Monday, October 09, 2006

Suffering for Me

Yesterday afternoon, I spread grains of rice on the hardwood floors of our bedroom. I had my husband strip and kneel there, his hands behind his back, until 11:00 p.m. This was an eight hour ordeal. I suggest that my readers try kneeling on rice for ten minutes before dismissing the intensity of this act.

At 11:00, he came into the bed and pleasured me with his mouth. Afterwards he was permitted to have intercourse and climax inside me. He then cleaned up - the rice and otherwise - before going to bed.

I believe that we need physical intimacy that stems from penetrative sex. I believe that the presence of his seed in my body is restorative to both of us. I am happy, however, that the ritual suffering that precedes this activity is now taking place.

It is a small sacrifice given the weight of the reward.


Curious George said...

Like a haiku, your parse writing reveals, but has us craving for more. Glad to see your cuckyboy is behaving. After 8 hours of kneeling on rice grains he certainly earned his privilege to cum inside of you.

As one involved in a similar relationship it does take effort to not retreat when faced with adversity to one's marriage as it was before.

The rewards are great, but there is no gain without pain. I got the impression you did too much too soon. Glad to see you made it over the speed bump.

To worship between my wife's thighs after, especially when she's feeling tender, as she gently caresses my scalp, toying with my hair, whispering for me to go slow, to savor the experience, reminding me what my duties are, telling me how good he was, how better it is with him, promising me the same treat, but not that night as it's been too soon, asking me if I can taste it, asking me if it tastes good, encouraging me to admit I'm happy being her cuck, seeing her in love, those are magical moments in our marriage.

oldbear said...

Hi Lady Katherine, First I would like to ask you two questions. Might you consider writing responses to some of the indivual comments to your blog? At least now while it is slow? And may we email you directly at the old kittymail address?

As for the post, old broken reecord me is thrilled to see you guys are doing great!

And speaking of broken, I have severe damage to my knees from kneeling on hardwood and cement. (I am young in years but picked oldbear as nomme de plume due to the damage done to my body, and my bruin-ish build).

8 hours is a long time! I know the stats on todays economy show hubby probably flies a desk at his occupation, but please be careful with his body?? He only gets one body to serve and adore you with. Not like you would ever hurt him on purpose, but my understanding is that damage is cululative and the onset of symptoms is delayed for up to a period of years from the trauma that induces the damage. Said traumas can include long period of unrelieved kneeling. FWIW.

Thanks Again for reopening, and the LOVE in your FA! OB

Wayne C. Rogers said...

Lady Katherine,
It's been three long months without hearing your wonderful voice. Welcome back!

Bonnie said...

Lady Katherine,
I also wonder if you would mind commenting on your blog ?

I would loved dearly love to hear how your husband 'faired' after 8 hours of kneeling on rice grains i agree with curious george he most definetly earned his privilege to cum in side you.

geepee said...

If only my wife would learn the pleasures of such activity. Iwish there were teachers available,

geepee said...

I wish my wife could learn from you. Any sites the offer training?