Monday, February 25, 2008

10th Installment

I was brought out of the room, and put into a chastity device before being locked unceremoniously into a steel cage where I spent the rest of the night. Outside, I could hear the three of them fucking, screaming, and ultimately laughing and talking quietly. Kay was not part of their inter-circle,not one of them so to speak, but she was much more privileged in this group than I was. I contemplated my new existence as I drifted off to sleep.

I was awoken fairly early. Ryan had gotten up to pee, and came in to get me up so that I could go out and buy the groceries I would need to prepare them all breakfast. He let me out of the cage, but kept the chastity device on me. “Hurry back, and make sure the bacon isn’t too crisp,” said Ryan.

When I returned from the grocery store, I could hear them up and talking quietly from the bedroom. Soon, the talk evolved into sex, and I could hear soft moans coming from both of the women. Breakfast was nearly ready when I heard my wife call to me. “Jay, come in here. I’ve got something for you.” I scurried into the bedroom and saw Kay positioned in the middle of Ryan and Suzanne. They were all naked and looked unbelievably beautiful together like that.

“Right here, Jay, right between Kay’s legs,” ordered Suzanne. I nestled into position with my head at Kay’s pussy. She held her legs tightly together. “Open your legs up, dear,” she said to Kay. Kay spread her legs and I could see now why I was called into the room. Ryan’s semen was spilling out of my wife.

Without a word being spoken, I put my mouth to her pussy. I felt her hand touch the back of my head and pull me in closer. “Good boy,” she said. “You surprise me, honey. I didn’t know you had this in you.” She purred as Suzanne leaned in to kiss her.

“That’s enough,” said Ryan. “You’ve had your breakfast, now go get ours ready.”

I scurried out of the bedroom and back to the kitchen. There was work to be done.

*** Chapter 5 ***

I was sent home late that morning and was told that Kay would be dropped off at the house by 5:00. I was to have the entire house cleaned from top to bottom and the laundry washed, ironed and put away. My wife, I was informed, had some training of her own to undergo, and that when she returned home, it would be my turn to get an “expectation setting” conversation.

I worked like mad to get the house clean. I was just putting up the last of the laundry when Kay walked in the house shortly after 5:30. “Meet me in the guest room in fifteen minutes. Bring wine and one glass.” She stepped into the master (ironic word) bathroom and shut the door behind her.

Fifteen minutes later, I was kneeling in front of the wingback chair in the guest room waiting for my wife to arrive. I wore only the chastity device that I had been wearing since last night. She stepped into the room wearing only a short, white robe. She took a seat in the chair, and extended her hands to take the glass of wine from me. “I guess we didn’t know what we were each capable of becoming,” she said in a whispered voice. She smiled and sipped on the wine. “And I still think we can become so much more. Don’t you agree?”

“Yes,” I replied.

“First, let me tell you that I now know everything. I know how you responded to Suzanne’s ad for a professional Mistress. I know how you became a whore to both of them while I sat home, feeling lonely and ignored. I know how you set me up to be seduced by Ryan… how you were so willing to have him fuck me.” In truth, I wondered if she did know everything. Did she know, for example, she was on camera when Ryan was fucking her on the massage table? At this point, however, did it really matter?

“I’m sorry,” I muttered.

“Don’t be. It’s all working out perfectly as far as I’m concerned. I like our new arrangement very much. I think you do as well, am I right?”

“Yes, I confess. I do like it. I don’t understand it, but I love it.”

“It’s ok, honey. I’m here to make this dream a reality for you. You will become my perfect, submissive cuckold in every way. You’ll wear that chastity device on your pathetic cock all the time. I’ll expect that you obey me perfectly, and that you do things that you know please me on your own initiative. Ryan will fuck me when it pleases him. You may or may not be involved. He also thinks that I should recruit a small group of lovers other than him. He thinks they should be men that you and I both already know. Any suggestions?”

“No, I’m sorry, I don’t. I....”

Kay interrupted me. “Don’t worry. I have some ideas. For example, I’ve never told you this, but Jack Hanover has been flirting with me for years. He called me after you fired him. He said that while you two would obviously never be friends again, he wanted me to know that if there was ever anything I needed, to please call him. I never called him, but I have masturbated to the thought of being fucked by that man a hundred times. He’s still single; I checked.”

“Honey, he’s still friends with Chuck (my rival at work). He would tell Chuck and everyone at my company would know.”

“Would know what, Jay? Would know that he fucked me, or that not only he fucked me, but that you are also a submissive cuckold… a man that likes to watch his wife be fucked by other men. Which did you mean, Jay?”

“Either would be bad,” I said.

“Well, maybe I’ll just keep you in the closet while Jack fucks me. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if your rival knew he was only fucking me and not the whole truth. But when he leaves… when he goes home… you’ll be out of the closet and then you know what happens. Right, Jay.”

“What’s that?”

Kay leaned back and opened up her robe. She put one leg over the arms of the chair and the other over my shoulder. “Ryan fucked me hard right before I left.” Her pussy exposed, I could see that it was still red and swollen from the sex. It was barely dripping Ryan’s semen. I put my mouth to her crotch and licked hungrily. “There you go. I know you love doing this. You’ll really love doing it when its Jack’s cum, won’t you?”

“Anything for you, dear.”

“And Suzanne, she promised to teach me how to keep you in line. She’s says there are lots of wonderful ways to remind you who’s in charge around here. I’ll be getting some of my own equipment… strap-ons, paddles, cuffs. And you’ll be doing a lot of housework. When you are not at work, and not traveling, you’ll be home, cooking, cleaning, and doing everything you took for granted from me for years. And I may be here… or maybe not. I might be called over by Suzanne or Ryan, so lick them, suck them or fuck them… whatever they want.” I bowed my head in resignation of what awaited me.

“But don’t worry, dear. I really do love. I really do care for you. You know this don’t you?”

“Yes, of course,” I responded.

“My eyes have been opened to what it is that you need. I never appreciated how fundamental submission was to who you are. I knew you had asked me to play “games” with you before... tying you up, that sort of thing. I just never knew that this was just the tip of the iceberg. I never understood how deeply you craved complete submission. Does this all resonate with you?”

“Yes, it does.” I was not telling her what she wanted to hear. This was the truth.

