Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I Do Not Advocate Cuckolding

Let me make something perfectly clear.

Please know that while I share my own experiences with cuckolding on this site, I do not advocate that anyone take this step. It has been more emotionally charged and complex than I ever realized. Yes, my husband and I have grown through our experience, but it has not been without consequences.

Everyone that reads this blog may arrive at your own conclusions and take whatever course you feel appropriate in your own relationship, but do not look to me to bless your decisions.


slave gary said...

Perhaps, Lady Katherine, You will say more about both the growth experienced, and the consequences. Your insights from these experiences can offer valuable instruction to those who might also be contemplating taking this step in their relationship.

The unspoken possibilities in Your statement here prompts the question as to whether You regret having taken the steps You have chronicled here; or whether You might repeat them; and that, in the same way, or in a different way. It may be that You have no regrets; but also will abandon this activity in the future. Any of these outcomes, as You might describe Your thoughts and reflections on what has happened, gives useful information.

As for the rest of us, it should go without saying that no one else is responsible for our decisions except we ourselves. Anyone who might, on the basis of what You have written, also explore cuckolding, and then blame You in some way for teh consequences, is failing to do what must be done - be willing to own one's own behavior, and not make a scapegoat of anyone else.

Thank you for all You have written; and will write in the future.

Queen'sKnight1 said...

Gary has stated everything that I wanted to say so eloquently that I shan't be redundant in repeating any of it. I wholeheartedly agree with everything he has said.

JimK said...

Lady Katherine,

It is precisely the weightiness of the matter which prompts me, as one considering cuckolding, to plumb the depths of the emotional effects of this activity. I want to know what goes through a woman's/wife's and man's/husband's thoughts before, during, and after; I want to know what my wife is thinking when she ponders how it will affect me; and I want to know what she is thinking about how it will affect her feelings toward me and the subsequent effects on our relationship. I love her dearly but the pull of this activity is so very strong that I cannot turn away without, at least, investigating. I am prepared to do so, however, if I feel the dangers outweigh the benefits. Your input will help me make that decision. AS you said, the decision is ultimately mine and I do not take your comments as recommendation for cuckolding. I am grateful that there are people like you who appreciate the seriousness of this endeavor and are willing to assist others by bearing both yours and your husband's souls. Thank you.

JimK said...
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JimK said...
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Eve&Arnold said...

Lady Katherine,

jimk has expressed my sentiments exactly. I wrote an email to you not long ago seeking advice on this very matter. I have spent a great deal of time pondering my deeper motivations, and my wife's readiness to pursue cuckolding, and have elected to put the process on hold, and not even talk about it for a long while, as a result of your feedback.

We would have had a train wreck.

Thank you.


jett c said...


I share the same curiosity as those who have posted before me. My wife now tells me that she almost exclusively fantasizes about cuckolding me and it seems that something that might have been unthinkable to her only a year ago is now something that she thinks might be a possibility. Perhaps the feelings and the consequences of which you speak are too personal. But if you could provide us with some discussion of the consequences it would help greatly those of us who are contemplating this serious step. At any rate, keep up the great work.

Amayos said...

Nor do I.

It is indeed, as you say, a complex and difficult organism to manage. I was a Master to a woman who was married to and enjoyed a live-in male slave. In the end, her "slave" gave her an ultimatum: him or me.

Cuckolding is a wonderful fantasy for many submissive males, I think, but when the reality of that fantasy starts to climb out of the box and into reality, it is almost always evolves into something they didn't bargain for, I would imagine.

subbiehubbie said...

My Mistress Wife would not agree to cuckolding when i suggested it to Her, and i am so glad! While the thought of it was very erotic for me (and still is), i believe the actual practice would have been devastating, especially if She had really enjoyed it.

We have a monogamous D/s relationship that is very healthy and has been for 21 years. Folks can read my blog at http://subbiehubbie.blogspot.com

Loving Female Authority is a wonderful site!


MACK said...

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