Sunday, October 09, 2005

New Cuckold Candidate

I definatley like the prospect of the current candidate to cuckold my husband better than I like the idea of my ex-fiance. As many of you suggested, bringing my ex-fiance back into my life would have a great deal of baggage associated with it. This new man was a complete stranger prior to this weekend.

I am still a long way from moving forward with this. I had given him my phone number, but he is yet to call. That has not stopped my husband from being completely on edge since the other night. Every time the phone rings my husband has been running to get it so that he can hand it to me to answer. Those that have cautioned against me moving forward with these plans must really consider how badly my husband seems to want this.


Adventurer said...

Katherine, I came across your blog while traveling and had time to read it from beginning to end. Can't thank you enough for sharing your experiences with us. My wife and I have been happily married for 32 years . About 15 years ago we decided to spice up our sex life with me becoming sexually submissive. My wife slowly began experimenting with dominance and found that it excited and aroused her. Long story short, within three or four years, we were having a wonderful time with me being her sexual slave. I truly loved submitting to her and she truly enjoyed pushing my limits, constantly astounded at how far she could push me. We never found a limit that she couldn't eventually cross. I learned to satisfy her on command, whenver and wherever she desired. I am at my best orally as I don't fuck that well. I tend to get too excited and come too fast. That simply led to me learning to go down on her right after coming to clean up and satisfy her until she was finished. I drank her urine perfectly whenver requested. She experimented with corporal punishment and CBT and we both loved it (although I often didn't feel the love until the next day). We reached a point where she didn't want to be dominant anymore. This was a great disappointment to me but I have to respect her decision. Now we are back to a vanilla sex life, which is great but I truly miss pushing limits. I am sure that our love is strong enough to withstand cuckolding which I wish we had tried. As a loving husband, seeing my wife pleasured by a young stud would only make me feel very proud to have given up my selfish needs for her. I suspect from what I have read, you husband may also feel that way. It would be critical for him to put your pleasure above his own and above his petty jealousy. If you two have talked about this and he understands that your need to fuck another has more to do with your receiving pleasure than searching for his replacement, then it should work out. Tread carefully and keep the communication lines open between the two of you. But if you feel that your love is that strong, then let him take pleasure in seeing you satisfied and knowng that he takes you home or gets to keep you when the experience is over. I am not used to using a blog and wanted to share thoughts and experiences with you but couldn't find an e-mail address so I will post this.

Anjul said...


I love & respect your authority & domination like Queen of your home kingdome, even now its my deepest desire to serve you forever.

However , I would like to propose some stratergies to become the Goddess of three worlds for him. You may try sexual intercourse with your lover by sitting on your husband back (Horse Positon) or by sitting on your husbands face in such a way that he has allowed to breath , he felt the physical pain of yours both weight & also the impact of force which your love gives in strokes.He has to then lick the warm love cocktain in your ass, & then will be given the cocktail of your urine which you pee after sex with your lover in the reward.

You can go for swim ride with your lover & do sex if possible in sitting postion over your husband back & allowing him to swim until further notice or else he may be punished because you loves him & he also loves you thats why he will get punishment from youOf course in return he may get warm fluids of your & your golden nector as rewards poured on his meals.

I dreaming that you would be the Queen of whole world in such a way that every creature ask your permission before he breath.

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