Monday, October 17, 2005

My Husband's Request

My husband has requested that I not share the details of my upcoming date with Jim on this blog. He claims that it is too intimate an experience to be shared in this format. I have not yet decided how I feel about this request. My husband asks so little of me that I am inclined to honor his wishes as they relate to this matter. I am only making you all aware of this now so that your expectations might be tempered in advance.

Feel free to comment on this issue because as of now I remain undecided, and I could possibly be swayed by feedback from this community.


pd said...

You are an amazing Woman, and your husband is one of the most fortunate men in the world. I would love for you to share the details of your upcoming date, but can understand your hubby's trepidation. Ultimately it is Your call, but if you choose not to, perhaps you could give an accounting in general terms without too many details. Good luck and best wishes and, again I envy your husband.

Severin said...

Perhaps you should force your husband to post the details of your date.
This way he will be further humiliated by reliving the event as he posts the details. While also giving him the ability to censor the details he does not feel comfortable sharing.

Henry Nelggs said...

First off, best wishes whatever you do. I'm sure most of your loyal readers wish, most of all, that you do what is right for you and your husband. If, within those limits, you can share anything, we'd appreciate it. Even the most general terms ("it happened, it was fun") would resolve our suspense. From more detail, I think we could learn a lot about the dynamics of a relationship such as yours, which is relevant to many of us.

To the degree that you are using this to emphasize/indulge your dominance, sharing details might actually strengthen the impact on your husband. Whether it would be too much, only you can tell. Severin's idea seems to have merit in this regard.

Regardless, you are doing this for your sake and should follow what works best for you, not us.

Best to you both.

tunesmith said...

Severin said...
Perhaps you should force your husband to post the details of your date.

I like Servin's idea... maybe he could post how HE feels about it... and then interview you to get your take on it

Adventurer said...


I have to be honest and hope that you decide to continue sharing the details of your exploits, however, we all respect your right to honor your husband's wishes. For many of us, this is our only chance to fulfill a fantasy that we will most likely never realize. Reading your blog has been an incredible opportunity to share these expereiences. I understand your husband's reluctance to share the cuckolding details but you and he have already shared huge abouts of intimate details with us. The cuckolding is just one other level. He is protected from true "outing" by the anonymous nature of your blog. Although you have access to many of us through our e-mail addresses, you have chosen to share in this public venue and we all truly appreciate and respect that. I feel a conncection to the two of you and have found that I have been hoping that this date works out so well for the two of you. Of course, I would be less than honest to not mention that hearing the details of the encounter is going to be just incredible. Again, for those of us who will, most likely never have the chance to serve our wives this way, your experiences are our only hope. I will ulitmately respect your decision but truly hope to hear the continuing details of your relationship as you explore your loving dominance.

Just Me said...

Your right to extend to Your husband an expectation of privacy in this matter is paramount. As previous comments indicate, we readers will be disappointed. As it is Your authority that is being exercised, we who enjoy LFA are getting a taste of the medicine we desire - albeit thru cyberspace.
Be sure to know that my heart and hopes are for You, Your husband, and Jim to experience the exquisite pleasure that is every Woman's right. It would be my expectation that the quality of Your dominance over Your husband will be raised to new heights, and that he may soon apologize to You for even making this request.
After all, as can be attested to by so many of Your dedicated readers, Your husband is one lucky man who gets to live what most of the rest of us only dream about.

Jeffrey Hammond said...

as others have said, you are a truly special and rare woman. Your husband is most blessed. it must be very exciting and terrifying for him to think about the other man enjoying your body, and you his. You are in charge, but you are gracious and merciful to your very good boy, and you are appreciative of him and so you give him the option to stop your adventure (which he likely won't), and you are considering his desire that you not share the details with your loyal fans.
this is all within your power, which is complete.
i would humbly propose another option - that you talk to your husband about 'sharing the details' in the framework of his love for you. if he loves you enough to recognize your right to share your body with another man, and to receive pleasure from another man's penis, shouldn't he love you enough to recognize your right to anonymously share the details of your power over him? it's not like we know who you are, or who he is. all i know is you're in minnesota. there is no difference between your writing the details here in this anonymous forum, and finding a confession letter on a park bench.
while i recognize his feelings, i honestly don't think he sees your blog as anonymous as it is.
i hope he comes around to willingly accept your writing in your blog about your life experiences.
Best wishes to both of you, and good luck with your cuckold experience. i hope you can share it with us.

Chris said...

