Saturday, April 29, 2006

Starting Small

While this site is not intended as a forum for those seeking to initiate loving female authority with their vanilla wives, I do have a generic recommendation. Start small.

Do the little things necessary to build towards a wife-led relationship. Do not expect to bring up cuckolding and to have her jump at the opportunity. For most women, the simple step of assuming the role of head of household requires a signficant shift in thinking.

In the end, it is the knowledge that she is in control and you are her obedient servant that is the true blessing to a submissive man. Cuckolding is only an intense demonstration of that reality.


Queen'sKnight1 said...

Well said miLady; well said. methinks too many want to jump straight to the intense flashy essence of fantasy fulfillment rather than first building the basic fundamental foundation of FLR/LFA.

oldbear said...

Hi Lady Katherine, I agree 100 percent!!! And if i may, I would add that most couples should work on getting the Vanilla aspects of their marriage better first, or at least do so concurrent with sexual lifestyle changes.

Reading to acquire knowledge about ourselves and others in realtionships, contemplation, and better communication with our spouses might be good ways to build ourselves as a couple.

The next or simultaneous step would be small acts of DEFERENCE and service to her. Here in the dozens of little things is the daily chance to treat your lover like a princess, and fulfill your soul with service to her. Serve her well, and know aspecial regard from her, for odds are no Lover has ever even tried to treat her so well.

Perhaps then a slow exploration of the A part of LFA might occur, as he slowly works to create the confort and satisfaction she can enjoy as her due for being the special Lady in his life. So enerized and uplifted she can then begin to radiate her authority over him, to softly and intimately bind him to her with her controls and discipline.

Not always easy or painless to do in rel life, but man is it worth the effort!!!!

PAX, PHILOS, and EROS to all my brethern and all the Goddess-Ladies!

JimK said...

Hi Lady Katherine. Thank you for your insightful words. I am a submissive husband, desperately and completely in love and lust with my wife. We are feeling our way through the femdom lifestyle and I am very interested in what your husband is thinking and feeling regarding his submissiveness and especially, his cuckolding. Could you write some more in this vein? I am hoping it will help me think/feel my way through it and decide if I want to broach the subject with my wife. Thanks.

Richard said...

I would just point out that you do not have to be in a wife led relationship in order for the wife to have the freedom to enjoy other, secondary partners.