Monday, August 22, 2005

My Husband's Role in this Blog

When I first started this blog, my husband was among the first to read every post. It was only when I began to plot out the details of my cuckolding plan that I restricted him from viewing this blog. He is once again reading these posts.

To my husband, this blog is a mechanism for appealing to his desire to be publicly outed as a submissive without the consequences of our family and friends having access to the intimate details of our personal life. I think that many submissive men want the world to know that they serve their wife, but also recognize that the world immediately around them may not be quite ready for that reality.

I may again decide to take another look at cuckolding. If I do, I will likely think of another way of sharing the details of my intentions outside of this blog yet still involve the growing community of readers interested in our relationship. The idea of having a large number of strangers knowing more about my intentions than my husband has a great appeal to me -- despite what anyone else might feel about it.


Emmaline said...

I am a submisive feminized husband-really wife- who serves his mistress wife/husband in all ways.
I wish to thank you Miss Katherine for publishing this blog so that others like myself will take heart that we are not alone in wanting to submit to wives. I agree that your husband is not the same as I am and we all can submit in different adoring ways.
We both have read with bated breath the continuing adventure that you both have embarked upon. We thank you for sharing with us.
My husband has asked me to remind you that dominance is a never ending corridor for a woman. I have learned that from her and have expanded my limits of submission mightily. Such expansion just helps me grow in my adoration and love for her.
Best wishes to you both

sissypam said...

I to am a submissive feminised wife to my Wife.I am however feminised under my clothes only, and inside my heart and brain where my true submission and happiness exists.Living in a female led marriage is the most wonderful experience.My wife loves me and appreciates me taking on all the domestic chores in the house.I never thought I would enjoy cooking and cleaning the way I do.To make her happy and serve her in any way she needs is my whole focus.I used to be submissive only in the bedroom, now I am outside as well and my Wife is happier than ever.