Sunday, August 07, 2005

Cuckold Teasing Last Night

Last night my husband's tongue was nestled between the cheeks of my bottom, kissing and rimming me as I lay stretched out on our bed. I began discussing with him some of my thoughts on cuckolding.

I told him that I was thinking more and more about it lately. I told him that I am very open to his input on the matter, but ultimately, it will be my decision and my decision alone. It is my perogative as a woman to seek sexual pleasure in whatever way I choose. I told him that it would be good for him to realize that he is not my only option for physical pleasure. I also explained that should I decide to pursue cuckolding him, I will expect his support and cooperation.

He will help me to make arrangements for the evening. He will help to pick out my outfit and dress me for my lover. If asked, he will cook us dinner, serve us drinks -- do anything really that might make us more comfortable. I asked him if he wished to be in the room for the event. He responded that he wasn't certain. I told him that I also was not certain, and it would most likely be left up to my lover and whether or not he was comfortable with the idea. I told him that I would probably prefer he be in the room. I like the idea of my husband actually helping in the process in some way. I have read stories about men who guide their lovers cock into their wives the first time that they are taken. I know this would bring my husband into subspace and this idea really appeals to me.

Within the next week I will be contacting my old fiance and running this idea by him. I told my husband as much last night.


Cuckold said...
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sissypam said...

I had to do this for my wife.It was a incredible turn on for us both and brought of us closer and further pushed me into submission.