Friday, March 28, 2008

Final Installment

I allowed to have a headstart on my final installment as a special favor to a friend... but I'm finishing the story here. Hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have.


That night I slept with my wife. I spooned up behind her, and she kissed me lovingly before we both drifted off to sleep. I had to go out of town the next day, and it was several days before I returned. My calls to her went unanswered, but she emailed me to let me know that all was well and that preparations were underway to make some changes to our living arrangements, and that I would see them all when I returned.

What I saw when I returned was nothing I should not have expected. Our bed had been removed, and replaced with a new one. The new one appeared to be just a normal king-sized bed, but in actuality, it was a mattress that sat on top of a steel cage. The door of the cage was to be locked with a small, plastic numbered tie… as was my chastity device. I could break and remove the tie in the event of an emergency, but of course Kay would know it.

The guest room had also been changed. A lock had been placed on the closet door, and a mirror of one-way glass had been placed on the door’s front. A hole had been cut out of the top back of the door so that if I was hidden in the closet I would have a perfect view of anything that happened on the bed. I also noticed that about half of my clothes had been moved into this closet. Presumably, I would be spending a good deal of time in the guest room.

An unfinished room in the basement had been converted into a home dungeon. Kay explained that Suzanne and Ryan had ordered everything from an online supplier (using my credit card of course), and that there were still some items which had not yet arrived. Kay seemed very proud of this room, and showed me a selection of strap-on dildos that had been ordered. She then handed me not one, but two disposable enema kits, and order me upstairs to give myself a very thorough cleaning.

“I’m really looking forward to this,” said Kay. “I think this will really make us closer.” I ran upstairs and skimmed through the instructions. I used both enemas and satisfied myself that they had done a very thorough job of prepping me for my wife. I left my clothes upstairs, and came back downstairs naked to find that Kay had readied herself as well. She stood in a head to toe leather outfit, sexy beyond belief. She had a strap-on pointing directly towards me which served as a magnificent and undeniable symbol of her new power. “Come here and kneel in front of me,” she commanded.

“I have to admit,” she said. “It did surprise me that you were so willing to suck Ryan’s cock. You are such a homophobe, never even wanted to watch ‘Will and Grace’ because you thought it was such a blight on the culture. Then I find out you are sucking his cock like that… it really surprised me.” The truth was that it had surprised me as well. “Why don’t you show me how you suck his cock?”

I licked the length of the dildo before settling down on the head of the cock. I put my hands on her ass, and she allowed them to remain there. Then she began testing my skills by thrusting hard to push the dildo against the back of my throat. I proved myself by taking her strokes and avoiding the gag reflex that had been conditioned out of me by so much practice.

“That’s enough, dear. Stand up.” She walked me over to a leather table that had been purchased for the room. I was laid on my back and she climbed on top of the table, pushing herself between my legs. “How do you like wearing this thing?” she asked referring to my chastity device.

“It keeps my focused,” I replied.

“Apparently it does,” she responded. She pushed my legs up to my chest, and I grabbed them to hold myself exposed for her. She handed me a bottle of lubrication and told me that this would be my job as she didn’t want to get her hands dirty. I first lubed myself, and then put a generous amount on the dildo. I closed the bottle and dropped it to the floor.

I felt the cold tip of the dildo press against my tight asshole. I closed my eyes as I knew that the initial penetration would hurt as it always did. She slowly buried the shaft inside my body, and then leaned in to lay her weight on top of me. My eyes still closed, I felt her lips touch mine, and I felt the familiar warmth of her breath. Her hair fell against my face. “I love you so much,” she whispered.

I lay perfectly still. My own breathing was fractured by the rhythm that she was still looking to find. My wife was making love to me. There was no anger in her strokes, only passion. I wrapped my legs around her. Her mouth pushed down hard against my own and I know she felt me as I shook because her hand found its way up to stroke my hair, and she closed my eyes again with gentle kisses. My own hands had been clutching the side of the table, but they moved first to her shoulders and then to play wistfully with her hair.

She pulled herself up to straddle my chest. She undid the strap-on quickly and revealed her waiting pussy to my mouth. She nearly smothered me as I struggled to both breathe and satisfy her at the same time. Then, as quickly as it had begun, she dismounted me and climbed off the table. “What’s wrong, where are you going?” I asked.

“I have to go,” she said. “Ryan needs me to come over. Make sure my dry cleaning gets picked up.”


I didn’t see Kay until the next morning. She came back in at 10:00 a.m. with her hair and clothes a mess. I was sitting at the kitchen table doing a conference call with my staff. She took a pen from my hands and wrote “Get off the phone” on the notebook from which I was working. I excused myself, and ended the call promptly.

