Monday, September 26, 2005

One But Not the Other

I really am more and more convinced that most (maybe all) men have an innate need to submit to women. I think that an individual's circumstances may suppress that need in some cases and may exagerate it in others, but I think it exists nonetheless.

While I would like to believe that all women have an innate desire to dominate men, I just have not seen enough evidence of this to convince me. Within certain subcultures, women seem to take on roles. In traditional Southern communities, women often seem passive and submissive. On the other hand, in the African American community, dominance seems to be the prevailing female nature. I remember watching the show Wife-Swap where a black wife was clearly dominant to her white submissive husband. She laid in bed and rang a little bell every time she needed something.

In general, however, dominance does not seem to as ubiquitous in the American woman (I am not qualified to speak in regard to other countries/societies). I still maintain that the potential to self-actualize via submission is in the eyes of almost every man I see.


Mr Gina said...

Ms. Katherine,

I would have never been able to find my submissive side if I ahd not met my future wife and submitted to her in all things. Everyday I look forward to just pleasing her. I want to spend my time letting everyone konw that I will be her obedient husband who will defer to her in all things be it the household finaces. our family, and of course the bedroom.

angeldog said...

I don't agree, any more than I could agree if you reverse the genders involved and posit "most if not all women have an innate need to submit to men." I would state it more like "most people are followers, not leaders".