Tuesday, August 23, 2005

My Husband's Views on Cuckolding

Quite a number of the comments posted by viewers of this site have appropriately urged caution concerning any plans I might have to cuckold my husband. My husband and I had a lengthy and candid conversatoin on this topic last night, and I thought I would post some of his thoughts here on the blog.

He confesses that cuckolding scares him to death. Just as I have confided in all of you that he is the most important person in my life, I am also the most important person in his. Any cuckolding experience holds the potential to unleash emotional energy beyond what we can imagine going into it. Also, the idea of me developing an attachment to my new lover that transcends mere physical pleasure is not something either one of us would want to happen. This is a very real fear for him.

So between the two of us, we share a mutual knowledge that cuckolding is dangerous. We also,however, share a mutual understanding that it is incredibly powerful. He knows that there is nothing that will more acutely stimulate his submission than to assist me as I am taken by another man. He described his fantasies to me in this regard with great detail. Whether or not I ever go through with it, I absolutely must leave open the possibility that I will. We both need to know, for our own reasons, that I am the sovereign in our marriage. My limits are my limits, but his limits are whatever I decide that they are.

Last night, after our conversation, I took him with my strap-on with an intensity I seldom have brought to our lovemaking. I ultimately collapsed on his body in exhaustion. I saw afterwards that he was crying. I kissed his tears then ordered him to sleep on the floor at the foot of my bed.


petlaura said...

Dear Ms West

i'm new to blogging and i posted a comment to one of your blogs. i'm not sure if it should be posted by present DATE or by the date of the blog it pertains to.
It is a comment to "Become a submissive husband"


icovetu said...

You are so wonderfully insightful! i now realize that brutal sodomy is what all of us inferior men deserve and should desire in our pitiful pursuit to please our Feminine Superiors. Additionally, requiring Your husband to sleep on the floor at the foot of the bed, was especially appropriate... Based upon reading about Your methods of training Your husband, my desire to find one of Your peers to train me in a lifelong relationship is now completely insatiable.

sissypam said...

my wife cuckolded me for many years.It brought us closer together.I truly believe she is superior to me in every way.I am trying to become a traditional housewife for her now.

Roadrunner said...

Kathyrn I read about your dicussion with your husband about cuckolding him. Then later used your strapon on him with asevere intensity and made him cry. That with your mindset probably made you feel really powerful. Was he crying because of you humilating him or was it because you physicaly hurt him? You will know when done to much one small piece of feces forced in to the colon wall can cause peretonitis. Roadrunner

Roadrunner said...

Continued from previous post
I had a friend who experienced that very problem first sign he developed bad breath, Then he experienced extreme pain while defecating so much he quit eating so he would not have to defecate.He spent 17 days in the hospital they cut him from above his penis to his belly button pulled his guts out to clean them, put him back together. He almost died. Defecating for him was unpleasant for a long time Roadrunner

Roadrunner said...

Continued My Friend went from 175/180 down to 145 Roadrunner

Roadrunner said...

Kathryn you also stated after using him like a animal you made him sleep on the floor. Your a sick Bitch Roadrunner