“Honey, that was my staff call.”

“Kneel,” she said, ignoring my comment. I quickly obeyed. “Don’t fucking talk back to me, understand?”

“Yes, sorry.”

She leaned lifted her skirt and leaned in over the kitchen table. “Ryan has a message for you. Pull down my panties.” I lifted her skirt and helped her step out of her panties. They were soaked.

“What did he say,” I asked.

“Well, it wasn’t so much a verbal message….” She spread her legs only slightly and I saw that semen was dripping out of her asshole. I took my cue and stuck my tongue into her ass. “We’re going out to dinner with Clay and Mindy tonight,” Kay said very matter of factly. She was referring to our neighbors down the street with whom we had been friends for years. I stopped what I was doing only long enough to acknowledge her. When she was resolved that I had cleaned her to her satisfaction, she stepped away from me and back into my panties. “Dinner should be fun.”


Dinner was fun, and it represented a refreshing return to normalcy. Kay acted as if nothing had changed in our marriage, and we remained the very conservative couple that we both thought we were only a brief time before. However, when we got home, things reverted back to the new state of affairs. Ryan and Suzanne had come into the house while we were away, and had made themselves at home in front of our television. They were finishing off an expensive bottle of wine that I had been saving for a special occasion. Kay turned and kissed me. “Honey, I had a great time tonight,” she began. “I love you, but I need you to remember that you are my cuckold now. Go upstairs and get yourself ready, then put yourself in the cage under my bed.”

“Run, cuck,” said Ryan from the other room. “Do what she says.”

I ran upstairs, lit candles in the room, and pulled back the sheets on the bed before putting myself into the cage. My cock was in a great deal of discomfort as it struggled to grow inside the CB 3000 that kept in locked up. I lay quietly inside the cage waiting for them to come upstairs, but it took so long that I fell asleep before they ever did. I had no idea how late it was when I was awakened by the moans of my wife and the bed above me rocking violently.

“I’m not sure which she likes better, Suzanne,” I heard Ryan’s voice say, “your pussy or my cock.”

“I’m sure she loves them both,” answered Suzanne. “Don’t you, slut?”

“Yes…. ohhhh, yes…. I love them both.”

The events above me went on for another thirty minutes. They finally dissolved into whispered pillow talk, all of which was lost to even my best efforts to make out what they were saying. One thing was for certain, I was being ignored. I was the cuckold now. When it pleased them to involve me, I was involved. When they were indifferent, I was lost to them.

I was let out of the cage in the morning to make them coffee. Ryan and Suzanne took theirs in to go cups, and rushed out of the house only barely acknowledging me. I walked upstairs and handed a cup to Kay who was still in bed, awake and sitting up waiting for me. “Did you enjoy last night?” she asked.

“Yes, thank you.”

“Good. Tonight should be even better. Jack is coming over. I plan on having him fuck me in the guest room so that you can watch from the closet.”

“Honey,” desperation overcame me, “please don’t do that. This is going too far, please don’t do this with Jack.”

Kay put up her hand to interrupt me. “Honey, who wanted this?”

“Well, I answered, I’m not really sure, but even if it was me, I think it is spinning out of control. I never imagined it would go this far.”

“Ryan had told me that there would be a period of adjustment for you, so I understand your reluctance. Actually, I expect it.” She patted the bed. “Kneel.” She took a tiny pair of scissors out of the drawer next to the bed and cut the plastic lock on my chastity device. She took the device off of me, setting it on the table beside the bed. She motioned for me to join her up on top of the covers, and I laid down parallel next to her, both of our naked bodies touching each other. She put her arms around my neck and kissed the side of my mouth. My cock began to get hard and press against her leg. She took it in her hand and held it firmly.

My mouth found her breasts, and she stroked the back of my hair. I sucked on her nipples. I moved to kiss the soft flesh of her stomach. I felt her push me to go down on her, and I was happy to take her cue. Ryan had marked his territory, and I could still barely taste the presence of his seed still lingering in her body. Just the same, her own musk overpowered his scent, and I worshipped her lovingly.

“Would you like to make love to your wife?” she asked.

“Oh, yes. I would like that very much.” I started to pull myself into position, kneeling between her legs and guiding my cock towards her pussy.

“Then hand me the phone, quickly. We’ll have to ask Ryan for permission.”

“Huh, oh… ok,” I handed her the phone. “Wait, stop! This is crazy!”

“Shhhhh,” she said as she started dialing the number.

“Sir, my husband wants to know if it is ok to make love to his wife. I think under the circumstances it might make sense, but you had told me to call you first.”

