Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Old Posts Seem as if Written by Another

There are certain of my older posts that I cherish as if lookihg through a scrapbook of black and white memories. Others seem unfamiliar, as if written by someone else. Focus is crucial to making any relationship work, not just a femdom relationship. I feel that I let myself and my husband down by not taking proper stewardship over our intimacy.

One thing that does not seem unfamiliar to me is all the wonderful comments that have been posted as of late. I am truly grateful for your patience in waiting for me to come out of the wilderness.


oldbear said...

Hi Lady, its ok, you ae worththe wait ;-) . If parting is sweet sorrow, reunion is sweetness sublime.

Ioften wondered how you guys were doing. All I could do was hope nd pray you were ok.

I did not reply yesterday as i left home earlier than usual. I have noted many of your posts seem to come in the AM, Are you a "morning person"?

YThanks, OB.

Bonnie said...

Take all the time you need Dear Lady..Its just great to have you back and know you are doing ok

NYCuckold said...

I'm happy to see that you have taken positive steps in your absence. As always, it’s a great pleasure to read your blog. I do share them with my wife. The seed is planted, thanks to you. I do hope to encourage my wife to follow your path so I too can become complete...