Thursday, August 18, 2005

Sometimes Even a Dominant Wife Likes to Be Taken

I am dominant and my husband is submissive. That will never change. I have become much too comfortable with the benefits of my authority in the home to ever go back, and he receives so much deeply felt gratification and satisfaction from his service to me that I am almost convinced it is his innate nature.

From a physical intimacy perspective, my greatest physical pleasure comes from prolonged oral service followed by penetrative intercourse. For reasons I have already discussed, I do not always permit him intercourse, and when I do, I do not always permit him an orgasm. When we do have intercouse, it is always with my express permission and his cock always enters my body with great reverence. His strokes are measured and mechanical, having been coached by me as to what pace makes me receive the most pleasure.

That said, there is still a part of me that just wants to be ravaged. I want something other than the obedient tongue and even-tempo of a cock that follows my orders. Can a dominant woman be ravaged by her submissive husband? Will this upset the domestic applecart? I don't know.

It definately puts the idea (and just the idea) of cuckolding back into my mind.


Henry Nelggs said...

The book AROUND HER FINGER actually touches on this. Based on that and my experience, I would suggest:

(a) Yes, you can let your husband ravish you without destroying the dynamic.

(b) Let him know that this is what you want. Depending on his psyche and your's, it might be more better to tell him once you are already in bed, or to tell him in advance. I can assure you that when wife grabs me in bed and screams "Fuck me! Now!", I have no hesitation. On the other hand, if she's told me in advance, I can be the aggressor from the start, from getting her into bed onward. I also get an afternoon of expectation. (She's never done this, but she could certainly tell me in advance and then "change her mind" at the last mine, after I'm all worked up).

(c) Soon after finishing, do something to re-establish your dominant position. Even something small like having him get you a cup of hot tea.

(d) You may want to experiment with how long he's been chaste before this. If he hasn't come in a long time, the animal heat and desparation will be there, but he may not last too long.

(e) If you have a discussion in advance, you can stress that this is, like all else in sex, for YOUR benefit, not his. Let him know that you'll be grading him (in some way) on how well he satisfies your desire to be taken.

Hope that's helpful

Alberto said...

I'm a sensitive and delicated man with I would say an average-low penis size, beside that I have very sensitive niples, Ivanna discovered this already when we were dating and since then, playing and sucking my niples is always part our foreplay, with time she started dressing me in lingerie for bed and treating me as he little girl, I founded this humillating and very exiting, what I want to say is that cukolding in our relation developed becouse she does enjoys to be "taken", but this is not part of my nature. Today she takes me with her dildo and I basically satisfy her orally or some time with a double head dildo she bought for me to use on her.

Roadrunner said...

I dont't understand that you say you love your husband and then deny
him an orgasm during a sexual encounter. Then you say you would like to be taken but your worried that you may lose some of your control over him. SO WHAT It sounds to me that you have too much control. Then you mention cuckolding a different word for CHEATING. You had better seek professional help before you end up with no husband. If I was in your husbands shoes you would change or I would be long gone.

Roadrunner said...


I read about all your posts and I think you are fortunate to have a man that loves you very much.
Your talk of cuckolding him with a former fiance which you probably already experienced sex with. Then you mention maybe using a old Boss whom he hated as humbling him.
That would not be humbling him .
That would be downright CRUEL That would we really show how much you care for him as in ZERO. If your set on actually cuckolding him here is an idea. Invite the candidates to a dinner at a restaurent one at a time different
evenings with your husband Then during one of your
love making nights ask Your Husband
which ones cock he would like to guide into you. Roadrunner

Roadrunner said...

To Katherine's HUSBAND I think you are to far gone to help but try to grow some balls if you still have some.You are just a piece of flesh to use to her and when she is done with you she will kick you to the curb. and you will probably join other homeless used men. SO MAN UP NOW!! ROADRUNNER

JustALittleFun PrettySoon said...

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pantdsissy said...

You could quite easily accomplish this within the dynamic of the relationship for both of you. When you are basking in the afterglow and cuddling, simply ask him if he has forgotten something. Gently push his head down below your waist to slowly, lovingly, lap up your combined fluids. This will enforce the reality that although you allowed him to take you, you are back in control. Then let him know that he will be expected to perform again when you so desire.