Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Testing the Waters with My "Bull"

I have heard the term "bull" used to refer to the lover that a woman chooses to take when she cuckolds her husband. It's somewhat crass, but it will work. Eventually I need to come up with a pseudonym with which to refer to him on this blog. I'm open to suggestions.

I received one comment (thank you, 'quiet guy') which brought up an interesting point. While a wife-led household is new to me, a latent dominant personality is not. I suppose that my ex-fiance might have recognized this quality in me and would not be surprised to learn that I have taken it to a new level. I decided it was time to take somewhat of my first gamble with him.

Last night, with my husband kneeling in front of me and giving me a foot rub, I again called my ex-fiance. We had a very pleasant, and incredibly flirtatious chat. Towards the end of the call I asked him his email address as I had something on which I wanted his opinion. (I had my husband scuttle into the kitchen to get a pad and paper on which to write it down. He's helping me already!)

This morning I have sent him the link to the Around Her Finger site. I'll first get his feedback on this site and then confess that my husband and I live in a wife-led household. Based on his reaction, I'll next send him to Elise Sutton's site. Assuming an open mind after reading her site, who knows what I'll do next. I'll definately talk to him honestly about what I would like to do. I might even send him to this blog and let him put two and two together. Imagine his surprise when my ex-fiance figures out that he is my current bull-in-waiting!

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