Friday, October 28, 2005

Cuckold Adventure Continues

My husband opened the door and welcomed my new lover into the home.

He had of course seen Jim before at the charity party where Jim and I first met. However, these were very different circumstances. I had coached Jim to be very matter of fact with my husband. Apparently all that transpired prior to my husband returning to the bathroom to announce Jim's arrival was a very non-descript introduction and hand-shake.

I gave myself one final look in the mirror and headed out to meet Jim. My husband followed behind me. We greeted each other with a small kiss and Jim was quick to compliment me. He looked very good also. He wore a pair of wool dress slacks with a tight-fitting black shirt and autumn-colored sport coat.

I instructed my husband to pour Jim and I a glass of wine. Then, at the risk of making Jim a little uncomfortable, I asked both of the boys to join me in the living room for a quick chat. I sat next to Jim on the couch and my husband took a seat in the high-backed chair opposite the two of us. I put one arm around Jim and held my wine in my other hand.

I told my husband that I had explained our marital arrangement with Jim. However, to make sure that there was perfect clarity on the matter, I asked my husband to again explain our situation. My husband was clearly nervous. He started by saying that our marriage is female-led. He chooses to submit to me because this is what makes both of us happiest. Part of that submission, he went on, includes my absolute right to take on additional sex partners. While I had never done this before, my right to do so was not to be questioned. Furthermore, my husband conceded that he very much wanted this to happen. To the extent that it was ok with the two of us, he would like to watch, and if possible, assist in any way that we required.

At this point, I asked my husband to kneel in front of me. I told Jim that my husband's involvement would be totally his (Jim's) call. In truth, I had already discussed this with Jim and we had agreed that my husband would participate. I leaned into Jim and we kissed each other passionately. For a moment, Jim's hands slid up my skirt and warmed the space between my legs. I asked Jim if he was still ok with our plans to go out to dinner and return afterwards. Jim was indeed very enthusiastic.

Now I very dramatically licked the rim of my wine glass. Then I put the glass in my two hands and extended it down to my husband. I told my husband that he has one last chance to express any concerns. Or, by taking a sip of the wine, he would seal his fate and forever be my cuckold. He took my cue and sipped the wine that I offered him. I told him to stay on his knees and watch us as we rose to leave the house. The last thing I told him as we headed out the door was that when we returned, Jim was going to fuck me.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Cuckold's Evening: Part 1

I am going to have to do this in pieces or I will never get around to finishing it. I have not yet decided what level of detail I will get into as the story progresses.

Friday afternoon, I had gone out and had my nails done while my husband was at work. He got home early, around 5:30, and I came in the door from the nail salon right after him. He greeted me at the door with a friendly peck on the cheek. I embraced him and turned his friendly peck into a deep, romantic kiss. Then I asked him to go off into the bathroom and run me my bath. When I came back to the bathroom, he was naked and kneeling beside the tub waiting for me to arrive. He helped me out of my clothes, but before getting in the water, I asked him to neatly trim the patch of hair between my legs with the clippers. He did this and then cleaned up the mess while I sat in the tub to soak.

He washed my entire body including my hair. He helped me out and wrapped me in two plush towels. I asked him to get into my bath water and clean himself up while I got started getting myself ready. He was not in the tub long. He was cleaned up, out and straightening things up as quickly as he possibly could. He definately wanted to participate in the rest of my preparations for the evening. I did my own hair and started on my make-up while he sat behind me planting soft kisses on my bottom. I told him to keep his tongue in his mouth as I did not think it would be fair to Jim otherwise.

My husband helped me into my hose, my skirt, my top, and my shoes. I told him to go get himself ready while I finished primping. He put on a pair of simple dress khakis and a starched, white button-down shirt. He returned to the bathroom and stood beside me just staring at me. He told me I looked beautiful. I stopped what I was doing and looked at him. I kissed him very softly on the lips. I told him I loved him very much. I told him that I was doing all of this because I wanted to do it, but I was doing it with the understanding that it was also what he wanted. I asked him if this was correct, and he nodded. He told me he loved me also. Then he told me that in submitting to me he feels intensely loved in a way that overwhelms him and satisfies him in a way that he could only describe as primal... as spiritual and physiological at the same time. He said he knew that he would feel that love on this night and in fact said he felt it as he spoke. I handed him the necklace that we had bought on our shopping trip and asked him to put it on me. I told him that I was wearing it for this occasion, and I wanted it to always remind him of this evening. He held it to his lips and kissed it before fastening it around my neck.

I told him to go into the kitchen and open a bottle of wine while I finished up. I asked him to set out two glasses, but not to pour anything just yet. I was still primping in front of the mirror when I heard the doorbell ring.

