Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Cuckolding Takes Place

Jim and I returned from dinner at around 10:30 and found that my husband had prepared our home for our arrival. There was music playing that I did not recognize. It was very dark piano music, a jazz artist that he had discovered on the internet. The only lights in the house were candles. There was a trail of white rose petals that led to the door of the bedroom. As Jim and I followed the trail into the bedroom, we could not help but notice that the trail of white petals led to red rose petals that surrounded the bed in an imperfect, scattered ring. My husband knelt beside the bed and inside the ring. His head was bowed and in his upstretched hands he held a single glass of red wine. Jim took the glass from him and took a sip. He handed the glass to me and I finished it, placing it back on the nightstand beside our bed.

Jim took me in his arms and kissed me. He began undressing me, but I stopped him. I asked him to go into the bathroom to get undressed and told him that my husband would remove my clothes. This gave my husband an opportunity to spend a few private, intimate moments with me before his transformation would occur. He undressed me with great care. He planted small kisses on my feet and my thighs. I ran my fingers through his hair. When he was completely done, he pulled back the covers of the bed and I lay down perfectly beautiful before him, wearing only the necklace that I had chosen to serve as a tangible reminder of the new life that I was ushering in for him.

Jim then walked back into the room. His naked body was very impressive. He had an athletic chest. His penis hung semi-hard between his legs. It was not enormous, but it was larger than my husbands and it was very beautiful. He matched my stare as he approached me, and he put one knee on the bed as leaned over me to kiss me. His one leg remained on the floor as he moved his mouth over my neck and down to taste my chest. I was extraordinarily aroused and I closed my eyes and moved my own hand betweeen my legs where I allowed it to massage and moisten me. He moved his own hand over mine and manipulated my fingers so that I had the best of both worlds, both the softness of my own feminine touch and the strength of his hands working together for my pleasure.

I opened my eyes to see that Jim had grown fully erect. It had been a very long time since I had put a penis in my mouth. I had abandoned long ago and forever the notion of servicing my husband. At this occasion, however, I was suddenly struck with a desire to put all of Jim's cock into my mouth. Again, with one leg on the floor and one on the bed, he positioned himself in such a way as to accomodate my hunger. With my eyes again closed I put my mouth on his balls, ran my toungue up the length of him and finally swallowed the head of his cock. My eyes opened to see my husband gazing intently at my lust. I pulled my mouth off of Jim only long enough to smile wickedly at my husband. When I returned to sucking my lover's cock, I kept my eyes affixed on my husband's eyes. He was at once transfixed and far away.

When I had warmed Jim to his satisfaction, he pulled his hard cock from my mouth and for the first time committed himself to the bed. He lifted my outstretched legs and postioned his knees in front of my body. He pointed the head of his cock at my warm opening with military precision. He paused, knowing I had a very clear plan on how we would proceed at this point.

I held out my hand for my husband to take. I had him rise from his knees and I deliverd his hand to my lovers cock. I suspected that he might do so very gingerly, as if he was holding something he found offensive to touch. He surprised me by wrapping his fingers around the base of Jim's cock and holding it with an almost erotic grasp. With his other hand, he held the tip of Jim's cock just below the head. He guided it to my waiting body and positioned it on the warm, wet lips that had so long been reserved only for matrimonial pleasures shared between husband and wife. I watched his gaze go from Jim's cock to Jim's eyes.

"Tell him," I said.

"I want you inside her," he told Jim.

"So be it," said Jim, "I'm going to fuck your wife."

With that, Jim's cock slipped inside me. Guided only at first by my husband's hand. Then my husband stepped back and watched my flesh give way as Jim took me as his lover. He let his one leg fall back to the floor so that he could gain greater leverage as he rhythmically stroked his heavily veined, magnificent cock in and out of my body. I allowed myself to forget about my husband as I became a vixen bitch for this powerful man. My fingers pulled at his chest hairs, my breasts shook as my body was rocked by his thrusting hips. I arched my back and pointed my toes to the ceiling. I was having orgasm after orgasm and my desire for it to go on forever was only matched by my need to feel his warm ejaculation inside me. Ultimately, Jim gritted his teeth, dug his nails into my shoulders, and exploded.

It was then, with my eyes still closed and my breath short, that I noticed a warm kiss on my forehead. It was not Jim. Jim had pulled his heavy body off of me and was standing beside the bed facing me. It was my cuckold husband. He stroked my hair and kissed my forehead again.

"I love you," I whispered to him.

He closed his eyes and kissed me deeply on the mouth. I put my hand between my legs. I could feel Jim's warm seed leeking from my body. I touched it and brought it up to my husband's lips. He closed his eyes and sucked it off of my finger with an animal hunger that reminded me that his own passions were not spent. I opened my legs for him and he climbed onto the bed to position his mouth on my dripping pussy. And with this mystical potion of my lust and my lover's seed, he completed his metamorphosis into cuckoldry.

Jim stepped out of the room and into the bathroom to freshen up. It seemed like an eternity before Jim returned. I was enjoying new orgasms from my husband's mouth, and I was losing track of time. Jim took my hand to announce his return.

"Cuckold, my lover is back. Sleep on the floor beside us. We will need you again in the morning."

With that I slept. I am sure that my cuckold did not.