Thursday, September 01, 2005

Cuckolding Close to Home

Please excuse my recent absence from the blog. I am going to have to resort to less frequent posts as time constraints and writer's block are making the daily commitment impossible.

I have thought a great deal lately about the pleasure I would take from cuckolding. This is separate from the impact it would have on my husband altogether. I have found myself thinking that I would like to be with another man just for the sheer hedonistic pleasure of it. This seems important.

I was at an outdoor party in my neighborhood this weekend. There was a gentlemen who perhaps had too much to drink who was going just a little beyond neighborly chit-chat and flirting with me with quite blatently. He is an attractive man, and I will confess to having been very charmed by his actions.

I mentioned this to my husband later. My husband doesn't know this man very well, but for some reason is not very fond of him. He asked that I please not entertain any thoughts of cuckolding him with this man. I would never cuckold him with this particular man as 1) he is married, and 2) I do not want a reputation in the neighborhood that results in hushed whispers every time I go for a walk. However, I have been teasing my husband a bit with the idea.

The whole thing gets both of us extremely hot.


tim said...

teasing sounds fun.......and sounds like it is working for Y/you both. enjoy.

be well.


Just Me said...

It surprises me that your husband gets to have an opinion on who you will choose to cuckold him, let alone is allowed to express it. It is likely that this will undermine Your authority. My suggestion is that the next time he makes a negative comment, have him wash out his mouth with soap and stand in the corner. After all, it is your choice and not his if it is to happen, and the sooner he accepts his proper place, the happier you will both be.