“Tell me. I want to hear it from you.”

“I’ve never been able to escape the fact,” I started to respond, “that I knew I could be closer with you if I were to submit to you. I am so sorry that I went behind your back to tried and fulfill these urges to submit, but they were so strong. I am so sorry I pulled you into this the way I did. I love you so much”

“Don’t worry, baby,” she assured me. “I’ am going to take good care of you. I love you more than ever. This is all for the best.” She pulled me back into her pussy. I started to service her again, but she stopped me. “Don’t kiss it, just be close to me… just breathe.”

I lay against her with tears forming in my eyes. “I love you so much.”

“No more talking, just breathe.”

Femdom Study Group: Initial Results Available

Interesting initial results, but I sense the best is yet to come.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

9th Installment

We met all met at a Latin club where they serve dinner around the perimeter of a large dance floor. This was in an odd part of town, and I bet that we were one of the few couples in the club that were not speaking Spanish that evening. There was certainly nobody there that we knew.

Of course I pretended that I had never met Suzanne, and that I had only briefly met Ryan when I had bought the gift certificate. There was dinner, and then dancing, and a polite request from Ryan to bring Kay onto the dance floor. There was wine, and there were awkward but scripted moments, and soon we were back at Suzanne and Ryan’s home with even more wine.

If I omit details, it is as much because I feel that they are not important as it is that I do not remember them. I do remember thinking that it was clearly scripted on Kay’s part when we were alone for a moment in their living room and she asked me if I minded her dancing with Ryan. “No,” I told her, giving her my own scripted responses, “actually, it really turned me on.”

This comment lit a fire under my wife. She kissed me like we were newlyweds again. When Suzanne and Ryan returned to the room, I got up to use the restroom. When I came back, the three of them were sitting together on the couch giggling like school kids. “So, Jay,” called Ryan when I stepped into the room, “it turned you on when I was dancing with your wife?” Kay slapped at Ryan’s chest teasingly. She looked at me as if to apologize with her eyes. “Why,” he asked. “Why does it possibly turn you on?”

This was not scripted, but it was my moment nonetheless. “I’ve always had a fantasy of watching Kay with another man,” I said. Kay’s jaw dropped. I stood there silent and exposed.

“What do you mean,” asked Ryan. “You’ve fantasized about watching another man dance with your wife… kiss her… fuck her?” I stood silent and motionless. “Because if Kay is game, I’d be up for it. Kay… would you like to kiss me?”

“Go ahead,” said Suzanne, “It turns me on too.” Kay smiled, but did not move. She looked to me for my response.

“It’s ok, honey. If you want to….” She closed her eyes and moved her parted lips to Ryan’s mouth. There was a moment, a gentle coming together of these two lovers, and then stillness and silence.

“Stand,” commanded Ryan. I watched Kay react to his words. She stood, compelled to obey him. “Undress.” Kay looked back at me, not for approval, but only to gauge my reaction. It was a forced, half smile. It was not that I was upset… I was drifting into sub-space. She lifted her shirt over head, not bothering to undo the buttons. She stepped out of her shoes. She let her skirt fall and stepped out of it as well. She stood, her back to me, wearing black lace panties, garters and sheer stockings. I had not seen her wear garters in ten years.

“Take off the panties, but leave the garters on,” commanded Ryan.

“You want to watch me fuck your wife?” Ryan’s eyes met mine, but Kay’s remained with her back to me.

“Yes,” I answered.

Ryan stood and undid the buttons on his shirt, one by one. He pulled his shoes off, removed his socks, and stood bare-chested in front of Kay. “Kneel down,” he told her. She obeyed and buried her face in his hard stomach, unable to wait to connect with his flesh. “You, kneel also.” He spoke to me as if my submission was a given. It was; I knelt.

Kay moved to undo Ryan’s belt, and was soon helping him step out of his pants. Had I not already known what was happening, Kay would have betrayed the ruse as she started to kiss his cock with a practiced familiararity. Suzanne took a position behind me, and started unbuttoning my own shirt. Soon I was naked, all fours on the floor, staring at my wife deep-throating another man. “You love this cock, don’t you, dear?" said Ryan as he stroked her hair. "You’ll do anything I ask of you.”

I hadn’t noticed that Suzanne had left the room, but she stepped back into it dressed only in a vinyl corset and a strap-on. In a latex-gloved hand she held a bottle of lubrication, and in her other hand she held a collar and leash. I lifted my neck to accept my collar, and then I felt her working my asshole with her finger and gloved hand. The dildo on her strap-on was small, much smaller than what I had learned to take over the course of my time with her.

Suzanne was now positioned behind me, barely on the verge of entering me while she tugged on the leash just enough to keep my head up. Ryan took this as his cue. He positioned Kay on all fours facing me, my feminine mirror image. As she had her back to me up until now, this was the first she saw of what I had become for Suzanne, and her eyes opened wide… her surprise dissolving into a wicked smile. In Ryan’s hands appeared a collar and leash of his own. He held it out in front of Kay to see it. "Are you ready for this he asked?" She nodded in affirmative with her eyes still locked on me. She took it from him, fumbling with it as her hands shook while putting it on her own neck.

“Crawl forward,” ordered Suzanne. “Close enough to kiss your wife, but don’t touch her yet.”

Ryan looked at Suzanne and nodded his head. Instantly I felt her vinyl dildo push inside of me. At the same moment, I saw Kay’s mouth widen, her eyes shut, and I saw Ryan’s neck tighten. He was inside of her, fucking my wife like his whore. “Kiss each other,” commanded Ryan. “You belong to us now, the games are all behind us.”

Our leashes were kept tight enough to remind us of our positions as my wife and I kissed each other with a new passion and abandon. I could feel Ryan’s thrusts into Kay like the reverberations of a bass drum, and Suzanne matched them beat for beat with her own strokes into me. “Is this what you want,” I whispered to Kay.

“More than anything,” she answered. It was over.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Eighth Installment

I'd love to finish this story in Elise Sutton's Pre-Dominant newsletter... thoughts?


