Tuesday, April 04, 2006

New Direction

Forgive my rather abrupt conclusion to the story that I was telling. I have decided not to go further for the near future. While my husband and I are getting back to our old routines, I think it best to refrain from sharing the final details of our night with Jim.

Another opportunity for discussion, however, presents itself. Remember Mindy and Paul, the young couple that have recently begun leading a wife-led marriage? Mindy and I have again been emailing and talking on the telephone. It seems that there is a specific gentleman with whom she is acquainted that has awoken her own desire to cuckold her husband. While I have advised against it at length, I am considering a project where I script a cuckold scene that will serve as a proxy for the real thing. I doubt I would post it publicly (so do not consider your own selfish motives), but I am curious as to what you all might think of such an idea.


slave gary said...

Dear Lady Katherine,

The "abrupt conclusion" and withholding the "final details" -- and Your counsel advising Mindy against her own plans to cuckold her husband -- suggest that Your husband has suffered in a very negative way from the most recent experience with Jim.

Your scripting of a cuckolding "scene" as a proxy for "the real thing" is difficult to imagine. Not that it can't be done; but there is no doubt but that the reality is vastly different from the fantasy -- as Your own experience has demonstrated. Things that are managable, and "enjoyable" while only in our head may, or may not, be experienced in the same way when actually attempted. This is not to say that such an attempt is futile; just hard to conceive how to make it effective. If, in fact, You do succeed in this endeavor, You might, however, consider (at some point in the future) making it available, if only because there are so many who have an interest in the cuckolding phenomenon, who could benefit from Your insight and experience, and Your offering (via the script) to Mindy.

Best wishes to You and to Your husband; and for the healing/recovery of what seems to be a wonderful relationship that you both share.

oldbear said...

Dear Lady Katherine, I ma glad to hear you guys are getting back to a more "normal" rhythym.

I like the idea of scripted scenes, I do have some reservations that if the process is started it will serve as bait and lead them into the actual act.
Unless the women has a strong desire for outside sex and it was communicated openly before the onset of femdom, I dont think messing with cucking is a good idea for a yong couple.

Let us all please remember this is a yong couple in different curcumstances than Lady Katherine and hubby.

The so called MAN needs to grow up and stop pursuing this idea in this inappropriate context! Wanting to be cuck and fixating on it knowing it can hurt or disrupt your marriage doesnt seem any different to me than fantasizing about your nubile yong secretary. If it might hurt your marriage dont let yourself dwell on it!

I think Elise is right, it is best for older couples who already have enjoyed a close and loving marriage. The dynamic of CHANGING the mans sexual status is what makes it so much more powerful.

It can reallly upset the hsubands role as the love of his wife,and deprive them both of the years of enjoyment they could share where he is the primary lover AND the intimate best friend.
In a loving and close marriage it might be better to hold off on changing that dual role for the hubby until longer into the marriage.

I strongly believe enforced chstity and the possibility of traditonal cuckolding is PERFECT in marriages where the spouse to be locked in chstity has cheated!

I think we need a new model of cuckolding not based on humiliation and degradation of the cuck. Especailly if he is being cucked because he admits he is too deficient in the penis department, or just wants his wife to enjoy varied lovers like she did before marriage. That is a very sweet and givng act, even if I dont relate to it I respect the intention. We should respect those cuckyboys, not put them down or group them with cheaters. Also guys need to get over obsessing with theie junk anyhow. Its just something you are born with. bragging about it or feeling bad about it is as silly as doin the same over yor eye color.

As all my Lez freinds can attest, there is NO need for a penis to give a woman pleasure anyhow. it is just a nice extra way to give a Lady pleasure, if used correctly.

As time has gone on, I have changed my mind about cuckolding in several ways. I started dead set against it and could not understand a willing cuckold at all. As you have seen above I now have several new opinions on it. I reserve the right to learn more and change my opinions again. :-)

To answer Lady k's question about Mindy and Paul, someone close toher needs to mentor her and tell her this is a very bad idea AT present, and ask her to examine her motives for the reawakening.

A note to all you dudes, go back and read the original post, this started out as Pauls fantasy.

To sum up, in all honesty this could work out GREAT for Mindy and Paul, we dont know enough about them to tell. If she is dead set to do it, it should be under very carefully controlled condtions, with some sort of provision for dealing with the neegative consequences just in case.

The script could serve as way to explore the feelings without the acutal cucking. A good and decentt Dom who is willing to rolepaly and not fuck Mindy is a good idea too.

My rservationis that jsut as around her finger almost always leads to Elise Sutton, roleplay of cucking will almost always lead to the actual. UNLESS it is the Lady who is against cucking. In this case Mindy is the one who wants it. If they roleplay, they will probably end up doing it in real life.

Perhaps they should decide on the use of roleplay based on that probability?

Curious George said...

What's the point of scripting it by proxy if you're not going to post it? Maybe it's me, but the whole point of a blog is to share thoughts and experiences with an anonymous public courtesy of the internet.

You also appear to be contradicting yourself advising Mindy against it, but wanting to script an event for Mindy's consumption I suppose.

I don't know if your husband enjoys being your cuck, but you give the impression you love cuckolding him. You hint that what followed after you and Jim shared some quality lovemaking was equally good.

With regards to what a couple can or cannot take, maturity, not age, is what matters. Long term but immature couples will suffer a melt down but mature individuals can handle it. The cuck is able to channel the humiliation or even painful aspects into positive sexual energy.

There are instances what my queen says and does that "sting" but I wouldn't want her to be dishonest. One has to accept one's limitations; there are qualities I bring to our relationship and there are qualities he brings. He might one day seize the ring and ride off with her into the sunset leaving me standing in the dust, jacking off to memories of what we had, but I doubt it.

She'll continue loving him and loving me, but in very different ways. There's an intensity to them and there's an intensity to us. When she's in role cucking me, the experience is incredibly hot for both. When she's with him she's in a different role, behaving more like a lovesick teenager than a middle aged mother and wife. I wouldn't trade that vision of her for anything in the world.

Your husband can choose to dwell on why you are so attracted to Jim, but he should also reflect on the fact you choose to stay with him. You are both getting something out of the cuckold experience and it's pleasure.

oldbear said...

Hi Curious George, strong post! Thanks! OB.

iobey said...

I guess I feel it's somewhat odd to be counseling another woman about cuckholding when it is clear - from your postings at least - that it has had some negative impact on your marriage. Perhaps I'm reading this all wrong, but if your husband is having pains with the experiences after they're over - why would you want to subject another [and perhaps more fragile] couple to a similar fate?

oldbear said...

HI iobey, of course I can not speak for the Lady, but I have people ask me why I am willing to assist in deep humiliations when I am against extreme humiliation in general; so i do have somewhat related experience.

The answers for me include the folllowing: 1- The most dangerous dom or domme to another is the unmentored one who may get caught up in a scene and do something stupid. Scripting is a form of distance mentoring that helps reinsert an element of outrside guidance to the scene.

2-Often if a person is dead set on doing something against advice, they are the person who is most likely to take the behavior to an extreme and damaging level. Again scripting or distance mentoring provides some outside dampening influence (note that LK said she had strongly advised Mindy not to do cucking to Paul)

3-The couple being advised/scripted/mentored may be in a different place in life than the advisor, and therefore harder to reach with the wisdom of age or experience. By scripting or otherwise mentoring a dialog is opened which can help guide the mentee with the most often neglected part of a scene, aftercare!

IO, I love your stuff, and again I cant speak for the Lady. I hope this helps explain some reasons for counseling someone doing something that is not always positive. OB