Friday, October 20, 2006

Television Show Featuring Submissive Husbands

I received an email making me aware of the ABC show Wife Swap's interest in featuring a household where the husband is submissive and the wife dominant. Apparently, the show contacted Emily Addison to solicit help in finding such a couple, and she has posted a letter to that effect on her blog. Even given the $20,000 fee to participate, I am afraid I value my privacy a bit much for this. However, it occurs to me that it would be a wonderful adventure for a mainstream husband to show up in the house of a cuckoldress: "And now we live by my rules. Do be a dear and taste my lover's seed."

In any event, I think that the general public is not ready for loving female authority as the media remains too interested in the shock value of the lifestyle and not at all interested in the very genuine benefits. I believe that a sincere approach to the topic would have great interest to the audience of Oprah, the View, or any of these mainstream talk shows.


oldbear said...

Hi Lady, interesting topic. I cringe some when Ithinkabout stuf like this as it will focus only on the visually provacative things and not on the deeper benefits and costs of being in a LFA marriage.

I find the ideea of being willing to be on there POSSIBLY a little bit a mark of someone who is not thinking all that clearly.

I am ok with almost anything done with dicrestion where it is needed and appropriate.

OTOH. Most of the guys I see talking about this show are kind of lower mentality "dudes" who probably could use a few months of corrective training so maybe this is a good idea! The fools dont realize they are playing with dynamite and one or mo spouses may fall in love with the other, or out of what love they had.

Lots of good resons to tke that risk and explore alternative lifestyles. Helping a Corporation make millions and getting a paltry 20 large dont seem like two good ones.

I realize some of you may think it is good idea cuz it gets Female Domination out there to the masses. I acknowledge the validity of that arguement, and defer my opposition to this TV show topic if the arguement is from someone like you Lady who I resoect!

GREAT to have you back!!!

ps might you please share something arousing but romantic yuo guys have dont together lately.

I LOVE your erotica about him worshipping your body, and the way you tell him how you love him! its so sweet.

Wayne C. Rogers said...

I don't know about anybody else, but I wouldn't mind seeing that show. I'm curious as to how it would unfold. Maybe the other wife would suddenly take an interest in having her husband do more around the house, etc., etc., not to mention women watching the show. You never know. Just the fact that ABC is willing to show this type of lifestyle is rather interesting. I wonder who came up with the idea at ABC? Was it a woman, or a submissive man?

Queen'sKnight1 said...

Barbara Wright Abernathy was interviewed on NBC's morning network news shows a year or two ago. It is the only occasion that I'm aware of in which FLR has been openly discussed on air. Abernathy has the clip available for download/viewing on her web site.

housemouce said...

Your discussions come close to reality in many respects however few feminine men prefer dominance to having a loving and sharing female partner. The intimacy of female to female care that should be part of the relationship would be better served having the female realize the tenderness and emotional feelings of her female male. I don't suppose you've approached that direction, but if you have, would your spouse or significant other be willing to share you with another female. I doubt it. Female dominance is not supportive of nurturing loving care, but moreso of a selfish attitude not respective of her partnet. Not much is written or aired on television of the closeness that a female partner can convey to her transgendered or crossdressing male partner. It would be advantageous to both partners for the female to be more of a sister figure and understanding the emotional turmoil he needs comfort with. Thanks for being so open with this dialogue since it provides a wide open degree of understanding why you prefer dominance to consideration of emotion that is missing.