After I left Ryan and Suzanne, I did not even go back to my office. I went straight to the airport where I would have to catch a flight that would have me out of town for the entire week. On the ride to the airport, I was trying to make sense of what was happening to me. There was no doubt that I was pursuing behavior that gave me a powerful sense of macabre satisfaction, something that filled a need and satisfied a craving that to anyone else would seem completely irrational. It seemed that in pursuing this need I was sacrificing everything that had ever mattered to me in my life.

The only term that came to my mind for this irrational behavior on my part was addiction. Cuckolding was my heroin, my junk, the thing that occupied my thoughts and moved me towards what seemed like a life very different than the comfortable one that I had lived up to now. I was trading it all for the overwhelming sense of indisputable and perfect knowledge that my submission was complete. I would be balled up in a corner, my mind warmed by submission but my soul cold and shaking from what I had sacrificed.

I called Kay that evening, just to check in, realizing that she had no idea that I had witnessed her affair with Ryan. She was a little cold and distant, and indicated that her day was uneventful. I told her I loved her and let her know I was missing her already. There was a pause before she told me she loved me as well. Her tone was very convincing. I thought maybe I could stop everything in its tracks if I just acted quickly to reconnect with her.

Little did I know that even as I was speaking to her, she was in the bathroom readying herself for an evening with Ryan. She met him out at a restaurant frequented by people much younger that ourselves, and in a trendy but out of the way part of town. There was very little risk that they would have run into someone we know… unless of course, it was engineered.

When Suzanne walked into the restaurant, Ryan acted as though it were a complete surprise. “Wow, Suzanne… there’s someone I want you to meet. This is Kay, she and I work out together. Kay, this is Suzanne… my roommate.”

“Roommate,” remarked Kay, raising her eyebrows in surprise.

“Oh, don’t worry… there’s a long way between roommate and girlfriend,” answered Suzanne.

“Who are you meeting here,” asked Ryan.

“Actually… you, Ryan. I left my keys in my briefcase which is sitting in the back of Meg’s car. You had mentioned you had the reservations, so I just swung by to see if I could borrow yours. I’ll be home, and I’ll just leave the door open.”

“That’s no problem,” said Ryan, “But why don’t you join us for at least a glass of wine. I mean, you drove all this way. Kay… is that ok with you?”

“Sure, why not,” said Kay.

Suzanne ended up staying through most of the dinner. Kay played right into their plans as the two women hit it off marvelously. After Suzanne left Ryan and Kay at the restaurant to finish their desert without her, Kay rambled on about how sweet Suzanne was as Ryan continued to refill her wine and continued to pour on the charm. Kay was becoming putty in their hands.

When Kay and Ryan finally got home, Suzanne was already sitting in front of the couch watching TV in very dim light, easily unnoticed. The two lovers opened the front door and pushed their way into the foyer, mouths locked and hands exploring each other with a sense of hurried anticipation. Kay was drunk, and Ryan intentionally kept her back to Suzanne as he lifted her into the den. Then he positioned her down on the couch so that Suzanne was still not in plane sight. Suzanne remained in the shadows, sitting motionless and still… wearing a tight-fitting woman’s t-shirt and panties, drinking white wine.

It appeared that Kay was not aware that Suzanne was in the room. Her eyes were half closed as Ryan managed to get her dress off and lay her down with her back on the couch. He pulled off his own pants and straddled her chest, reaching back behind him to play gently with Kay’s pussy with one hand while positioning his cock in her mouth with the other. Kay was distracted by her hunger to taste and satisfy Ryan. She didn’t notice when the strong hand between her legs was replaced by a softer, gentler hand. And if she even noticed when that hand became a warm mouth, she said nothing.

As Kay’s hips started to gyrate, Ryan and Suzanne knew that they would soon have her. Suzanne let the pace of her tongue become more rapid. Ryan shifted so that one foot was on the floor and one knee was on the couch, his cock remaining in Kay’s mouth the entire time. The result of Ryan’s shifting himself on the couch was that his body no longer blocked Kay’s view of Suzanne. Kay’s eyes opened and fixed on the beautiful blonde woman between her legs. A woman was eating her pussy for the first time in her life. She embraced the moment, and her fingers found their way to the back of Suzanne’s head. She ran them through the fine, straight hair and moaned softly.

With this Ryan pulled his cock out of Kay’s mouth and lifted her up into his arms. Suzanne stood and removed her own shirt and panties. She followed Ryan into their bedroom. He was laying Kay straight out on the bed on her stomach. Suzanne moved around to the front of the bed, propping herself up against some pillows so that her open legs came together to give Kay her first taste of pussy.

Ryan lifted Kay’s hips slightly. He positioned the head of his cock at the precipice of Kay’s warm opening, but waited until he saw her lips touch Suzanne’s pussy before pushing inside of her. Suzanne stroked Kay’s hair as Ryan fucked her with only his own pleasure in mind. This was only the beginning of my wife’s seduction, but as it continued, Kay’s pleasure would become less and less consequential to Ryan and Suzanne. Ironically, their indifference would only serve to heighten Kay’s pleasure.

Despite the distraction of Ryan’s hard, thrusting cock, Kay proved to be very adept at licking Suzanne’s pussy. Suzanne later told me that Kay was a natural, and wasn’t content to just go through the motions. She was ravenous, exploring every corner of Suzanne’s crotch, inhaling deeply as if the aroma intoxicated her as it also did me.

After Ryan released his seed in Kay, he got up and left the room to clean up, leaving the two women to cuddle in each other’s arms and kiss and neck like new lovers often do. Suzanne let her hand find Kay’s pussy, and put her finger inside to drench it in Ryan’s cum. She put it inside my wife’s mouth and she nursed it like a hungry kitten.

“Do you like losing your inhibitions with us?” asked Suzanne.

“Yes,” nodded Kay.

“I seem to sense that you might have a submissive side,” remarked Suzanne.

“Maybe,” responded Kay.

“We’ll see,” said Suzanne as the two drifted off to sleep, still embracing each other.

Suzanne was gone the next morning when Kay woke up, but Ryan had crawled back into bed in the middle of the night. He had made Kay breakfast, and they drank a cup of coffee together making comfortable small talk until Kay left shortly thereafter.

“You’ll be back tonight, right?” asked Ryan. “I mean, you said your husband would be gone all week.”

“If you’ll have me,” smiled Kay.

