Friday, August 05, 2005

Early Thoughts on Cuckolding

The very first time that cuckolding was ever mentioned between my husband and me was when I first discovered him pouring over the Elise Sutton site. Recall from earlier posts that he adamently denied any interest in cuckolding. However, trecall that he also denied any interest in strap-on play and golden showers. We all know where those denials took us.

Even long into the development of the femdom aspects of our marriage, I never really considered cuckolding. It just seemed, and still seems, too psychologically intense and way too emotionally risky to really consider. You must realize that my marriage with my husband is the most important thing in my life. While I only write about the femdom aspects of that marriage on this blog, the overwhelming amount of time that we spend together is spent enjoying each others company in the way any vanilla husband and wife would do so. Loving female authority is an aspect of my marriage, but it is not my entire marriage.

Earlier posts have talked about the way that I have my husband go down on me after he ejaculates inside me. I have aluded to the fact that his enthusiasm for this activity is enough to raise my suspicions that he may indeed have some fantasies, conscious or otherwise, of being cuckolded by me. One night very recently we had intercourse. As always, he positioned his face between my legs to begin his required task. His semen was already leaking out from between my legs and I could feel his tongue begin by collecting the tiny pool that had dripped down to my anus. He then proceeded to the very deep strokes of his tongue inside my vagina that give evidence to his affinity for this task. While I usually lay back with my eyes closed to enjoy this moment, on this night, I looked down to seem him playing with his own cock. It was not quite hard, but it was on its way to being so -- and this within minutes of having already orgasmed.

Quite out of character, I asked him if he had ever fantasized that it was another man's seed that he was licking from between my legs. After quite a pause, he answered that no, he had not. However, I knew at this moment that the hesitation in his voice provided very strong evidence that he was in fact fantasizing about being cuckolded at that very moment. I told him that one day it might be another man's semen between my legs and that he should give some thought to how he would feel about it.

Nothing else was said that night between us. I know that my own mind was racing with ideas. I'm sure his was as well. For the first time I knew that I at least wanted to explore the possibility of cuckolding him. I had crossed so many other barriers, why not consider one more. Over the next few weeks, you will continue to see posts related to this topic as I continue to think more about how I might want to proceed. Your feedback is certainly welcome so long as it is thoughtful and respectful.

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Mark C said...

Hi Katherine, nce info about cuckolding. How can I contact you?