Saturday, April 29, 2006

Starting Small

While this site is not intended as a forum for those seeking to initiate loving female authority with their vanilla wives, I do have a generic recommendation. Start small.

Do the little things necessary to build towards a wife-led relationship. Do not expect to bring up cuckolding and to have her jump at the opportunity. For most women, the simple step of assuming the role of head of household requires a signficant shift in thinking.

In the end, it is the knowledge that she is in control and you are her obedient servant that is the true blessing to a submissive man. Cuckolding is only an intense demonstration of that reality.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


I was surprised by the very large number of private emails I got seeking to bring submissives, dominants and bulls together. The following is a quick summary of those seeking others. I have excluded the largest category, which was submissives seeking dominant women, but I am maintaining a list privately. I may not reply to all the emails I get, but I will do my best to selectively forward emails to those with sincere and thoughtful comments.

Miami: Couple seeking Bull
Norther New Jersey: Dominant woman seeking submissive
Atlanta: Dominant couple seeking other dominant couples and females
Southern California: Couple seeking Bull and also dominant woman seeking submissive
Grand Rapids: Couple seeking Bull
Houston: Dominant woman seeking submissive
Cincinnati: Dominant woman seeking submissive

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Men Seeking to Be Bulls

Although I do not recall ever receiving a public post on the topic, I get email after email offering to be be the Bull in my cuckolding activities. I can tell you with absolute certainty that I would never entertain meeting up with a man that solicited his services to me on this blog.

On a related note, I have never received an email from a woman asking me to help connect her with a submissive man. While I might be more inclined to help in these cases, I think that those women that are self-aware of their dominant nature attract submissive men like moths to a flame and need no help from me.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Interesting Finding

The following appeared in an on-line version of a UK paper. It suggests that giving a woman control of her sexuality is as strong an aphrodesiac as the newly discovered and much touted chemical compound, PT-141. I know that for me, our foray into LFA has awakened a level of sexual intensity that I had forgotten existed.

The funny thing is, it appears there's a certain humanlike subjectiveness to the sex life of lab animals as well. When Jim Pfaus tested PT-141 on his female rats, he based his experimental design partly on the work of Raul Paredes, a fellow rat sexologist testing the effects of something more elusive: personal autonomy. That's a tricky thing to measure, but it can be done. Paredes did it like this: first, he looked at rat couples living in standard, box-shaped cages and recorded the details of their sexual behaviour. Then, he altered the cages in only one particular: he divided them into two chambers with a clear wall broken only by one opening, too small for the males to get through but just right for the females. Architecturally it was a minor change, but what it did for the females was huge. It let them get away from the males whenever they chose to, and thereby made it entirely their choice whether to have sex. Paredes then observed the rats' behaviour in this altered setting. Here's what he found: the effects of giving a female rat greater personal control over her sex life are essentially the same as those of giving her PT-141. Autonomy, in other words, is as real an aphrodisiac as any substance known to science.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Femdom "Buzz-killers"

My husband made an interesting comment to me last night. I asked him to bring me a snack from the kitchen, and when he returned, I very unconsciously thanked him. He told me that this was a real "buzz-killer" for him, and he preferred to told what to do (not asked) and receive no thanks for his service.

Generally, this is exactly what I do with him. However, in the outside world, I am conditioned to use my manners. Occasionally I will slip and use them inside the home. I found it interesting that he shared his observation that good manners are prone to take him out of subspace.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Touched and moved

I am actually touched by the outpouring of emotion that my recent post elicited in some of you. It makes me realize that while I discuss my husband's frailties and the pleasure I take in playing upon them, I tend to leave my own off of these pages. I have grown in my role as a dominant woman, but I still have my own insecurities with which to deal. In fact, my dominance helps me deal with them in a way I am only starting to understand. I now need my husband's devotion - and it would seem that I need it expressed in ever intensifying acts of submission - just as he needs my authority.

The body worship, the massages, they still occur with the same frequency as they did when I originally started posting. Forgive me that I have not thought it important to continue to right about what is very much habit in our household. I think we need to spend time enjoying these simple and delightful pleasures and focus less on the emotional thunder of our recent adventures.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Other Outlets

There are many of you who read my blog, and I am pleased that there is a dedicated group that posts comments. I assure you that I enjoy these comments and take them to heart.

If there are men out there that fantasize of being cuckolded, but have never experienced it, tell me what outlets do you have for your fantasies. You can read this blog, and there are other sites that discuss the topic, but is that enough? Are there videos that are intelligently made? It is not like you can "buy" a cuckolding experience like you can a sexual and even a femdom experience. By necessity cuckolding must be done by someone with whom you are close.

Your comments are welcome.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

New Direction

Forgive my rather abrupt conclusion to the story that I was telling. I have decided not to go further for the near future. While my husband and I are getting back to our old routines, I think it best to refrain from sharing the final details of our night with Jim.

Another opportunity for discussion, however, presents itself. Remember Mindy and Paul, the young couple that have recently begun leading a wife-led marriage? Mindy and I have again been emailing and talking on the telephone. It seems that there is a specific gentleman with whom she is acquainted that has awoken her own desire to cuckold her husband. While I have advised against it at length, I am considering a project where I script a cuckold scene that will serve as a proxy for the real thing. I doubt I would post it publicly (so do not consider your own selfish motives), but I am curious as to what you all might think of such an idea.