Monday, October 24, 2005

Cuckold's Evening: Part 1

I am going to have to do this in pieces or I will never get around to finishing it. I have not yet decided what level of detail I will get into as the story progresses.

Friday afternoon, I had gone out and had my nails done while my husband was at work. He got home early, around 5:30, and I came in the door from the nail salon right after him. He greeted me at the door with a friendly peck on the cheek. I embraced him and turned his friendly peck into a deep, romantic kiss. Then I asked him to go off into the bathroom and run me my bath. When I came back to the bathroom, he was naked and kneeling beside the tub waiting for me to arrive. He helped me out of my clothes, but before getting in the water, I asked him to neatly trim the patch of hair between my legs with the clippers. He did this and then cleaned up the mess while I sat in the tub to soak.

He washed my entire body including my hair. He helped me out and wrapped me in two plush towels. I asked him to get into my bath water and clean himself up while I got started getting myself ready. He was not in the tub long. He was cleaned up, out and straightening things up as quickly as he possibly could. He definately wanted to participate in the rest of my preparations for the evening. I did my own hair and started on my make-up while he sat behind me planting soft kisses on my bottom. I told him to keep his tongue in his mouth as I did not think it would be fair to Jim otherwise.

My husband helped me into my hose, my skirt, my top, and my shoes. I told him to go get himself ready while I finished primping. He put on a pair of simple dress khakis and a starched, white button-down shirt. He returned to the bathroom and stood beside me just staring at me. He told me I looked beautiful. I stopped what I was doing and looked at him. I kissed him very softly on the lips. I told him I loved him very much. I told him that I was doing all of this because I wanted to do it, but I was doing it with the understanding that it was also what he wanted. I asked him if this was correct, and he nodded. He told me he loved me also. Then he told me that in submitting to me he feels intensely loved in a way that overwhelms him and satisfies him in a way that he could only describe as primal... as spiritual and physiological at the same time. He said he knew that he would feel that love on this night and in fact said he felt it as he spoke. I handed him the necklace that we had bought on our shopping trip and asked him to put it on me. I told him that I was wearing it for this occasion, and I wanted it to always remind him of this evening. He held it to his lips and kissed it before fastening it around my neck.

I told him to go into the kitchen and open a bottle of wine while I finished up. I asked him to set out two glasses, but not to pour anything just yet. I was still primping in front of the mirror when I heard the doorbell ring.


Adventurer said...


What a great beginning. The preparation sounded great and I'm sure that you both were building up nice levels of anticipation. Thanks so much for sharing this with us. Eagerly awwaiting more.....

(I love the symbolism of him getting to bathe in your bath water after you have finished)

ccvjordan said...

Thank you for sharing as much .of your story as you have so fa. I hope you're encouraged to share as much as works for you and your husband.

His comment about feeling loved in a truely primal way certainly struck a chord with me.

Thanks also for recommending "Around Her Finger" - I've read the whole thing by now, and though I think it will require quite some editing, I think it will be a useful tool to build a discussion around.

You two ar

wozzekk said...

Soft kisses on your bottom but he has to keep his tongue in his mouth.
I guess it was hard for him having to resist, but of course necessary.
The more your husband has to resist the sexier it gets for him, the more desirable every inch of your body becomes to him.
Your writing is brillant, the emotional bond between you and your loving husband is so intense, the story so thrilling and exciting.
Oh please, share as much as you can!! With your blog you make history and I am overjoyed to be witness!

Queen'sKnight1 said...


What an exciting beginning. Your writing style is so sensual and elegant.

By telling us this story so slowly and over a period of time, by pondering to us as to how much you will eventually reveal, you are playing a blissful game of teasing and denial with us, your audience. How delicious the power you exert, even over all of us.

Over the previous months, your blog entries mused as to whether or not you would have your husband assist you in preparing for the cuckold evening. You have revealed that your husband did so. You also mentioned to us that you had read stories in which the cuckold was required to guide the bull's penis by hand to the Queen's sacred space for the initial penetration. You have pondered to us your thoughts of forced bisexuality. You have already told us how much each of these thoughts intrigued you.

So now we, your audience, wait with fluttering hearts, wondering whether these are part of the story yet to be revealed. In the beautiful word pictures which you paint, will we see your husband heroicly humbling himself to serve you through these actions, guiding Jim to penetration, imbibing in the sumptuous splendor of cream pie and then cleansing the bull as well? Perhaps you will reveal these things; perhaps we shall be denied. Oh, the delicious game you play with us. What a beautiful dance.

Please relate to your husband the honor in which he is held by this audience. It is one of my own highest aspirations that I may one day be able to serve my own Queen in this noble, sensual, and splendid manner. Though he may sense humility (though I pray not humiliation nor shame) in your full revelation of this love story, his stature and esteem are only elevated in the mind and eyes of this adoring audience.

May the sensual Goddess of this universe, who has given us this life of sensuality in which to revel, bless your marriage with all the fullness you can possibly experience. Thank you for the story of love which you so tenderly and teasingly torment and delight us all.

iobey said...

I don't know about anyone else, but I'm ready to find out what happens in Part 2!

Jeffrey Hammond said...

Awesome start!!
You are fabulous and your husband is such a lucky man!
I'm on pins and needles waiting for part two!!

wozzekk said...

Well, to be honest... I wouldn't mind reading Part 2, either!

Quiet guy said...

Today is Friday again -- any plans with "Jim" for this weekend? :))

multitalented said...

Exquisitely written. Your teasing us as much as your pleasuring your hubby.

You've got another man willing to bow to your demands now.

Thank you for sharing your posts with us