Monday, October 23, 2006

Anatomy and Metaphor

It can be no coincidence that two of the activities that seem to have the most metaphorical significance to my husband and I involve the same small patch of our respective anatomies.

I love the physical sensatin of my husband's tongue on my labia and clitoris, but nothing quite says adoration like his tongue in my asshole. Yes, it has a very pleasant physical sensation associated with it, but there is something else. There is a certain comfort I take in the eagerness with which he worships this tiny rosebud that makes it all very special. Also, I know that it strains his tongue like mere oral sex does not. His analingnus is more of a thrusting motion than his cunilingnus, and I know it wears him out terribly to do it as long as I require.

Likewise, his own asshole brings me pleasure. I am resolute that it is a sense of feminine and not masculine power that I feel when I penetrate him with my own prosthetic cock. We most often do this in front of a large mirror that we have hung in the loft area where my massage table sits. He watches himself become my slut, which is something akin but slightly different from being my servant. He has told me that, physically, this is actually no comfort to him. Emotionally, however, he begs me for it.


Curious George said...

Interesting you should mention this as it was just this weekend when she discussed how much she enjoys it when I perform analingus on her. She considers it the ultimate in worship.

The very next day we're downstairs in the kitchen, the Sunday paper spread out all over the table. I'm standing, slightly bent over, reading the paper, my cup of coffee on the table, when she walks up behind me.

She had been a bit rough with me the night before, having spanked me as I worshiped between her legs. She caressed my bottom asking if I was sore. I admitted a little.

She kept caressing my buttocks, and as she did so, talked about her lover and how good I was to let her not just have a physical relationship with another man, but an emotional one. She said, as much as it excited me physically, she knew it had to be hard on me

As she's talking, she pulls my bottoms down exposing my buttocks. She continues to caress me, while her mouth is pressed close to my ear, talking all the while about him and my bottom, telling me her friends think I have a nice derriere.

My pajama bottoms are suddenly at my ankles, I'm bent over the table, and she's grinding her pubis against my buttocks. She tells me how she wants to fuck me and I tell her how much I want her to fuck me. She tells me I wouldn't be able to take it, my asshole is too tight, she'd rip me in two, but I'm telling her I could.

She did this for perhaps a minute, maybe two. She abruptly stopped. I turn around, not upset because I figured she was just teasing and knew she didn't have much time as she was headed out the door to see her boyfriend.

Her face is flush and her nipples are poking against her shirt. We kiss a bit. She then reaches down and squeezes my cock which is swollen, mumbles something about being glad I'm as excited as she is, I tell her I want her to fuck me, she tells me to go buy what she needs, I tell her there's a newly opened adult store near us, she tells me to not go there, I tell her I'll go to the next town and buy it.

In my previous job I did a fair amount of travelling and I visited more than a few adult stores where I purchased toys for us to use later. She said it's too bad I don't travel as she liked those surprises.

Nice to see we're not alone. There is something so incredibly hot being taken by my wife and nothing says female worship like my tongue up her ass.

NYCuckold said...

This entry definitely hit home to me. These are 2 activities that we practice at home. While I am being penetrated, I don't get hard, in fact, my penis retreats. But I have to say that I beg her to take me as her bitch. We too have a mirror and as our eyes meet, I could see her strength in my weakness. I then enter sub space and feel no pain in the penetration. When I am made to worship her rosebud, the feeling that it has on my tongue along with the taste, pushes me deep into my sub-world and her into her Queen-Dom. There are no 2 other activities, besides actual cuckolding, that we can experience that would put us into our perspective worlds of enjoyment.