Monday, December 18, 2006

A Wonderful Camping Trip

We just returned from a camping trip out west. This was very unlike us as I am obviously the pampered sort and my husband's idea of roughing it typically involves the largest of my strap-on toys.

There were at least two elements of our camping trip which had a very sexual element which might be of interest to all of you.

One was a wonderful love-making experience that we had on a river bank opening up to a broad expanse of open, rocky shore. You could see miles down the river in both directions and hundreds of yards back until the rocky ground gave way to a grove of trees at the base of a small ledge rising up above those same trees. In this isolated but very public area my husband stripped, prepared me my lunch, and generally served my comforts while I relaxed and enjoyed the moment. Later, he serviced me orally and eventually we had intercouse. I was so moved by the moment that I allowed him the very rare treat of releasing his seed inside my body.

The other element of note was the fact that I did not bathe for the entire six days of our trip. There were times during the week that we were engaged in very strenuous hiking, and while it was never very warm, I still worked up heavy perspiration on some days. All of this made my musk quite strong, and this was much to the delight of my husband. Later, when we were together in our tent, even I was quite overwhelmed by the perfume of my own body that lingered on my husband's face.

I don't know if there is anything to the science of pheremones or not, but I will definately say that both of our libido's were very strong that week. I am reminded that Napolean once wrote Josephine and instructed her not to bathe before he returned to see her. I think I see why.