“Give me the phone,” I shouted.

She pulled the phone away as I tried to grab it. “These are the ‘circumstances’ I was referring to,” she said with an angry glare in my direction. “Yes, Sir, I understand. Would you like to tell him or me?” She handed the phone to me.

“Listen here, Ryan… this is getting out of control,” I started. I went into an angry monologue while he just listened patiently.

“Are you through?” he asked.

“Yes, I suppose so.”

“Good. I will not argue with you about this right now. I will come over there later this afternoon and we will spend some time together on this topic, but I will absolutely not have this discussion on the telephone with you. Understood?”

“Yes,” I answered. His hypnotic power over me was coming back. It was his cool demeanor, the warmth in his voice.

“Yes, what?” he asked.

“Yes, Sir,” I answered. I looked down between my legs. My cock, which had lost its stiffness during my tirade, was swelling again. Kay noticed it too. She put her hand on it, and she pulled herself up to put her mouth on my neck and nibble on my ear. She did this as much so she could hear what Ryan was telling me as anything else.

“It’s ok that you have moments of doubt; that is expected. I will not, however, reward you for this behavior. You will not be fucking your wife today. Look at her pussy… do you see that? That pussy belongs to me, understand?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“For right now, I want you to bury your face in your wife’s ass and beg her for forgiveness. Give the phone back to her.” I handed the phone to Kay. She smiled as she spoke to Ryan and laid herself out on the bed on her stomach. I pushed the cheeks of her ass apart and placed my lips and tongue on her asshole. Kay remained listening on the phone, but then turned her head towards me with a wicked grin.

“Ryan says not to forget your place… cuckold. He wants to hear you begging for forgiveness.”

“Please, Kay, forgive me. I lost my head for a moment, but I know what I am. I am your cuckold, your servant, your submissive husband.”

“And… I will absolutely fuck Jack tonight as you watch everything from the closet. And I will do it because not only do I want to feel his cock pushing inside my body,” she laughed as if sharing an inside joke with Ryan, “but because it is for your own good. It will bring you closer to me.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” I muttered.

“Here,” she handed the phone back to me, “Ryan wants to talk to you.”

I lifted my face from my wife’s ass and took the phone. Ryan’s voice was commanding and curt. “I’ll be at your house today at 4:00. Make sure you’ve given yourself no less than three enemas.” The phone hung up.

Before I was allowed to leave the room with Kay, she insisted on helping me back into my chastity device. “If everything goes well, tonight,” she said, “I’ll let you fuck me tonight after Jack leaves. Ok, sweetie?”

“Yes, dear,” I said.

“Good boy. I know you love me, and you know I love you. Nothing that happens tonight will affect that. Now go. I know you’ve got work to do.”

I did have work to do, and it was becoming increasingly difficult to focus on my job with all the distractions in my life. I banged out email all day and went from conference call to conference call. I booked a week’s worth of meetings out of town for the next week, and I shuttered as I thought about what Kay would be doing while I was away. It was 3:00 before I remembered that Ryan had wanted me to triple clean myself with enemas before he was to arrive at four. I went into the bathroom and did exactly what he had asked. I wondered, however, what was coming. He had never been so careful about this before.

When 4:00 came, there was no Ryan. I marked time in fifteen minute increments, and by 4:45, there was still no Ryan. I went back to my email and for a short while, even allowed myself to forget about the evening’s agenda. I was distracted, but then I heard Kay’s car pulling out of the garage. I dialed her cell, but she chose not to answer.

It was 9:30 that night before I heard from anyone. “Get into the guest room closet,” said Kay without any introductory small talk. “Wear nothing but your chastity device.” She hung up before I could respond.

I hurried out of my clothes and got myself into the closet upstairs. I stood silent, listening to myself breathe in the darkness for at least thirty minutes before I heard the first trace of Kay and her guest downstairs. Finally, I heard steps on the stairs, and lights clicked on in the room. This gave me perfect visibility to Kay and Jack from my position behind the one-way glass.

“So Jack,” said Kay as she climbed onto the bed, “How does it make you feel that you’re going to fuck the wife of the man that fired you?”

Jack laughed. “I love it. Your husband was such a prick to me.” Jack was taller than me, younger, and better looking. I had been forced to fire him because he was missing his sales numbers quarter after quarter. It didn’t hurt that I didn’t like the guy. I always had a feeling that he was talking about me behind my back.

“I want you to talk dirty to me while you fuck me, ok?” said Kay. “I want you to talk to me like I’m your little fucking whore and tell me how you love fucking me.”

