Wednesday, April 26, 2006


I was surprised by the very large number of private emails I got seeking to bring submissives, dominants and bulls together. The following is a quick summary of those seeking others. I have excluded the largest category, which was submissives seeking dominant women, but I am maintaining a list privately. I may not reply to all the emails I get, but I will do my best to selectively forward emails to those with sincere and thoughtful comments.

Miami: Couple seeking Bull
Norther New Jersey: Dominant woman seeking submissive
Atlanta: Dominant couple seeking other dominant couples and females
Southern California: Couple seeking Bull and also dominant woman seeking submissive
Grand Rapids: Couple seeking Bull
Houston: Dominant woman seeking submissive
Cincinnati: Dominant woman seeking submissive


oldbear said...

Hi Lady Katherine, I am not suprised that the results show a lack of Dommes and to a lesser extent Doms.

Here, or on a sissy website, or a cucking site, or even just a fetish site there is ALWAYS a dearth of Dommes. And there is usually way more sissies or couples looking for a Bull than the number of guys who are doing the cucking/dominating.

If you so desire Lady, I can give you the address of a website that can help the couples find a bull.

Sadly and unjustly, sometimes it almost seems as hard for the Dommes to find a good subbie as vice-versa, even though there is an excess of sub males. Go figure.

I think people responded to you in such great numbers because we can see thru the blog that you are a nice and classy lady who cares about people. Surely that helps ease the trepidation of a couple looking to make such a life-changing step.

Thanks again for having such a great blog,and creating a little net community out of nothing! You are amazing. OB.

Wayne C. Rogers said...

Are there any Dominant ladies in the Las Vegas looking for a 24/7 sub? Be careful, Lady Katherine. You may just become the Dr. Phil of :-))

iobey said...

I think it's remarkable how women tend to help one another out - and solicit the help of other women. Men, by default, tend to compete with other men. I think it's positive that women and men have both come forward and asked for your assistance, Ms. West.

NYCuckold said...

Lady katherine, I must thank you for your candid statements regarding your FEMDOM and cuckold lifestyle. My wife and I practice FEMDOM but unable to live 24/7. We do hope to one day reach that level, once child leaves for college...:) The biggest fantasy lately has been cuckolding. Your blog has led us to very hot, steamy sex. However, my wife is not ready for reality. We would love to find other cuckold couples or cuckold couple "wannabes" living in Brooklyn, NY to socialize. I believe this would help us both and it will be very enjoyable. Thanks for your time.

wannabecuck said...


wannabecuck said...

Hi, Mistress Katherine, i'm a married male who cannot get his wife to take a lover. i dream of the day she will and force me to prep and clean them both. i only wish we had the relationship you and your husband does. How lucky he is to have a women fulfill his need for submission.

i also noticed you had a Domme Women in Houston looking for a submissive. Since i live in Houston, perhaps i can help

JimK said...

Hi Lady Katherine. Thank you for your insightful words. I am a submissive husband, desparately and completely in ove and lust with my wife. I am very interested in what your husband is thinking and feeling regarding his submissiveness and especially, his cuckolding. Could you write some more in this vein? I am hoping it will help me think/feel my way through it and decide if I want to broach the subject with my wife. Thanks.

JimK said...
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