“Oh, we’ll have you,” replied Ryan with his own smile beaming from ear to ear.


When Kay returned that night, it was Ryan’s turn to have slipped away. Suzanne greeted Kay at the door with a kiss on the cheek and told her that Ryan had gone to buy some wine, but he would be back soon.

“I wish I’d known,” said Kay, flashing two bottles of wine that she had brought.

Suzanne smiled and walked Kay into the kitchen to grab a bottle opener. She handed it to Kay and Kay worked on the cork, pulling it and filling three glasses that Suzanne placed on the counter. She leaned forward and kissed Kay before handing her a glass. Kay was smitten.

“So you had fun last night?” asked Suzanne.

“Absolutely, I feel like I’m letting myself go for the very first time. My husband and I have drifted so far apart that there’s no intimacy anymore. I wish that wasn’t so, but it is. Last night I feel like I made up for lost time.”

“We loved it too. We talked about it all day. Ryan and I think we can have something really special with you, but you just have to trust us.”

“What do you mean?” asked Kay.

“Oh, I’ll explain later. Just tell me about your day. The two women drifted off into small talk and munched on some cheese and crackers that Suzanne put on a plate for them. Soon, however, Suzanne’s cell phone rang and interrupted them.

“It’s Ryan,” she said looking at the caller ID. “No, I haven’t said anything about it yet. Yes, I promise I will. Hurry back.”

“Said anything about what?” asked Kay.

“Well, we have this little fantasy… do you think you’d be up for something a bit kinky?”

“Well,” answered Kay with a smile, “by my standards I’ve already been up to something kinky. What do you have in mind?”

“Ryan and I were thinking,” she bit her lip and cocked her head just a bit, “that it might be fun tonight if you were our little sex slave. We wouldn’t do anything that made you uncomfortable, just a little harmless role playing. What do you think?”

Kay rubbed her finger around the rim of her wine glass. She put the glass to her mouth, closed her eyes, and emptied it before setting it back down on the calendar. “Your wish is my command,” she said with a smile.

“Perfect,” responded Suzanne. She filled Kay’s glass and instructed her to wait in the living room while she grabbed a few ‘things’. She unlocked the door to her chambers and went inside, closing and locking the door behind her. When she stepped out ten minutes later, she was dressed to the nines. From the leather tips of her thigh-high boots, to the top laces of her leather corset, she was in amazing form. In her right hand she held a collar and a leash. As she walked into the living room Kay started to stand. “Sit back down,” ordered Suzanne. She extended her gloved hand to Kay’s mouth, and Kay put her tongue to work licking the tips of Suzanne’s fingers.

Kay was made to strip and kneel in front of Suzanne. “I’m not going to put this collar on you, not yet anyway.” She held the collar in front of Kay. “If you really want to belong to us, you’ll put it on yourself. But we’ll explain all this to you later. Although… I bet right now you’re thinking you want to belong to us, don’t you?” She pulled Kay’s mouth to her waist. “Kiss your Mistress’s pussy.” Kay’s lips touched Suzanne’s body. She closed her eyes and lost herself in her submissive passions.

“Save some of that energy for me, pet.” It was Ryan. He had slipped quietly back into the house from the garage and standing naked beside Suzanne. He leaned down on one knee and kissed Kay softly on the side of her mouth. She tried to make more of the kiss, but that was all he offered. Ryan took a seat on the couch across the room. “Come here, pet.” Kay stood to walk to Ryan. “No, no… crawl.” Kay dropped back to her knees and crawled to her new Master. Ryan spread his legs slightly. “Suck on my cock… that’s a good girl.”

Suzanne was now standing behind Kay. She had pulled on her strap-on, but in her hand she held a very small vibrator. She placed it against Kay’s pussy, and Kay turned to see what was happening. “No, no,” said Ryan. “Eyes on me.”

The combination of her first foray into submission, and the pulsating vibrations that Suzanne was working between her legs was intoxicating Kay. She wanted only to satisfy Ryan, and he was coaching her to fight her gag reflex and to take his cock into the back of her throat. He stopped he as he got close to cumming, and had her lick his balls and place only soft, gentle kisses on the length of his cock. “What do you think your husband would think of this?” asked Ryan.

Kay paused to look up at Ryan. “I think he couldn’t imagine this. He’s very sexually… dull... I guess that’s the word He wouldn’t think I have this in me.”

“Call me ‘Sir’ when you speak to me, ok, Kay. Call me ‘Sir’ and Suzanne “Ma’am”.”

“Yes, Sir,” responded Kay. She went back to kissing Ryan’s balls.

“Many men,” said Suzanne from behind her, “get very turned on by watching their wife act like such a slut. I bet your husband would like to watch you suck Ryan’s cock like you do. Do you know what it’s called when a husband likes to watch his wife get fucked by another man?” Kay shook her head. “It makes him a ‘cuckold’. It makes him a submissive, cuckold. The woman not only ends up fucking whoever she wants, she ends up with a husband that does whatever she tells him to do. Do you think that maybe your husband would want to be a cuckold?”

Kay stopped suddenly and looked at them both very seriously. “Why the interest in my husband all of a sudden?”

“Sir. Refer to me as Sir.”

“Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir. Why the sudden interest in my husband, Sir.”

“Because you cannot wear that collar… you cannot really belong to us as long as we are a secret from him. We don’t want to share you, we want to own you.”

Suzanne, who has been running the vibrator she held against Kay on a very slow speed, suddenly turned it up. Then she positioned the head of her strap-on against the moistening lips of Kay’s pussy. Kay closed her eyes and caught her breath. The pleasure was catching up to her. Suzanne pushed herself inside of Kay and leaned in to whisper in her ear. “You want to belong to us, don’t you?”

“Tell you husband that you’ve arranged to go out to dinner with your new trainer and his girlfriend on Saturday night. We’ll take it from there,” commanded Ryan.

“Yes, Sir.” These were the last words she muttered before abandoning her body to the pure sexual pleasure of sucking Ryan’s cock and being fucked by Suzanne’s strap-on.

Saturday would be here before she knew it.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Seventh Installment

Note from Katherine: How much longer, dear reader, do you think this story can continue? Isn't it everything I promised?

*** 7th Installment Follows ***

“He’s fucking your wife,” whispered Suzanne.

