Thursday, October 13, 2005

Cuckolding Scheduled

My husband had just fixed me a cup of herbal tea and was on his knees rubbing my feet with lotion when the phone rang. It was Jim, the new man in our lives.

We chatted like old friends and I smiled often as I listened to him flirt with me on the telephone. Shortly into the call, I allowed my own hand to find its way between my legs, and I began pleasuring myself as I continued to speak with Jim. My husband mistakenly took this as a cue to start going down on me, but I silently scolded him and intimated that he needed to continue to focus his attention on my feet.

I continued to chat as my husband returned to his duties. Soon Jim got around to asking me out. He initially suggested a trendy new restaurant not far from my home. I told him that I was too likely to see people I knew there, and I preferred something more discreet. We settled on a restaurant in a very artsy part of town where I am unlikely to know anybody. The date is set for next Friday night. He will pick me up at 7:00, we will go eat, and we will return to my house where my husband will have desert and wine ready for us. Jim and I concluded our call by saying we would definately talk again before next Friday night.

After I hung up the phone, I asked my husband to go and get my pinky ring off of the nightstand. Recall that this ring is a tool that I use as a surrogate chastity device. (When I'm not wearing the ring he knows that while he will still be expected to serve me orally prior to intercourse, he also knows that he may consumate his intercourse by ejaculating inside of me. When I have the ring on, he is not to orgasm.) Having removed the ring earlier in the evening, I am certain that my husband was expecting to orgasm later in the night. When I instructed him to go get the ring so that I could put it back on, I made it very clear that he would remain chaste that night. I am certain that he also assumed, correctly, that I am inclined to leave that ring on until afer the cuckolding session next week.

I went to bed that night, but before doing so used a very large dildo to pleasure myself. My husband, at my command, slept beside the bed on the floor.


goddessforawife said...

You are clearly an amazing sexy woman. Would love to meet someone like you. I myself is also married to an equally amasing woman and also has this fantasy about being cuckold (she doesn't know that), but I want to know are you not scared that you might become emotionally attached to this man and jeoperdize the relationship with your husband.

Adventurer said...


Nicely done. One step at a time, including him in the process but firmly letting him know who is in charge. Bet your excitement level is going to go up over the next week. Goddessforawife makes an important point, make sure that you keep this purely physical on your part. I think that's harder for woman as they normally need to have a connection on some sort of personal level. Watch out for that.

We're all watching and hoping for you both.

Henry Nelggs said...

The prior two commentors touched on one of the things I was going to say: please think closely about the potential for emotional attachment forming and what that would mean for your marriage.

Reflecting on the beginnings of my relationships over time, I know there is always a huge rush of excitement at the beginning. Add that to the excitement of the cuckolding experience and it must be overwhelming. I'd encourage you to be very aware of the momentum that this will generate. It will be easy to be swept along. Trying to step out of the experience and make sure that the reality will match the fantasy will be important.

One thing to consider would be to limit your first session to good old "fooling around" short of the full sexual experience (making sure Jim knows that is what is on offer for THIS time, but that the future might differ). After that, give it a few days to see how you and your husband feel about it. It might be enough to trigger an emotional response you can evaluate without being as dramatic an experience if, indeed, it ends up feeling wrong to either of you. Think of it as minimizing potential buyer's regret.

Given your relationship (which is WAY different than mine with my wife), I don't know if you can "step out of role" with your husband, but to the degree it's possible, I'd encourage you to talk about this after the first experience (ideally even before, but I see a conflict given my next comment). Can you back of the sub/dom part of your relationship for a day or so, engage in some equal sex, do something fun together and then talk when he's pretty clear of subspace?

This is veering closer than I hoped to a lecture, but it's a big step with some obvious dangers to what is clearly a mutually satisfying relationship, so please excuse me. Of course, this also assumes that his deepest wishes (rather than day-to-day preferences) play a role in your decision-making. For some relationships, they don't and the wife does whatever she wants, but my impression is that they do in yours.

Anyway, my hopes and thoughts are with you. Be careful and joyful in what you do.


Quiet guy said...

Good, sound advice from the previous three posters. I'll just add that I am very curious as "Jim's" motives in all of this. Are they purely physical? Well, that would make sense, he is a man, after all.

I'd be more inclined to think that he might be a sub himself (as Katherine has said,--all men are submissive, they just don't all know it).

If Jim's sub side comes out, I wonder how Katherine will respond to yet another man at her feet.

Or perhaps Jim is a bit of a Dom himself! That would make for an interesting dynamic, now wouldn't it? Would he be happy just playing with hubby (poor hubby won't know who to listen to), or would he have his own 'pinky ring' which Katherine would have to heed to? It's very possible if this scenario is the one that plays out. If so, a riding crop or a paddle will undoubtedly soon appear at the "West" household, the only question is who will be on the receiving end.

Keep us posted, Katherine and thanks for your great blog!

River Sunday said...

Good for you. I will never attempt
to give a powerful woman such as
yourself advice. You are wise and I'm sure that all that you envision
will come to pass.
I feel that when you cuckold your husband you are sending a message to all men.
Women are superior.

Just Me said...

Agree with river sunday, You are an awe inspiring Woman, with no need of advice from me. i am very envious of Your husband, and am curious if he has any suggestions for his role in this. You said that this is passing fancy and Your husband is Your primary attachment, but he must be feeling very vulnerable and be afraid of losing You to an obviously more capable man.
If it were me, i would want to be keeping You extra happy this week, buying flowers, etc. To put "Jim" at ease, i suggest you have Your husband offer to perform some menial task, such as shine his shoes, etc, after meeting him

Kevin said...

I am truly enjoying your blog. The relationship between you and your husband is very similar to my own with my wife and it is very nice to read about others' experiences with this type of marriage. I am really looking forward to hearing about how Friday night turns out. Thank you for sharing

miler said...

You a cuck's dream woman. Every submissive husband in the world wants a wife like you.