Friday, October 06, 2006

New Beginnings

The storm came very suddenly. We realized that we had become addicted to the roles that felt so natural to us, and we felt compelled to intensify our positions in the relationship. When we had gone as far as we could go, we explored tangents that seemed only remotely connected to where this had all begun.

We retreated, we repaired. We are through with the two steps back, and we are again engaged in two steps forward. He rubs and kisses my feet as I type this.

Goodnight for now.


Bonnie said...

Welcome back dear Lady your absence was causing quite a stir..I for one am glad you posted..It may quell some of the myths regarding your sudden departure.
Nice to have you back

oldbear said...

Dear Lady, I echo what Bonnie said. Part of the reason I am happy you are back is because I felt you were/are one of the "sweethearts" of FemDom who really did and really does care about her husband, his feelings, and self worth.

Part of my and "the communities" loss was that you showed a lot of young women how to take charge and get what you want without excessive cruelty or any disregard for your hubby.

But mostly I am glad because I was worried. I am sure I am not alone saying I was worried about you guys and how the marital and interpersonal relationship was going. I aplogize for all the emails asking, but It sort of feels empty and sad to see a blogger that is liked and respected leave suddenly.


I am SSSSSSOOOO happy you ae back, and happy that you guys are OK :-) !!!!!