He created a rhythm for her. She matched him, and a passionate clash of bodies and tongues and fingers grabbing and exploring followed. Kay moaned and screamed and I could have taken off my headphones and still have heard her perfectly through the walls.

“She will love you both forever,” said Suzanne. Her tongue nibbled on my ears and her hand stroked my cock.

Kay gripped the sides of the massage table and lifted her neck so that her chin touched her breasts. Ryan now ignored the camera and just allowed himself the joy of his conquest. His strength, his confidence, his masculinity seemed to impress itself on my wife with every thrust of his cock into her body. She reacted to him like she had never done to me.

Suzanne stepped in front of me. She switched off the monitors and flipped another switch changing the input on my headphones from the microphone in the adjacent room to a CD playing techno dance music. She looked down at me and smiled. She had just given my wife and her lover privacy, and locked me out of their pleasure. She placed a blindfold around my eyes, securing it tightly behind my head. I slumped forward, overcome with a sense of physical and emotional vertigo.

I wasn’t sure how much time passed; it could have been fifteen minutes or it could have been an hour. I wasn’t awake, but I wasn’t sleeping either when Ryan pulled the blindfold off of me, removed the ball gag, and lifted off the headphones. He stood towering above me, naked with his cock hanging loosely between his legs. Suzanne was several feet behind him, standing with her arms crossed. Immediately I sensed something familiar. It was the scent of my wife.

“I fucked your wife, just like I said I would. She’s such a slut. She couldn’t get enough of my cock… first her mouth and then her pussy. And her pussy was so tight, like it had never been fucked before. And when I came, my cock was buried deep in her pussy.”

Suzanne moved behind Ryan and wrapped her arms around his shoulders. “I put my finger into her pussy, and I covered it in my cum… I put it to her mouth and she sucked my finger dry… my cum and her pussy juices… and she sucked it dry, like a dirty, fucking whore. Suzanne reached around Ryan’s waist and put her cock in his hands. She rubbed on his balls, and stroked his shaft until it started to stiffen in front of me. “But I didn’t let her clean off my cock. My cock, all sticky with her cum and my own… I saved that for you.”

He grabbed the back of my head and pushed his stiff cock into my mouth and down to the back of my throat. I could taste him, I could taste Kay, and I could smell the product of their sex in the matted nest of pubic hairs into which he pushed my nose. I fought my gag reflex as he fucked the back of my throat with a detached sense of abandonment like he had never shown before. I was almost sick when he finally came, and his warm seed dribbled down the back of my throat.

Suzanne went around behind me and unlocked the spreader bar. “Clean yourself up and get the fuck out of here,” she commanded.

“And keep your fucking cock out of my new pussy,” added Ryan. With that he and Suzanne walked out of the room, his arm around her shoulders and both of them not even looking back.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Sixth Installment

Suzanne greeted me at the door that day. She was “dressed for play” as she would say, wearing a vinyl corset, garters and fishnet hose. She wore long gloves that covered her forearms and laced up over her elbows. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail and she wore gothic make-up with blackish lipstick, heavy eyeliner, and a pale, unnatural skin tone. She greeted me with a long, deep kiss. She had never kissed me before.

“Oh, Jay,” she said, her face almost touching mine, her lips still exploring my mouth. “This is such a special day for you. Your cuckolding begins. What a wonderful journey this has been for you. I promised I would really take control of you, and it is happening just like I planned, just like you wanted.” She grabbed a fistful of hair on the top of my head and pushed me down to my knees. She put both hands on the back of my head and pulled me to her pussy. I kissed the soft, exposed lips that I had grown to accept as the epicenter of my life. My tongue searched for her clit and stroked it softly and rhythmically as she had taught me.

Ryan walked into the foyer, completely naked and stood revealing his perfect body to me. Suzanne pulled herself away from me and embraced her lover. His cock stiffened in response. “We’ll own you both, my pet,” she said. “It will be wonderful.”

Ryan stared at me silently. “Get him ready,” he said to Suzanne. She pulled me upright by my hair and led me into her chambers. I was again made to strip and take my position in front of the monitors. This time I was bound and a ball gag was put in my mouth. I was left alone with my thoughts for a full forty minutes before Kay arrived at the door and Suzanne slipped back in with me to await the events that were about to unfold.

Kay looked gorgeous in another one of her new workout outfits. There definitely seemed to be a chemistry in the air as she and Ryan went through the motions of the workout session. Smiles lingered a little longer than was natural. There was a closeness that was more than I had seen even the previous week.

“We thought about actually getting you into the room with them when they first fuck, but we couldn’t get comfortable with the idea,” explained Suzanne. “We thought maybe we could put you in a chest and put the chest under the massage table. Or maybe we could have put you in the closet. We were just afraid that you would sneeze or something and give it all away. Also, we figured it would be better to actually watch it rather than just hear it.”

My ball gag prevented me from answering, but I nodded in general agreement.

“Did you notice that we moved the massage table just a bit? We didn’t want to move the cameras because they are already so well hidden, so we just turned the table a bit. This will let him look right over Kay’s head and into the camera. You’ll be able to make virtual eye contact with him while he’s slipping his cock in your wife.”

I nodded to acknowledge that I understood.

“Oh, and we’ve put a microphone in the kitchen. We didn’t have time to get another camera set up, but the microphone is all set. You’ll get to hear the two of them chatting each other up over their after sex coffee.”

An hour had not passed, but Ryan called the workout session to a halt and sent Kay off to the showers. This time I remained in Suzanne’s chambers while Ryan waited for Kay in the workout room. Suzanne briefly left the room leaving me alone, but returned long before the water in Kay’s shower stopped running. As she had before, she set a chair next to me so we could watch the massage on the monitors.

Kay returned from the showers and stepped into view on the monitors. While it was impossible for me to tell, it seemed that she might have deliberately revealed her naked body to Ryan as she took her position on the table. Ryan helped her with the towel that covered her as she lay down and stretched out to await his massage. The towell seemed smaller than in past weeks, covering her from just barely below her ass to a little more than midway up her back.

