Friday, October 21, 2005

My 50th Post

Well, tonight's the night.

At dinner, I plan on discussing my very detailed expectations for the "after dinner show" with Jim. He already has a high-level understanding and buy-in as to what will be happening. I want to take it a step further and to some extent script the evening to maximize my husband's sub-space intensity and my own personal enjoyment.

Stay tuned.


wozzekk said...

I feel more excited about Your date this evening than I will feel about the FIFA World Cup 2006 Finals (and being European this really means something!)
It's a BIG event not only for You and Your submissive but also for your devoted readers!
You can have your loving submissive man with all of his qualities but you can also have pure physical satisfaction (great sex with a non-submissive man) without feeling any guilt!
This sounds perfectly right therefore it IS right, some women just deserve it!
I really do hope you decide to share your evening with us, your writing is educational and unique, your blog already the best place on the internet for Femdom-Lifestyle!

Jeffrey Hammond said...

I feel the same way, that this is a monumental evening - crossing into a new frontier of pleasure for you, and submissive surrender for your husband. we, your readers, applaud you and support you and your husband in this great adventure!
be blessed tonight!