Saturday, August 20, 2005

For Those Who Find this Site Objectionable

I received a very respectful, but disapproving post that was critical of the relationship that I have with my husband.

I understand that many, even most, people that would happen across this blog would be quite shocked by the nature of our wife-led household. My most sincere regret, however, is that anyone's initial introduction to loving female authority come from this blog. While many men that have been suppressing their inner desire to submit to women might immediately realize what wife worship has to offer them from reading through these posts, many other men and certainly most women would consider the advanced nature of my own relationship as much too extreme.

As I have done in previous posts, I encourage anyone reading this blog to go and read through the Addison's site. They describe a much more genteel approach to loving female authority that I do here. Nobody that reads through their site with an open mind could deny that their approach is both realistic and satisfying for all those that choose to embrace it.


Dirk said...


I do agree with you that the around her finger web site is the perfect introduction to a wife led relationship.
Your blog is much to intense for most who are only initially contemplating wife worship.
That much said, I'd like to think that it's more than 5000 households in the US where both the woman and the man openly acknowledge her dominance.
It's taken my wife and I twenty five years to get to this point, but, we're there.
I pedicure her feet - she tells me she's training my foot fetish ....
She manicures my nails, then polishes them with a clear top coat...
She's shaved my underarms, as a sign of her dominance, then instructed me to keep them smooth...
Her period began last night, she's locked me into my cb-3000 for the duration.
She accepts my service to her gladly.
I'm her big strong man that provides for her.
She serves me in her way, I serve her in mine.
Issue really, is that most men (me included) were trained to be macho, to be the head of the household, that anything less was pussy whipped and that's shamefull.
When my wife and I had brunch with my sisters, brother-in-law, father, his wife, it struck me that this is something I can't really talk with them about.
They would probably think it was really strange. So, we don't discuss it. But, what they do see, are two people (my wife and I) very much in love.


colin said...

Katherine, I do not necessarily find your blog offensive as I consider myself a submissive male. I'm fresh out of a 5+ year relationship with a dominant female. Every relationship between two people has a dominant and submissive half. This is a requirement. However, I think "wife worship" or "husband worship" is far too extreme. In order for the relationship to function properly, there must be teamwork and respect for each other. In lieu of this, teamwork requires proper communication. I find it very disrespectful that you leave your husband in the dark on this blog and your views on this subject. He may agree with you and be willing to participate fully. However, I would be very upset if I found that my wife had such a thoroughly-planned agenda for our relationship and did not inform me. Anyhow, good luck with your endeavors and please do not keep him in the dark.

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Roadrunner said...

I find you Katherine ojectionable because you explained some of your posts how you treated your husband from time to time Some times you treated him like an animal not a human being that you say you love. thats a croc of shit.
and some of the other posts by more wimpy men that let women dictate to them what they do or don't do. Its no dam wonder the country is going down. Not enough Men that have BALLS and prove it Roadrunner