He started by rubbing her head, making little circles against her scalp and temples with his outstretched hand, and drawling out her long, dark hair very slowly so that it fell against the top of her shoulders. Then he moved to the side of the table and placed both of his hands on her shoulder, using a firm grip to relieve the tension in her neck. He pulled her hair to one side, then leaned in and put his lips against her neck for just a moment, lifting himself upright immediately afterwards. Kay responded with an audible exhale and a feline stretch of her spine that did nothing to discourage his advance into uncharted territory. Encouraged, he placed another kiss where her shoulder slopes up to her neck. Her eyes remained closed and her lips parted, softening her features in the dim light.

Suzanne lifted one leg onto my shoulder, exposing her pussy to my peripheral vision. She placed a gloved finger against her clit and started to stimulate herself. “He’s such a sensual lover,” she calmly remarked. “You could never please your wife the way that he will.”

Suzanne remained in my periphery as my eyes were fixed to the monitors. Ryan was now confident that doors were opening for him. He moved behind Kay and started rubbing lotion into her feet and calves, lifting her lower legs and bending them at the knees as he had before. This time, as he placed her calves back down against the table, he pushed them each apart slightly, so that her legs now trailed back in a v-shape and not the perfect parallel lines with which she had started the massage.

With the patience of a practiced master, he massaged her lower thighs and paid a brief respect to the boundary of the towel’s edge. Then he peeled back the towel, not from the bottom, but from the top, so that only her ass was covered. He heavily lotioned his left hand, and used this to rub broad circles on her back. High right hand positioned itself at the very top of Kay’s thighs and remained motionless as he allowed her breathing to become deep and regular. Then, with his left hand still in motion, his right hand moved under the towel and towards my wife’s pussy.

With a gentle moan she betrayed me. Ryan’s right hand was under the towel, and he was feeling the warmth of the moistening treasure which would now be his. Kay pushed her legs apart slightly to receive his advances. He leaned down to place his kiss against the top of her cheek. She turned her neck to receive his mouth with her own. Their lips barely touched. She turned her body and leaned up on her elbow, and they connected again, this time letting the kiss linger as their tongues explored each other and inhibitions dissolved.

Kay positioned herself in a sitting position on the edge of the table and Ryan lifted his shirt off his body. He revealed his smooth, chiseled chest and Kay buried her head in his masculine upper body. Then she arched her spine and threw her head back, inviting Ryan’s mouth to move hungrily towards her neck. Kay’s neck is an intense source of sexual stimulation for her, and Ryan discovered this as Kay moaned and relaxed her body in surrender.

He guided her back so that it was again flat on the table. Her legs were bent at the knees and opened in whorish anticipation of what was to come next. He stepped himself quickly out of his workout pants and stood naked with his erection growing before her eyes. He placed his hand back between her legs and moved his cock close enough to Kay’s face that she could, with a an awkward and hungry stretch, put her mouth on its head. His cock was magnificent, being hard and thick with the well-trimmed tuft of strawberry blonde hair at its base a stark contrast to my own.

Separated by only one sheetrock wall, my eyes were affixed to the monitors. Suzanne climbed off of her chair and knelt behind me, pressing her body against mine and resting her head on my shoulder. I felt her breath on my neck as she reached around to put her hand on my own rock hard cock. “She’s not going to have much use for this, is she?”

I shook my head.

“But as she grows from being Ryan’s lover to being his pet… our pet, she’s going to know that same sweet feeling of submission that you do, Jay. And she’s going to have you to thank for it. She’ll love you even more for knowing that you delivered her into our arms.”

My attention shifted suddenly away from Suzanne and back to the monitors. Kay was lustfully sucking at Ryan’s cock. Ryan kept himself carefully positioned so that the cameras provided a profile view of Kay taking him deep into her throat while he held her firmly by the back of her head. She seemed very much like she was trying to impress him.

After having had enough of her oral pleasures, he pushed back her head so that his cock slipped out of her mouth. She tried to lunge forward to continue the worshipful attention, but he held her head back and then pushed it further back so that it went down and rested on the table. He then lifted her left leg and swung it high up onto his shoulder, while grabbing her right ankle in his hand. He leaned forward, resting the length of his shaft against but not inside of her pussy. He kissed her forehead. Then he put her upper lip between his teeth… slightly biting and tugging. Her hands were wrapped around the back of his neck.

Then, with a look of purpose and resolve, Ryan stared directly into the camera above Kay’s head and in so doing, directly into my eyes and right through the darkest part of my soul. Kay’s head was thrown back and her eyes closed. Her breasts were thrust high and her back arched in anticipation. Ryan grabbed the base of his cock with his right hand and rested it on the precipice of Kay’s soaked pussy lips. It seemed that in a moment he would seal her own private spiral into submission with a thrust of his hips.

The thrust did not come. He could wait while she could not. Instead, Ryan’s cock remained motionless as Kay’s own body rose and pushed towards him to engulf his cock. Her mouth opened into a circle, her upper lip quivered, and her hips slouched forward to surround Ryan in an instant. Time stood still and she felt the pulse of another man’s heart inside of her body.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Fifth Installment

Emily Addison did not publish my letter to Around Her Finger. She did publish one that barely touched on cuckolding, and her answer left me wondering how she really feels about the practice.

Fifth installment follows:


I came home from work that night a little early, but Kay was nowhere to be seen. There was a note asking me to put a frozen gourmet pizza into the oven. About the time the pizza was finished Kay came walking in the door with an armful of shopping bags.

“Hey, honey,” I greeted her. “How was your day?”

“Great,” she said and kissed me on the cheek.

“So I think you were having your personal trainer session today? How did that go?”
“It went good,” she said, not elaborating much.

“What was this guy like? Did he work you hard?”

“He was sort of the typical trainer. Pretty good shape, young… kind of cute, didn’t push me too hard, not really.”

“Ok, that’s good… I guess. What you got in the bags? Did you do a little shopping today?”

“Oh, just some workout clothes. Most of what I have is getting sort of old.”

She carried the bags into the bedroom with her and brought them directly to the closet. It was only later that evening, when she went back out to run an errand, that I was able to peek inside the bags and see what she had bought. Her new clothes were decidedly less conservative than her old. Three of the new outfits looked more like a bathing suit than a workout suit. They were very tight, spandex short-shorts each with a small matching top. One was red, one black, and the other a sort of khaki with dark brown trim. She also had a new full length outfit, and a looser fitting warm-up suit. I put the bags back and went into the living room to watch television. She returned from her errand, but I said nothing about her new clothes.

