Monday, August 08, 2005

Moving Forward

I have told my husband that I want him off the computer until further notice. I intend to discuss more about my plans on line than I care for him to know in advance.

I called my ex-fiance today and had a "long-time-no-talk" sort of call. While I was a little flirty, I definately did not tip my hat as to my intentions. I mentioned to him that I would be in his city next month and if it were convenient we should catch up over dinner. He agreed that given a couple of weeks notice he would love to catch up with me.

I'm now getting a little nervous over the whole thing. I don't just mean the implications on my relationship with my husband, but also the fact that I will be outing the femdom nature of my marriage to someone with whom I have a very strong past and with whom I still share many personal friends and acquaintences. I suppose I need to let him know. I welcome any and all input on how to proceed with him.


Quiet guy said...

Hi and thanks for sharing your journey with us...Not knowing your ex-fiance, it's difficult to predict how he will react.

However, I would guess that you didn't develop this 'strong personality' of your's overnight and that he had seen ot in you when you two were together. I'm also guessing that he would not be too surprised to hear that you are in a femdom relationship with your husband. I would suggest being honest with him and asking him to keep your 'little secret' to himself...I think he would respect that. Just my 2 cents. T

Marc said...

Dear Ms. West,

Thank you for a wonderful blog. My wife, Katy, and I practice her form of the woman-led household, with my subservience to her. We do not routinely practice many of the outward forms of her dominance over me, but we do sometimes, and, to my satisfaction, it is usually in a sexual context.

Her dominance over me is nonstop--I do the housework, she controls the finances--but we consider this normal. The intensity of the manifestations of her dominance in a sexual way ebb and flow. Since we have met, just about every intimate moment between us has included me providing oral for her. Katy does not reciprocate--never has, never will. As a submissive husband, I crave the subspace her dominance puts me in, so I am always looking to go there.

The reason I chose to comment here is because of your first sentence in this post. We have become fond of me kissing Katy's behind. This is one of the areas where she allows her dominance to shine. She doesn't take me with a strap-on (yet, although I wish she would); she hasn't cuckolded me (yet, although she could); she hasn't allowed me to serve her, her sister and her mother as a French maid (yet); but she does allow me to kiss her butt, among other things. We are still young and attractive, so there is room to grow.

Also, Katy knows that I get turned on when she flirts with other guys. She has told me that she sometimes likes rough sex--to be taken and ravished by a man. She has said that although she loves me and my submission, it is no longer possible for her to get this from me, a man who wears an apron, "panties for men," and who is only allowed to orgasm with her express permission. Although I am handsome, muscular and manly, I am completely submissive to her, and I apologized to her for this. She smiled, because we both knew the days would come when when she would get what she wants from men other than myself. (I, on the other hand, will always be faithful to Katy, and she has promised never to leave me.)

I bring this up because your sentence brought to mind a similar occasion Katy and I had, and it may amuse you. I had bought a Playgirl for Katy, as I do from time to time. We were in the living room with her on the couch and me on the floor at her feet, talking as she was flipping through it. Before we knew it, Katy was laying belly down on a blanket I had sprawled out on the carpet in front of the television, with a pillow under her lower abdomen. I was kissing and licking her backside while she went through the magazine trying to guess which guy I had thought she would find most attractive!

I set up a blog, The Good Husband, at, but haven't really posted on it.

Keep up the good work.