Thursday, May 17, 2007

It happened again last night

My husband and I have been courting a gentleman for months now. We met him at a restaurant located on a lake not so near our home that we might have expected to run into friends.

It was just drinks at first. This evolved into a friendship between "Johnathon" and my husband. It was obvious from very early on that we had more than a casual interest in Johnathon, but it was months before we opened up completely about the very special nature of my relationship with my husband.

Last night was emotional poetry. My husband slept on the floor at the side of the bed while I lay wrapped in my lover's arms. In the dark, I touched myself and collected Johnathon's spent seed on the very tip of my finger. I dangled my hand over the side of the bed where my very restless husbnad found it and eagerly sucked it from my fingertip.