Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Pedicures from my Husband

Sorry... no cuckolding updates today. There are so many other aspects of our lifestyle on which to comment, however, that I will never be without something to say.

I seem to be one of the few dominant wives on-line that does not receive pedicures and manicures from my husband. Realistically, he is just not equipped to do a professional job. For one, the nail salons have those wonderful foot baths for which the home versions just do not do justice. Secondly, there is definately a skill to doing the nails, and it is one for which I have lost patience being my husband's test patient.

I love to have him kiss and lick my feet, and I love foot massages. But at least in our home, he does not do my nails. This is a treat that I continue to receive outside of the home.


Tom said...

I read your post and could not agree more. I service my Mistress’s feet for hours as she does her office work. She finds it very relaxing to have me on the floor serving her feet. I find it deeply satisfying and when I have permission I can easy cum while serving her feet. I also do her nails, I am not as good as a nail shop but I am getting better and she enjoys all the attrition I give her as my sign to her I am totally her slave now and live to serve her needs only!


Robert Buffrey said...

I also give long foot massages while my wife watches TV, but for her finger nails and toe nails a professional comes to the house every other Friday evening. While she is here she also does the nails of my wife's sister, who lives with us, and my wife's daughter.
As the nails are being done I always cook dinner for all except the nail lady, and they chat about girly things.
I used to hate these evenings, but I am becoming increasingly turned on by them because of my wife's increasing dominance over me in front of the others.