Saturday, October 22, 2005


My husband served breakfast to Jim and me before Jim left late this morning. I will post a more detailed update when time and energy permit. For now let me just advise any of you fantasizing about submission to your wives and not living the joys that it has to offer, please do yourselves a favor and buy the Around Her Finger book immediately!


Adventurer said...


Way to go. Congratulations. Happy to hear that things went well. I'm sure the details will be all that we hope for. Happy for both of you.

wozzekk said...

Him Serving breakfast to You and Your lover! Such sweet humiliation!
I guess after your first date he is even more submissive to you, because you again made it perfectly clear who is in command!
Let him lick your toes and your anus with his tongue while you praise your lover, he will love it!

Queen'sKnight1 said...


I have been following the beautiful love story of you and your husband for some time. The elegant prose you so richly craft fills my heart with inspiration as my own wife and I grow more deeply into our lifestyle of Loving Female Authority. This weekend, both of you have crossed a sacred threshold. You have consumated your right to Matriarchal Queenship and have imbibed in the sensual pleasures that are your birthright as a Woman, a Queen, a Goddess. Your loving husband has accepted his place at your side to meekly, willingly, submissively, and joyfully assist you in this experience of worshiping the divine feminine Goddess whom you are. This was no act of humiliation on his part, but rather an act of humility (very different connotations from the same root), an act of his deepest devotion, respect and love for you. What a moving and spiritual act of worshiping the divine feminine essence this must have been for the both of you.

I pray that both of you will find it in your hearts to share the deepest and most intimate details of your bliss with us. Many of us will not be able to reach this sacred place where you have gone, and thus we must live vicariously through you. Your story has been so elegant, so very touching. I would say to your husband that he will not be viewed with shame here, but with honor. In my eyes he is a hero, one who has given the ultimate act of love in his worship of you. I believe that there is a God and that she is female. She has created Woman as her highest creation and man to be her helpmate. She has shared with us a small portion of her ability to create new life, and in those acts of sexuality, the ability to experience pure bliss: to the woman a very rich and deep ability; to the man, a lesser ability in proportion to his role as his wife's helper. Friday night you accepted your coronation as a sexual Queen. You have affirmed your right as a member of the superior sex to accept homage from any male of your choosing. Your husband as well has affirmed his role as your helper, one who must make your happiness the prime directive in his life, and who cherishes the fact that he must be intimate only with you.

Yours is such a sweet story, beautiful, spiritual, sublime. Thank you for making us privy to something so sacred, so holy.

On a separate note, I believe that you will be very touched by Barbara Wright Abernathy's new book, Venus on Top. Her position is similar to that of Emily Addison, but Abernathy delves deeply into the Matriarchal society which existed from 30,000 BCE to 3000 BCE. She also examines sociological perspectives in detail. She has a web site by the same name.

Richest blessings to the both of you.

miler said...

You and your husband are so lucky to have each other. Good luck on your new adventure. As a submissive husband but not a cuckold, I admire your relationship with your husband. If my wife wanted to take a lover, I woudl also be nervous but it would be her decision and I would honor it. Thanks for letting husbands like us know that we are not alone.

inherservice said...

I purchased that book for my wife, but she has not read it. Any suggestions on encouraging her?