Saturday, October 01, 2005

Time with the In-laws

We hosted my husband's parents recently for several days in our home. As I have indicated before, we choose to keep our femdom lifestyle very private. Therefore, it was relatively difficult to live our typical day to day lives given the guests in our home.

By the time they left, I would have to think that my in-laws would at least have to consider that our marriage is, at the very least, not typical. Despite the fact that we were very restrained this week, my husband still continued to do an enormous amount of the household work soley on the basis of habit alone. The one meal that we had at home, he cooked and served.

The only escape that we had the entire time was when we retired to our bedroom. I spent more than one night penetrating him with my strap-on. His tongue danced between my legs from the minute the bedroom door was closed. It was as if we had both been in a desert deprived of water the entire time that we entertained his parents. On the final day, it occured to me that I could remind him of the strap-on session the night before by having him discreetly wear a plug for the last afternoon that the two of them were with us.

While it was a delightful visit, by the time they left, my husband and I were both exhausted. It is funny how you become comfortable with a certain set of daily routines and find yourself at ill ease when they are not present in your life. If nothing else, the visit from the in-laws served as an excellent reminder that we are both - my husband and I - happiest when he is in unhampered service to me.


Dirk said...


I agree, it seems inappropriate, for some reason, to share the nature of our relationship with our families. However, I do enjoy it when "other" women know something of the special relationship we share. For example: My wife and I recently returned from four glorious fall days in the Colorado Rockies. We spent the time at a clothing optional hot springs. It was quite natural for my wife to be more fully clothed, while I was nearly naked. Others might not have had insight into the special femdom nature of our relationship had it not been for the fresh tawse welts that showed up on my ass one day - she took me into the oak forest, tied me to a tree, stripped my clothing from me and flogged me, hard, finishing with the tawse. I deserved it, having flirted with a woman on a business trip. At any rate, although I did from then on wear a caftan at her request, when we were sunbathing, showering, or entering/exiting the pools, my tawsed ass was visible. On one particular occasion, two women with foreign accents were in the shower room at the same time as my wife and I. When my wife left, I followed. On the way out, one of the women commented, "You must have gotten too much sun on your backside today". I said yes and left. My wife told me to go back and tell her my red ass wasn't the result of too much sun. I obeyed. The woman smiled and said "Bad, bad boy." I patted my ass and told her "Yes." I do believe if more women (and men) understood the fulfilling nature of a femdom relationship, it would be more common place. However, as long as we can't acknowledge it to our relatives and friends, how will this come to pass?

-- Dirk

Quiet guy said...

I can emphathize with your situation. I know it is very difficult when family is around, particularly when things have a way of being accidently left out in the open...e.g. I'm sure you had a very plausible reason for having a massage table, but I'm also sure you felt awkward explaining it to your in-laws.

I was wondering if you noticed any latent submissiveness in your father-in-law. Most likely he and his wife were newlyweds during a time when this lifestyle was really 'taboo' and they probably never had an oppurtunity to persue there inner selves, how unfortunate.

I wonder if they exhibited any of the 'signs', albeit unconsciously. Perhaps something like, he is a bit henpecked, or she seems to always get her way, when they disagree.

After all, your husband was (presumably) raised by them and the atmosphere which they set certainly helped to form his personality.

I'm really glad you are back posting, I think I speak for many when I say that you were missed...

Just Me said...

Dear Ms. Katherine,
Wife is of the opinion that sexual activity is private and the nature of our relationship is so sexually oriented W/we hide the fact that She is The Authority. When Her Mother became unable to live independently, W/we took Her to live with U/us. W/we have had to be very circumspect with how W/we act when in Mother's presence. Chores for me have been increased with many tasks that Her Mother probably assumes Wife is doing. Wife is much more tolerant of my occasional lapses when they concern other household chores, but insists that i perform those tasks Her Mother requires without fail. Twice i've been spanked recently, and i was not aware i had even acquired the responsibilities until i found myself being punished for not anticipating that i should be doing them!
Needless to say, i try to be attentive to Her Mother and anticipate Her needs as well as Wife's. It can be quite odd when Wife will get mad at Her Mother for something, and yet She expects me to remain obsequious to Her. This weekend Her Mother is going to visit with other family, so W/we will get a break. It does feel so much more natural when i am allowed to serve Her openly and for a few days, it will be a huge relief.
It seems to me that Wife should be pleased by how She rules me, and flaunt it to Her Mother, our family and friends. Of course, it is only Her decision to make, but i would wish She would begin to involve Her close family and friends. Sometimes we are punished by getting what we ask for, and this might be an example, but how will this ever become more of an acceptable lifestyle if W/we don't accept it O/ourselves?