Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Men Seeking to Be Bulls

Although I do not recall ever receiving a public post on the topic, I get email after email offering to be be the Bull in my cuckolding activities. I can tell you with absolute certainty that I would never entertain meeting up with a man that solicited his services to me on this blog.

On a related note, I have never received an email from a woman asking me to help connect her with a submissive man. While I might be more inclined to help in these cases, I think that those women that are self-aware of their dominant nature attract submissive men like moths to a flame and need no help from me.


Mistressjen said...

I think is pretty typical you get the HNG (horny net geek) emails. I think one service that you might be able to provide would be to link experienced submissive men to others of like mind. I know that my slave would love someone to be able to sort these things out with as he grows and learns.


Quiet guy said...

It certainly is unfortunate that the sincerity of so many is indeed compromised by a few who think sex is the answer to everthing...well said misstresjen, you have very keen insights

jssubc said...

MistressJen raises a valid point. In my growth as a slave i would have appreciated similar like people to discuss things with. i truly realize that no two of us are alike but there have been times when it would have been wonderful to chat with someone about my lack of knowledge and insecurities. i have tried numerous discussion groups and they constantly seem to be either sterile pontification sessions or thinly disguised scening (is that a word?) sessions. One thing that i truly appreciate about Ms West taking the time to write these posts is the level of discource that they engender, my only complaint is that She doesnt write more often! *honest, i'm kidding*
Thank You again Ms West and please dont allow the idiots of this world to dissuade You from what many of us truly appreciate You taking the time to do.

oldbear said...

Hi Lady Katherine, I do not play around since I am married. But if I was single the last thing I would want to do is interject myself into a couple's relationship in such a crass and un-suave way.

If you think about it, Such solicitation emails could be construed as a "Hey baby, wanna F__k?" emails. Gross!

No doubt some of these guys are really well built and well endowed. But if they had any style and class they would at least want to meet and look at the couple they are "bulling" for before deciding they want to do it.

To each his own, and if some guys get off on such offers so be it. But the way I see it, the fun would be in spotting the Lady first, scoping out her hubby, easing my way into their company, and seeing how far my wits and aggression could get me from there. In short, the thrill of the chase.

One of the "Bulls" whose style I like is about 40, and has talked lately about his desire to explore the experieince of cucking a mid 50s to mid 60s couple. Since his comment, I have been watching. There are LOTS of ladies out ther who are HOT at that age, and many appear to have hubbys who are not sexual or interested in her. Could it be just mis=perception by me?

Also I think player guys should be VERY careful to be respectful of the marriage, and the primacy of the couples relationship. Sexing up someones wife is a priveledge. Dude doing the cuking could have been born with a 2 inch endowment, its all luck of the draw. Genital size is not an accomplishment per se.

Just my 2 cents on Bulls bargining in, right or wrong.

As for the communication, most guys blogging here have email addresses on their blogs, and welcome communications from all guys and gals.

As for Ladies not needing help to find a partner, a frined of some us, Mistress Jen, has a hard time finding a good sub local to her. Her blog (Woman on Top)is on blogger and documents her troubles. I have a lesbian friend who is a great and fun (and good looking)Lady, and she is also having a heck of a time finding a good partner. I feel for all those who want LTRs and cant find them!