleeping so peacefully, I cannot help but recall with such vivid precision how he knelt before me and so lovingly drank my lover's seed from me.

I also confess that I have just emailed Jim. I have actually exchanged a number of emails since our first encounter. An unexpected consequence of that evening is that I have awakened a submissive side in Jim that he never knew he had. His emails to me are filled with a very sincere curiousity about the glory of serving as my submissive. If he were here now, I would have him worship me only as long as I could resist a command to ravage me. What a wonderful treat it would be to again be taken and adored.

Perhaps tomorrow I will awake and read old posts again... but without the rose colored tint of this third glass of wine.

A Night Out

We went to the black-owned restaurant and club that I had mentioned in an earlier post. While we had a nice dinner, the entire evening seemed staged and awkward. It was as if we expected to walk into the building and become besieged by beautiful black men approaching us to play into some scripted scenario. It was nothing like this. Honestly, I am a little ashamed and was reluctant to even post this brief recap of the evening.

The best part of the night was going home to a wonderful massage and the pleasures of my husband's mouth on my body.

Monday, February 20, 2006

A Young Couple's New Beginning

When I originally began this blog, it was intended as a forum for loving female authority in all of its many facets. I feel, however, that ever since I first mentioned cuckolding, that the focus has remained on this one very intense dimension of the lifestyle. For my own part, this has been therapeutic, and I am sure that for many of you it has been a great source of interest. However, let us not forget that there is more to life, and more to LFA, than mere cuckoldry.

To that end, I want to share the barest outline of a correspondence that I have entered into with a young woman who contacted me via the email address that I provided in an earlier post (kath_west "at" While I have received a great many emails since first posting that address, and have appreciated most all of them, I have received nearly none from women. I should not say that this surprises me, but it is a fact worth noting.

The particular email exchange to which I now refer began about a month ago, and I post my comments on it now because I think it is exactly the sort of success story that many of you hope to achieve in your own relationships. Let me also add that I have confirmed that this story is not fabricated by a male who is corresponding with me and signing as a woman. I actually spoke to "Mindy" this weekend on the telephone.

Mindy met and married her husband Paul approximately three years ago. While Paul had been very aware of his desire to submit to women for a very long time, he never mentioned it to Mindy during their entire courtship and even the first year of their very happy marriage. It was only when Paul discovered the Around Her Finger site ( and ended up buying Mindy some of the material that they sell on their Lulu page that Mindy learned about LFA. Mindy reacted quite positively to the material, and agreed to at least try out the dynamic of a female-led household. According to Mindy, it worked very well for several months, but soon Paul began to lose some of the enthusiasm that he demonstrated early in their new lifestyle choice.

Mindy pursued advice on the internet and ultimately decided on a course of action that went beyond the prescriptions offered by Emily Addison. It was on Elise Sutton's site ( that she first learned about more advanced topics such as strap-on play, male chastity devices, and cuckoldry. For Mindy, the male chastity device and the strap-on play ended up being an incredibly effective combination in cementing authority in their home.

Mindy has indicated that her practical experience in LFA has been remarkably similar to my own. She receives the evening massages and oral/anal worship that I also enjoy. She has also made effective use of golden showers and had some of the same initial challenges with this activity that my husband and I experienced. She has not practiced cuckoldry, and says she is quite certain she never will, but she has discussed it with her husband. It is clearly a turn-on to him, but he also prefers that it never move beyond mere fantasy. We have discussed several ways that she can extend the fantasy without ever following through on the reality.

The message of Mindy's story is that LFA is within reach for many of you that seek it in your own lives. Do not continue to live a lie by keeping these feelings from your wife. Open, share and grow in your submission. She deserves your obedience and you know you will be happier under her guidance and control.

Friday, February 17, 2006

A Storm of Disconent

I cannot say that I was surprised by the intensity of the reaction to my last post. The link unquestionably takes the viewer to material that is not in keeping with the purpose or tone of this blog. I do think, however, that many of you ignored my motivation in posting this link.

I do not for a moment suppose that the thoughtful readership of this site will benefit from the link that I posted. I was instead motivated by the notion of the reciprocal link on their site. My own husband confesses that he was a discreet consumer of femdom pornography before realizing the higher calling of true submission and service to me. I believe that many men's base instincts take them to visual and often demeaning imagery on the internet. I have something to offer these men, and I hope they will come to me find a more meaningful model of female authority.

This is not a commercial endeavor on my part. I am continually offended but increasingly less concerned with the naysayers and cynics who question not only my motives but indeed my very existence.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


In the past, I have recommended sites such as and as good resources for aspiring male submissives. These are both sites which I very highly endorse.

However, I have been approached a number of times to participate in link exchanges with other sites. I have resisted the temptation to do so, but now have reconsidered. I believe that the reciprocal links that they offer will provide an opportunity to grow the community of active particpants in the discussion which I moderate. I have been very proud of the non-commercial nature of my blog, and wish to keep it this way for the forseeable future. If enough of you object to my participation in link exchanges, and provide good arguments to support your position, I will reconsider. For now, I am beginning my experiment with the following link:

Free Femdom tgp,
galleries and movies

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Valentines Day Plans

For valentines, my husband suggested a black-owned restaurant that we both know is frequented by young, upscale blacks. There is an adjacent club that attracts more singles than would the restaurant itself. We have never been to the club or the restaurant, but only know it by reputation. I thought it would be very fun, but our attempt to get reservations did not work out. I suppose others had the same idea.

Maybe some other time.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Does the fantasy of the black bull perpetuate a racist stereotype

Tallchisub raises a very good point in his post to my last comment. Does the fantasy of the black bull perpetuate a rascist stereotype?

I find myself becoming sexually excited by the idea of being with a black man. Is there a racist origin to my fantasy? My husband, like many submissive men with an interest in cuckolding, has very special interest in being cuckolded by a black man. Is he a racist? Is it a reflection of "white social guilt" on his part for the crimes that society has perpetuated on the black race? Does he now want to submit to humiliation by a black man to repent for this history? Is my own interest a function of the same? Is my own perception (shared by my husband) of a black man's physical superiority in sexual matters a rascist stereotype?

Do most of my submissive readers imagine white or black bulls when considering cuckold fantasies? Please comment.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Wonderful Dialogue and Some Context

I want to thank all of you have made the incredibly thoughtful posts to my last comment. I never imagined that this blog would be such a tremendous catalyst to my thinking. I encourage all of you to please continue to share your thoughts. I very much like the idea of leading a community with this blog rather than just publishing my own ideas.

I want you all to know that my husband and I have been enjoying our marriage in recent weeks in ways that I know we never could have done before the AHF dynamic began. The acceleration of that dynamic via the cuckolding experience has opened new doors into each others emotions and we are, with no doubt, closer than ever.

Last night he knelt in front of me worshipfully as he often does. I stroked my fingers through his hair and felt for maybe the first time that I was understanding him completely. His submission to me is his heart screaming a love poem to the woman he adores.

We have talked a little more about eventually re-initiating cuckolding. One of the suggestions that was made in a reader posts was to choose a man who might have less similarities to my husband than did Jim... perhaps a man of another race. This interests me greatly.