Congratulations Katherine on a wonderful blog. I have found it incredibly riveting. You have a wonderful way of keeping my interest from one episode to the next. I am sure that there are many people of both sexes who are hanging on your every word. You have certainly succeeded in sharing your views on the “subject of wife led households”.

I am not in a wife led household, certainly not in the “complete” sense that you are describing. However let me re-assure you that I am extremely touched by the love and tenderness that you have for each other.

I can’t wait to read about your next episode in which you are proposing to cuckold your husband. Your husband has asked you to not describe what happens in this blog and you invited arguments (to the contrary) to assist you in making up your mind. Here are mine;

1. Cuckolding is a very real part of wifely domination. There will be many couples and individuals waiting with bated breath to read about what happens. To tell them what happens is entirely consistent with you stated objective,
2. You and your husband are entirely anonymous so there is no chance of his identity being revealed, except by you or ”Jim”.
3. My understanding is that a large degree of pleasure a dominated man receives is from the fact that these things are largely beyond his control. Given that anonymity is guaranteed it really is only an emotion of being “out of control” that is in contention here is this not in fact beneficial and something that he really wishes to happen?

I leave you with those thoughts – and hold thumbs.

MistressTaboo said...

Dear Katherine,
I think you are going about this completely the wrong way. Your husband shouldn’t have the last say in any matter. You should. You are the female of the species, the superior person.

My husband and I have been in a FemDom relationship for the better part of 5 years. I love my husband completely. This is the man that I plan to spend the rest of my life with. The man I’m going to walk hand in hand with on the beach. The man I’m going to shock the grandchildren with. He knows I choose HIM to marry. He knows that no matter who I sleep with he is the one I always come home to. This being said, he has NO say in WHO I choose to sleep with or anything else relating to it.

A good rule of thumb is that for every hour or time allotment that you spend with your lover you should spend 7 times that amount of attention on your husband. And I’m not saying have sex with him…if you wanted to have sex with him you wouldn’t be looking for a lover would you? I suggest lots of teasing and denial till he excepts that he is your husband and it is his job to abide by your wishes. I call it conditioning. Tie him naked to the bed…Sit between his legs with your hand around his cock…bring him to the edge a few times. Don’t let him cum…ask him if he wants you to be happy? Of course he does…he knows his roll is too make you happy in any way that he can…in any way that you want…his insecurities and jealously have no roll in your happiness. You are a strong confident woman and you could have any man that you want…you choose HIM. By allowing his jealousy to over ride your decisions he has effectively said he’s the one in charge. When he can tell you that he is no longer jealous and he stands by whatever you decide, be it choice in lovers or if you are going to blog the entire thing, because he wants you to be happy then and only then can you consider letting him cum. It’s amazing how fast he come around to your way of thinking.

Time to take back the reins dear…and stop being so nice. He doesn’t want you to be nice and considerate…he wants you to be the WOMAN he loves and worships.

Mistress Taboo.

Chris said...

....Beautifully put Mistress Taboo.


Quiet guy said...

Well this post has certainly brought out a good nuber of responses!

I would respectfully agree with the ladies who have posted comments. In my mind, while I think it is great that Ms. Katherine is giving her husband a choice, I ask the question..."Is this a female led household, or what?"

It sounds more like a fun and games relationship, no problem with that, but let's recognize it for what it is.

Just my 2 cents.

ccvjordan said...

Katherine - I echo the sentiments expressed above about what a wonderful thing you are creating in your blog. It's great to see a couple exploring this life style with all the hesitancy, fits, and starts that accompany any venture into the unknown. And yes, I am among those who envy your husband beyond words.

You two clearly have such a strong relationship that you can do this together, which makes it a cooperative venture.

Mistress Taboo may be "right" in some philosophical sense when she says that your desire should be the determining factor in whether or not you share your experience with others. But I think you have correctly reasoned that what you have here is a *relationship* between two people, both of whom are in a particular "place" emotionally, at any given time. You may decide that you want yourself, or your husband to get to a different "place" and it would make sense to work towards that if you did. But I don't think it makes sense just to assert that you (or your husband) are there.

Bravo to you for knowing where you and your husband are, and exploring from there.

Best of luck, and thanks for a great blog.

iobey said...

Just makes me sad that I'm not collared property - because I do know my place!

Kevin said...

I agree that it is admirable that you are kind enough to consider your husband's feelings about this. Maybe that's the difference in Femdom and Loving Female Authority. I,like many others, hope that the details are posted so that we all may enjoy them. However, I respect the fact that you are so in tune with your husband that you do consider his feelings. I don't think that it undermines your authority at all. I thoroughly enjoy your blog and look forward to your next post. Even if it isn't to tell us how it went.

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