Thursday, August 11, 2005

Cuckolding Plans: So Far So Good

My ex-fiance (and current candidate for a lover with whom I plan on cuckolding my husband), responded to my email in which I asked for his feedback on the Around Her Finger site. This site is the most tame of the femdom sites on the web and is really more of a non-threatening introduction -- sort of a seduction -- to loving female authority than it is anything else. It does not mention cuckolding. I sent it to him only to see if even the notion of a female-led household was too much for him to handle.

To my surprise and delight he wrote me back an email saying that the site appealed to him in a way he never could have imagined. He said that he has been excited by dominant women his entire life, but had never pursued a relationship like this because he thought they didn't exist. He thought, like many people, that domination and submission is all about whips and chains.

His reaction was almost too accepting. I merely wanted to check that he would not be put off by the nature of my relationship with my husband. I do not want another submissive lover. With my husband, I have a submissive man in my life already. I want my ex-fiance to come in and play the part of the alpha male in order to intensify the bond my husband and I already have. In the end, this is not about my ex-fiance, it is not about me or my husband individually, it is about my husband and I together.

In his email response, he wanted to know where I was going with all of this. I told him I am not quite ready to let him know. I sent him another link, this one Elise Sutton's site, and have asked for his feedback on her site as well.

I will keep everyone updated. Thank you for all the emails of support.


Dirk said...

I think you are playing with fire. Some fantasies are best left as fantasy. I think cuckolding your husband in this way with your ex-fiance stands a good chance of blowing your marriage apart. Perhaps you should explore other areas of dominance and submission, of femdom, of wife worship before cuckolding.

anaheim said...

With all due respect, I agree with Dirk. I have recently discovered this blog and enjoy your very thoughtful comments and insight into wife-led relationships. However, as I read through your posts I almost get the sense that you want to intensify the femdom nature of your marriage just for the sake of maintaining momentum. I'm not sure where this will ultimatley lead, but eventually you will reach a point where there is nowhere else to go.

I have been nurturing the dominant nature in my wife for years just in the hope that I can someday have something close to what you described as the early days of your femdom experimentation. What you have described in more recent posts (GS, Strap-on, cuckolding) seems wonderful from a fantasy perspective, but I really don't know that I would need it. I need only to know that she's in charge and for her to know that I accept that reality. Everything else is just bells and whistles. Your husband is lucky just to serve you as he does today. The cuckolding phase seems to have much more downside than upside.