Saturday, October 22, 2005


My husband served breakfast to Jim and me before Jim left late this morning. I will post a more detailed update when time and energy permit. For now let me just advise any of you fantasizing about submission to your wives and not living the joys that it has to offer, please do yourselves a favor and buy the Around Her Finger book immediately!

Friday, October 21, 2005

My 50th Post

Well, tonight's the night.

At dinner, I plan on discussing my very detailed expectations for the "after dinner show" with Jim. He already has a high-level understanding and buy-in as to what will be happening. I want to take it a step further and to some extent script the evening to maximize my husband's sub-space intensity and my own personal enjoyment.

Stay tuned.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Cuckold Shopping Trip

My husband has been absolutely on edge for the past several days. While he has spent a lot of time nibbling between my legs, he has remained chaste and has spent every night sleeping on the floor beside my bed.

Last night we took a little shopping trip to get ready for my date. He helped me pick out stockings, shoes, a new skirt, a very elegant top (much too hip to refer to as a blouse) that shows off my breasts beautifully. All night long there was "Jim is really going to like this" and "Jim will love ripping this off me" sort of chatter. Taking a cue from Elise Sutton, I had him walk just slightly behind me and carry all of the bags.

We stopped in an artsy little store after going to the mall where I purchased an inexpensive necklace. It was a small, white square amulate on a thin, black leather strand. It is not particularly symbolic of anything on its own, but I just wanted something unique to wear for the evening.

Before we went to sleep I sat on the end of the bed and let my husband kneel in front of me sucking on my toes. I talked about what I wanted Jim to do to me and how I knew that in pleasuring me it would also please my husband. I want to feel Jim's hands on my body. I want to know his breath on my neck and on my mouth. I want his weight on me. I want him to lift my legs apart by pushing up my thighs with his strong forearms. I want a long pause as the head of his cock gets in position to penetrate me. At the moment he slides inside of me - as I feel that first slow stroke pushing his warm flesh into my body - I want to be staring at my husband. I want him to know that I love him, but not to expect my look to convey this. My look will convey our mutual realization that in this moment he is being humiliated... cuckolded... all because he has allowed it to happen and only in part for his own good (my pleasure is at stake here as well). He will instantly fall into sub-space. My eyes will fall off of my husband and onto my deserving lover. As Jim takes me he deserves and will receive my attention.

With that, I pulled my toes from his mouth and got under the covers to sleep.

Monday, October 17, 2005

My Husband's Request

My husband has requested that I not share the details of my upcoming date with Jim on this blog. He claims that it is too intimate an experience to be shared in this format. I have not yet decided how I feel about this request. My husband asks so little of me that I am inclined to honor his wishes as they relate to this matter. I am only making you all aware of this now so that your expectations might be tempered in advance.

Feel free to comment on this issue because as of now I remain undecided, and I could possibly be swayed by feedback from this community.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Discussed Cuckolding with My Husband

Last night my husband and I went to a very low-key dinner at an Italian restaurant with the sort of corny red and white checked tablecloths you see in movies. We had a long talk about everything that is happening. He is quite frankly scared to death about my date next week. I too am incredibly nervous.

As scared as both of us are, we are both determined to go through with the whole affair. I have promised my husband that I will never see "Jim" without my husband being involved in the evening in some way. I have also committed that I will cease to see him at all if my husband becomes uncomfortable with the process. This is not an abdication of my dominance in any way. I choose to give my husband this decision-making authority because the authority is mine to give. The very act of granting him this veto power is evidence of my dominance. It also will add an element of involvement on my husband's part that he could not otherwise have. When he watches Jim's cock push against the lips of my vagina, and watches my body open to receive him, he will watch knowing that he could have stopped it by simply speaking up.

My husband and I drank a bottle of wine and talked about a thousand subjects. We have so much in common. He is a wonderful man and I love him dearly. I am fortunate that he serves me, but more fortunate yet that he loves me.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Cuckolding Scheduled

My husband had just fixed me a cup of herbal tea and was on his knees rubbing my feet with lotion when the phone rang. It was Jim, the new man in our lives.

We chatted like old friends and I smiled often as I listened to him flirt with me on the telephone. Shortly into the call, I allowed my own hand to find its way between my legs, and I began pleasuring myself as I continued to speak with Jim. My husband mistakenly took this as a cue to start going down on me, but I silently scolded him and intimated that he needed to continue to focus his attention on my feet.

I continued to chat as my husband returned to his duties. Soon Jim got around to asking me out. He initially suggested a trendy new restaurant not far from my home. I told him that I was too likely to see people I knew there, and I preferred something more discreet. We settled on a restaurant in a very artsy part of town where I am unlikely to know anybody. The date is set for next Friday night. He will pick me up at 7:00, we will go eat, and we will return to my house where my husband will have desert and wine ready for us. Jim and I concluded our call by saying we would definately talk again before next Friday night.

