Thursday, August 25, 2005

Pushing Him

One thing that becomes evident as a wife-led relationship progresses is that his work in completing routine chores does not provide him the same endorphin rush that it did in the beginning. Submission is an all encompassing relationship dynamic, but after years of doing my laundry (for example), I am certain that ironing my blouses does not have the same sexual edge it once did. In one very real sense this is irrelevant. He will do my personal bidding as I see fit regardless of the pleasure he takes from it. In another sense, however, I am obligated to continue to stimulate his submission simply because I love him and I want to see him take pleasure from his service.

I am constantly showering him with reminders of my control in the relationship. Sexual teasing during the day and erotic activities in the evening go a very long way in keeping him motivated. However, at least one visitor to this blog implied in his post that my interest in cuckolding my husband represents another step in intensifying my domination over him -- a step I take only because I am becoming bored with all the steps we have taken so far. I wondered if perhaps there was some truth to this. Cuckolding would probably be the last step I would ever take, and I hate to think that I go there because I am addicted to intensifying my relationship. This would mean that after cuckolding there would be nothing else left to explore.

After much thought I have decided that this is not the case. I am not on a linear path in my relationship with my husband that would ultimately have an end-game. I am in a relationship with my husband that was wonderful before femdom, and will be wonderful if we do or do not explore activities that we have so far avoided.

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saratoga said...

perhaps cuckolding is not the 'last step.' there is always lending him out- to another Femdom, or even, as the ultimate degradation, to a "so-called male dom."

how would that be for ultimate acts of Female Supremacy in a relationship?