That night, Kay fucked my brains out.


I arrived at Suzanne and Ryan’s house again the next week, parking the car in the garage and coming into Suzanne’s chambers to take my place in front of the monitors. The headphones were put on my ears and I was shackled as I had been the prior week. Suzanne, dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, pulled up a chair beside me and teasingly played with my hair as we watched together.

When Kay walked into the view of the cameras she was wearing one of the new outfits she had just purchased. She looked amazing, and Ryan complimented her on her appearance. Kay let out that the outfit was new, and I was sure that Ryan took this as an indication of her attraction to him. I admit that he was probably right.

“Do you think your wife has ever had a pussy in her mouth?” asked Suzanne.

“No,” I answered quite certain that I was correct.

“I’d love to get her between my legs,” she said casually, as if talking to herself.

Early in the workout, Ryan had Kay lying on her back on a bench that Ryan had placed in the view of the camera focused on the universal machine. He stood straddling her above the bench as she lifted weights to do repetitions of butterflies one after the other. It was such a position of dominance that he took over her that I was certain it was done as much for my benefit as for his own efforts at seduction. Kay lay beneath him, her chest heaving with the effort and her legs slightly parted on either side of the bench. He touched her shoulder to gently spot her.

“Good job,” I heard him remark. “You’re going to become my best client.” Kay laughed.

When the workout was over, Ryan asked what she wanted to do about the massage.

“Well, maybe I could shower first. I have clothes to change into afterwards,” she said pointing to her bag.

“Perfect,” said Ryan. “The bathroom is right down that hallway. There’s towels in there, just wrap yourself up and come back to the table.”

I could see Kay and Ryan both leaving the room on the cameras. Kay must have gone into the bathroom because I could hear the shower turn on, but Ryan came into Suzanne’s chambers with a wild grin on his face. “Fuck,” he exclaimed, “did you see what she was wearing?” He walked over to me and began unshackling my wrists and legs. Then he stood in front of me and pulled down his pants to reveal the cock with which I had become so familiar. “I don’t have time for a blowjob from you, but why don’t you just kiss the tip to remind you who the real man is around here.” I put my lips on the head of his cock and he put his hand on the top of my head. Suzanne leaned over my back and kissed him. “There you go, cuck… now get up. I want you to go into the room and light these candles and flip on the CD player.”

I hadn’t noticed, but Suzanne was holding several small votive candles and a book of matches. She handed these to me, and I scurried, naked and nervous, out of the chamber and into the workout room. Brad followed behind me and hit the lights, making the flame from the match in my shaking hands the only light in the room. I lit the three candles, and as I was setting down the third, I heard the water stop running in the shower. I started scurrying out of the room, but Ryan stopped me and pointed silently to the CD player. I turned it on, but there was no CD. At this point I was so nervous I thought my heart would beat right out of my chest. Ryan walked over and slowly selected a CD. “Put it in,” he whispered in my ear. I did, and hit the button. It was a mellow new age CD that he had selected. “Now, go,” he whispered into my ear. I tiptoed quickly out of the room and returned to Suzanne awaiting me in her chambers only seconds before I heard the bathroom door open.

I watched from the monitors as Kay stepped back into the workout room her hair wet and wearing only a towel. “Make yourself comfortable,” said Ryan. “I’ll be right back.” He stepped out and closed the door. Kay let the towel drop, revealing her perfect, naked body as she mounted the massage table. Once she was lying down, she covered herself with her towel brought her arms up to her side to wait on Ryan.

Ryan walked into the room and positioned himself at the head of the massage table. He cradled Kay’s head in his hands and placed it face down into the round “head stirrup” of the sort built into most professional tables. His fingers massaged her scalp for at least five minutes. Then he moved himself to the back of the table, and began to rub lotion into Kay’s right food, lifting her foot as and bending up the lower part of her leg at the knee. This uncovered the top of her calf from the towel, and he worked his hands up to rub this as well.

Suzanne had again taken her seat next to me so that we were both there watching together on the monitors. She put her arm around my shoulders and pulled my head to wrest lovingly on the soft denim of her lap. She played with my hair like Ryan had played with Kay’s. “Wouldn’t it be great,” she whispered, “If we could own her the way we own you? I know Ryan would love to fuck her, but I’d love to have her eating my pussy. I’d love to have you both eating my pussy.”

I said nothing, but continued to watch the monitors. Ryan had now moved to the other calf, and was working it with the same attention that he did the first. Then he lowered her foot back to the table and pushed up the towel covering that same leg. He pushed it up about as far as he could without making it completely obvious that he wanted to touch more than just her thigh. While it was hard to tell on the monitors, I’m sure that he could see the edges of her untrimmed bush. She didn’t flinch. He traced his fingers along the valley between her ass and thigh and seemed to look to the camera to smile as he did so.

Next, instead of moving to the other leg to do the same, he went to her arm, then her other arm, before working his way around to repeat the upper leg massage on the opposite side. Suzanne noticed how hard my cock became when Ryan’s fingers moved into such close proximity to Kay’s pussy, and she reached down to acknowledge it with a firm grasp of her own dainty hands. “Looks like it’s quite a turn-on for you to see your wife seduced like this,” she said smiling. “Ryan is such a wonderful lover, she’ll be lucky when she finally surrenders to him.”

Ryan next moved to her shoulders, folding the towel back only inches and spending at least five minutes on just the top of her back and neck. He then pushed the towel all the way down her body, revealing a full inch of the top of her ass crack. The profiles of her bare breasts were completely visible to him. He generously covered his own hands with lotion and rubbed long, strong strokes which began under the towel and pulled all the way up the length of her spine. In bending over her body, his crotch rested against the top of her head. I could not help but wonder if he was hard or not.

I admit that I was shocked. I was shocked that she was so brazen in her willingness to let him massage her nude and barely covered body. But my real shock was reserved for my own reaction. I felt more and more turned on by the idea of Ryan fucking Kay. I wanted to be cuckolded on some primal level that went against everything I held dear. I felt as though I was spinning, spinning helplessly out of control.