After I hung up the phone, I asked my husband to go and get my pinky ring off of the nightstand. Recall that this ring is a tool that I use as a surrogate chastity device. (When I'm not wearing the ring he knows that while he will still be expected to serve me orally prior to intercourse, he also knows that he may consumate his intercourse by ejaculating inside of me. When I have the ring on, he is not to orgasm.) Having removed the ring earlier in the evening, I am certain that my husband was expecting to orgasm later in the night. When I instructed him to go get the ring so that I could put it back on, I made it very clear that he would remain chaste that night. I am certain that he also assumed, correctly, that I am inclined to leave that ring on until afer the cuckolding session next week.

I went to bed that night, but before doing so used a very large dildo to pleasure myself. My husband, at my command, slept beside the bed on the floor.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Phone Call

He called me today.

My husband was working, but I was home. The phone rang, and when I picked it up it was the man that I met at the party this weekend. For the purpose of this blog, let's call him Jim.

Jim and I spoke for some time. It began as the sort of giddy small talk that two teenagers might have. Soon, he asked me to share a little more detail about the openness of my marriage. I told him that my husband and I have an understanding; I tell him what to do and he does it. I explained that I am the dominant spouse in our marriage, and my husband accepts and furthermore embraces his submissive role. I went on to explain that as a result of our roles, I am permitted to sleep with other men and my husband must only be intimate with me. I also told Jim that if he and I ended up sleeping together, it would be the first time that I took advantage of my freedom. I also explained, as best I could to a man unfamiliar with femdom marriages how this would benefit my husband. I told Jim that I would like to involve my husband in any affair in which we might decide to engage, and that he would need to indulge me in this requirement if he wanted to pursue me.

We talked about all of this in some detail. I am rushed right now trying to get to the gym before the crowds arrive, but I will continue to update all of you on the progress I am making.

I can't help but thinking that I have come a long way from!

Sunday, October 09, 2005

New Cuckold Candidate

I definatley like the prospect of the current candidate to cuckold my husband better than I like the idea of my ex-fiance. As many of you suggested, bringing my ex-fiance back into my life would have a great deal of baggage associated with it. This new man was a complete stranger prior to this weekend.

I am still a long way from moving forward with this. I had given him my phone number, but he is yet to call. That has not stopped my husband from being completely on edge since the other night. Every time the phone rings my husband has been running to get it so that he can hand it to me to answer. Those that have cautioned against me moving forward with these plans must really consider how badly my husband seems to want this.

Cuckolding Interest Resurfacing

My husband and I were at party last night for a charitable organization in which I am involved. It was a large event at a downtown hotel. My husband had gone to get us drinks at the bar, and while he was away, a very attractive man approached me and started speaking to me. After some time, my husband returned with the drinks, handed me mine with a polite smile, and then quickly darted away to allow me to continue my conversation with this man.

I could see my husband across the room keeping an eye on us. As much out of an interest in teasing my husband as anything else, I began to flirt with this man with physical cues that would even be evident even from a distance. I ended up spending most of the party talking to him, and we spent quite a bit of time on the dance floor. He is single, but I explained to him that I am married to a man with whom I share an understanding. His eyes lit up as he had never been involved with a woman in an open relationship, but it was clearly of interest to him.

At the end of the evening he asked me to go home with him. I declined the invitation, but I did give him my cell phone number. He left before I did, and he kissed me on the cheek when he left, in full view of my husband. We left shortly thereafter. I could not wait to get home and get my husband's tongue between my legs.

I told my husband that I expected to see this gentleman again and that I expected him to be supportive. I will absolutely post the developments on this blog.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Time with the In-laws

We hosted my husband's parents recently for several days in our home. As I have indicated before, we choose to keep our femdom lifestyle very private. Therefore, it was relatively difficult to live our typical day to day lives given the guests in our home.

By the time they left, I would have to think that my in-laws would at least have to consider that our marriage is, at the very least, not typical. Despite the fact that we were very restrained this week, my husband still continued to do an enormous amount of the household work soley on the basis of habit alone. The one meal that we had at home, he cooked and served.

The only escape that we had the entire time was when we retired to our bedroom. I spent more than one night penetrating him with my strap-on. His tongue danced between my legs from the minute the bedroom door was closed. It was as if we had both been in a desert deprived of water the entire time that we entertained his parents. On the final day, it occured to me that I could remind him of the strap-on session the night before by having him discreetly wear a plug for the last afternoon that the two of them were with us.

While it was a delightful visit, by the time they left, my husband and I were both exhausted. It is funny how you become comfortable with a certain set of daily routines and find yourself at ill ease when they are not present in your life. If nothing else, the visit from the in-laws served as an excellent reminder that we are both - my husband and I - happiest when he is in unhampered service to me.