Saturday, October 07, 2006

Loving Me

Imagine me sitting back against an abundance of pillows. The room is lit by candles, my mind is warm with wine. My very wonderful but unfamiliar lover has stood up from the bed and watches me as he pulls on his clothes. My eyes are afixed on him as we share a smile. My gaze remains intact as my loving husband emerges from the shadows to position himself between my legs. He consumes me and knows in those moments an emotional and psychological place that completes him. My lover smiles, but shakes his head as if to indicate a complete lack of understanding of this man between my legs. If he mounted my husband, it would not seem to emasculate him as much. My lover finishes dressing and kisses me before bidding me goodbye. He ignores my husband.

In this moment I knew that these addictions must be controlled.


Sub Hubby said...

Great to sense you awaken again. You have been asleep a long while. I am glad you are back and sharing your deeply affecting explorations.

I too am addicted, to your writing. I eagerly await more.

Yours quietly in the background shadows,

oldbear said...

Hi Lady, speaking as a mostly dominant man who adores his wife and would do ALMOST anything for her, I can see why the so called bull doesnt understand the slavish and unquenchable intensity of a submissives fire. I startd out as a fetish oriented sub in the 70s, and only in the last 3 months or so have I come to realize just how strong my dominant part is. All those years of looking at life through a submissive viewpoint, coupled with a strong respect and infatuation with Ladies, gives me the ability to know how both kinds of men see cuckolding.

The more I have thought about it, the more I realize how selfless and sublime the Love these submissive men have for their wives is.

I just can not picture myself allowing cuckolding to occur to me (even though doing it to another is top FANTASY ONLY of mine). But I am very gratefulfor the hardcore subies of the world liek your husband who set sucha great example of adoration and devotion!.

I think He is lucky in that I believe you truely do understand how precious and rare his love for you. I think you let him know you adore him, and place him above all others.

Sadly, many great subby husbands have wives who just dont get it,a nd think the bull is the betterman. Maybe the bull is better as a dating and sex partner if he ia great romancer, and a great lover. But most (myself included )could never give up so much for the Lady we Love as yours does.

Oh my gosh I am glad you are back!