At the end of this second massage, Ryan covered Kay with the towel and asked her how it felt. She lifted her head as if out of a deep sleep, running her hands through her long sexy hair and said nothing but the word ‘amazing’. Ryan stood in front of the table and I was almost certain that Kay, now up and resting on her elbows, was revealing her exposed nipples to him. It was hard to tell from the monitors.

“Why don’t you get dressed and we’ll have some coffee?” asked Ryan.

“Sounds great,” answered Kay. And with that Ryan left and Kay, once dressed, soon followed. They went into the kitchen and drank coffee and talked for an hour.

Suzanne remained in the chambers with me, passing time by having me rub her feet, go down on her, and when the urge hit her, give me another fucking with the strap-on. Shortly afterwards, I heard Kay leaving through the front door and her car pull out the driveway.

Ryan walked in as Suzanne had finished having her way with me. “Well, at least there was one good fucking going on in the house,” said Ryan. “But I’ll tell you what, Jay-boy, I’m more confident than ever that I’m going to poke that wife of yours. She’s a sweetheart. She’s more than just a tight ass and a warm pussy, she’s really a sweetheart. It’s going to be extra special making her my little bitch.”

I cleaned myself up, got dressed and headed out the door for work. When I got home that night Kay was lying on the couch watching TV, dinner was nowhere in sight. “Hey, honey,” I said. “How was your day?”

“Oh, pretty good, she answered. I didn’t make any dinner, I figured we could just go out.”

“Sure thing,” I said.

That night we went to dinner, and when we got home, she fucked my brains out, just as she had after her last personal training session. This time, however, I noticed that something had changed. For the first time since I had met, never mind married my wife, she had trimmed her pussy. Although I had encouraged her to trim and even shave her pussy in the past, she had never done it. She insisted it would make her itch. Now, her pussy was reduced down to a small, neatly trimmed patch, the remaining area having apparently been waxed.

“What’s the deal with this,” I said, rubbing my hand against her pussy.

“You like it?” she asked.

“I LOVE it,” I said. “What inspired you?”

“Just a wild, random thought. I’m glad you like it.”

I did love it, but I knew that it was Ryan’s massage that had moved her to the decision. Random images of Ryan’s hands moving ever so close to Kay’s pussy occupied my mind. Even after fucking Kay, my cock was soon hard with these thoughts which chased me into my dreams and remained there for the rest of the week.


The next week’s workout, now the third, went much as it did the week before, except it was clear that Kay was becoming more comfortable with Ryan. The two laughed and joked more, and the chemistry between them was very obvious. When Kay retreated to the shower to get ready for the massage, Ryan rushed in to again grab me to go light the candles and ready the music. This time I was comfortably back in Suzanne’s chambers, kneeling before the monitors with her in the seat next to me, before the water even stopped running.

Again I was feeling the intense emotional confusion of jealousy and submissive lust as Ryan’s hands wandered – and lingered – so close to Kay’s pussy. She lay motionless but seemingly pleased with the way he delicately teased her with his fingers. “Imagine,” whispered Suzanne, “when you can finally taste her pussy on his cock.” I cradled my head in her lap to acknowledge my submission and to let her know, silently, that she was right. I felt the familiar stroke of her fingers in my hair and knew that she sensed my surrender.

The massage ended without event, and the two of them retreated to the kitchen for another chat over coffee. After Kay had left, Ryan returned to Suzanne’s chambers enthusiastic and upbeat. “Man, it’s happening. It is really happening! She asked me if I had a girlfriend. I asked her about her marriage. She said it was – and these are her words - ‘ok, but dull’. She said you cared a hell of a lot more about work than you did spending time with her. She is definitely giving me the buy signs.”

I bowed my head in abject surrender. He was right; his plan to seduce my wife was working.

“I’m going to need your help this week… ok, cucky-boy? I want you to be distant, and cold, and ignore her all week… and don’t you dare fuck her. Got it? The next cock in her pussy is going to be mine. Now get dressed and get out of here. We’ll see you next week, same time.”

I left and went to work. When I got home that night, I didn’t really have to try to be stand-offish with Kay, she led by example. We hardly said a word to each other that night or all week for that matter. This beautiful woman that I loved dearly was so enamored by Ryan, that she wanted nothing to do with me. This wasn’t turning me on, however, the way watching the monitors did, this was causing me a deep emotional pain devoid of any sexual feelings that made me want to crawl up in a ball and hide in a corner.

Midway through the week, I got a text from Suzanne asking me to call her. I hollered to Kay that I was going out to the grocery store and to ask if she needed anything. “Nope” was her one word reply. I got in my car and pulled out of the driveway. I dialed Suzanne’s number and respectfully greeted her when she answered.

“Hello, Jay. How are you?”

“I’m fine, Ma’am.”

“Jay, I know this is a tough week. I’m calling to check on you. I know how your submission to Ryan and me has filled a void in you. You wanted to feel completely owned and controlled, and now you do. Isn’t that right?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“And when Ryan starts fucking Kay, it’s going to take it to a whole new level. I promise. You are going to love it. It may be painful at first, but you will grow into your new role as our cuckold. You will love it. Now hold the line, I want you to talk to Ryan.”

She handed the phone to Ryan as his voice was the next thing that I heard. “Hello, Jay-boy. How are you getting along with Kay this week? You’re keeping your cock out of that pussy aren’t you?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“And you’ve been cold… distant?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good. She’s not on the rag or anything like that, is she?”

“No, I’m sure that she is not. You’ve got at least a couple weeks before you have to worry about that.”

“Great. Well in that case, I think I’m ready to fuck her. This has been a lot easier than I thought it would, but I think she wants me. What do you think?”

“I agree, Sir.”

“I guess she’s more of a slut than we figured.”

“If you say so, Sir.”

“That’s what I say, cuck. Now understand that the first couple times that I fuck her, it will be pretty old school. I mean, it will be better than anything she’s gotten at home, but don’t expect to be in the room watching with her tongue up Suzanne’s ass. It will be pretty vanilla sex. But don’t worry, we’ll work her up after a few weeks. We’ll make a real whore out of her. I guarantee it.”

With that he hung up the phone. We wouldn’t talk again until I showed up the morning of Kay’s appointment.

(more soon)