Jack laughed again as he rushed to get out of his clothes. “Sure, bitch,” he said with a Grin. “Why don’t you start by getting out of those clothes and sucking my cock?” I watched Kay make a little show out of stripping for him. She dropped to her knees, and I watched her deep throat this man that I detested. Kay made certain that the angle at which she positioned herself gave me the perfect view of her devotion to his flesh.

He pulled her up by tugging on her hair, and pushed her back onto the bed. She pushed her legs apart and begged for him to fuck her. His cock pushed inside her without any of the drama that Ryan had provided for me, and he made quick work of bringing her to her first orgasm. “Lift me, hold me,” she screamed.

Jack lifted her up and bounced her upon his hard cock, kissing her passionately as she whimpered with pleasure. At one point, he walked her over to the wall immediately next to my one-way glass. She looked at me over his shoulder and winked. Soon thereafter, he had her on the floor fucking her from behind. Now the verbal assault began as he became less and less inhibited. “Fucking bitch… that’s right… fuck my cock… your fucking husband has a whore for a wife… a whore that loves my cock.”

Kay responded with an intensity of her own. “Yes, yes… fuck me…. yes.”

“I’m going to pull out and cum on your face, bitch.”

“No, please... cum in my pussy. I want to feel you explode inside me, please.”

“Whatever you say, bitch.” Jack’s face tightened and clenched his fists as he let himself climax inside my wife. The two collapsed together on the floor.

“Thank you so much,” said Kay. “You are an incredible lover. Please tell me we can do this again.”

“Absolutely,” said Jack. “I’ll make you my regular bitch, no problem.”

“Mmmmm, thank you,” said Kay. She was sliding her tongue down his stomach. She put his softening cock in her mouth and wiped it clean.

“Wow, you really are a slut,” said Jack.

“You haven’t seen anything yet,” smiled Kay. “You’d better go now. Jack will be home in an hour.”

Jack stood, dressed himself and stepped out of the room. He gave Kay a polite hug before he left; I suppose to let her know that he considered the dirty talk all role play. In fact, I’m sure it came easy to him.


It was about fifteen minutes later that Kay came back into the room and opened the closet door. Ryan, to my surprise, was standing with her. Kay wore a robe, and Ryan wore only loose-fitting soccer shorts. Ryan motioned for me to follow him, and we all walked together into the master bedroom. Ryan told Kay to have a seat in a chair, and he had me kneel in front of them both. He stepped out of his soccer shorts, and even his non-erect cock was impressive.

“Let me explain something to you, Jay. This is not a game, this is not a temporary situation, and it is not optional. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir,” I replied meekly.

“How did you like watching your wife fuck Jack?”

I hesitated before answering. “If it pleased her, it pleased me.”

“Good answer. She’s going to be fucking anybody I tell her to fuck, Jay, so get used to it. You are a cuckold… let me hear you say it.”

“I am cuckold,” I said. Kay laughed.

“Why don’t you elaborate, Jay? Ad lib a little bit for us.”

“I am a cuckold. My wife fucks other men while I watch. I submit to her and her lovers.”

“Better, much better. Tell me, cuck, what’s the most humiliating thing that a cuckold can do?”

“Watch his wife fuck another man,” I answered.

“Not even close. Try again.”

“Suck another man’s cum from my wife’s pussy?”

“Closer. Let me give you a clue.” He opened his hand and revealed a small bottle of lube. “You’ve sucked my cock before, cuckie, but I’ve never fucked you. I’d much rather fuck your wife, but I think you need to be reminded of your place. So why don’t you start eating the cum out of your wife’s pussy, while I get behind you and fuck you.”

I moved between Kay’s legs and experienced again the now familiar taste of another man’s conquest. “This is getting me hard just watching your slut wife open her legs,” said Ryan from behind me. I felt him rubbing the head of his cock against my ass crack and his hands pulling my cheeks apart. His fingers spread the cold lube against my asshole, and I felt the head of his cock opening me up to him. “Ah… yes, this is nice. What a tight little ass you have, cuck. Your wife is going to have to spend more time fucking you with that strap-on of hers.”

Kay put her hand on my head; Ryan put his on my waist. There was an electric moment where the reality of who I had become overwhelmed me. Then and there I stopped fighting it. I embraced my submission. I felt whole for the first time since this had started. This wasn’t subspace, this was much more. I was a cuckold… a submissive bitch to my wife and her lover, and this was a majestic thing to be.

Ryan’s deep strokes stopped… he clenched my waist. I felt his cock pulse, and I was warm inside with his gift to me. I thanked him… for everything. I curled up at his feet, and I thanked him.

Fighting him and fighting myself was behind me. This was my new beginning, and I would never look back.