Saturday, August 27, 2005

The Missing Link of Loving Female Authority

Men have definately accounted for the majority of individuals that have commented on this site. This is no accident. I am absolutely sure that there are countless more men than women that know they are interested in female dominaiton as a lifestyle. I think that dominant women are generally content to be so without analyzing and fantasizing about it. Submissive men, however, have a near obsession with it and seek forums such as this for kindred souls and genuine advice for developing a femdom dynamic in their own relationships.

The real irony is that women could more easily benefit from forums such as this because the message to potential dominant wives is so simple and easily understood. They need only understand the "great missing link" of loving female authority. That missing link is that it is not enough for men to submit to a woman. They need her to acknowledge his submission and communicate their dominance over him. Men are willing to serve any woman that actively dominates him for as long as it pleases her. They can only serve in secret for so long. I think this is the central message of the Around Her Finger movement.


iobey said...

You're very right - more women could benefit from such information. So, how do we get the word out?


Just Me said...

Dear Mrs. West,
Adore your site and value your advice. Would You know if it is possible for Her to have a checking account where i could could sign with a co-signer (another person of Her choosing) and She would be able to sign without a co-signature required? Since She doesn't wish to be bothered with the details of finances, i take care of paying the bills at this time. Of course, i only make out the checks for Her to sign. But i thought if I actually needed a co-signature, it might embolden Her to new heights of taking control.
It would be too risky to be unable to access funds at all in case of an emergency, but i admit that i want to go further in exposing how in charge and in control She is by having to confide in another the nature of O/our relationship. This would be a big step for U/us, and although i am very anxious about who She might decide to chose, i just hope She decides to show off a little. Thank You so,

Jim said...

Ms. West,

I am new to your site and to the concept of "loving female authority!" I have been seeking this for 14 years, and in the last year actively! My journey has been difficult largely because it is difficult for a man to find women who are truly into this philosophy, and not just playing games! Thank you for your web site! I sincerely hope you will move forward on developing a ste for women to express their dominant desires and feelings, and be willing to meet submissive men!

We all know what we desire, need and want! A site where women and men can feel comfortable communicating with each other would be great!

Thank you again for your contributions to meet that end!