Thursday, June 01, 2006


I take my privacy very seriously, and I am becoming quite paranoid at the level of effort that others are putting into "outing" me. I assure you that I am quite real, and I am very intent on remaining anonymous. I have taken and will continue to take steps to disguise my identity.

My husband and I are still together. We are still practicing a female-led marriage. I continue to keep all my options open as to how I control my husband, and these options certainly include cuckolding.

My absence can be explained, in part, by a very serious offer that I have from a large adult web business that wants to leverage the community that is building around this blog to produce a commercial entity. After serious discussions, we have put the plan on hold. However, I remain open to this issue so long as my privacy and my husband's privacy can be protected and that the tone and direction of the web content advances the cause of matriarchy. I will not merely play to the lowest common denominator of male sexual exploitation, but I have something to offer and may one day turn my passion into commerce.

I extend my thanks to all that have emailed me expressing concern and gratitude for this site. I certainly plan to continue posting.


Queen'sKnight1 said...

Bravo Dear Lady,

And shame to all the naysayers who come here to degrade and ridicule this fine Matriarch. Many of us remain true and loyal.

Jon Green said...


Glad to hear you and your husband are still together.

Although no details are provided, it's clear you and your husband are taking a different path in your relationship and are choosing your next moves more carefully. Best wishes as you continue working through your issues together.

oldbear said...

HI Lady katherine, I am VERY glad to hear all is well with you and hubby.

Thank you for sharing with us, the swine who are harrassing you are not worthy to soil your bootheeels!

danesq71 said...

Wanted to say i support you in considering going commerical,provided the guidlines you desire are followed and there are regular updates, where do i sign up?


softncuddlyguy said...

Inattention leads to decay which leads to chaos. Your 28 day absence contributed to the chaos and also depreciated the commercial valuation of this blog.
Soft N Cuddly Guy

LFA Skeptic said...

Just an observation: calling other readers names ("naysayers," "swine"), throwing accusations at them ("...who come here to degrade and ridicule this fine matriarch..."; "...who are harrassing you..."), or demanding that anyone discontinue reading (as was done after one of Katherine's prior posts) shows a great deal of disrepect for Katherine and does nothing to help advance her cause. If anything, such responses contribute to a combative atmosphere that hinders honest an open discussion by those who are sincerely trying to learn more about LFA.

I may be skeptical now, but I'm also open to learning more from those who are actually in LFA relationships. I would enjoy this blog a lot more without insulting comments from the few self-appointed censors who feel it's their right to dismiss others' opinions.

I respectfully suggest that comments in support of Katherine that also criticize other readers be sent to her via email, rather than posting them here.

Bonnie said...

Good to see you back Lady Katherine ...I was worried you had been scared off from your life style choices...Thank you for letting us all know your still around and happy with your choices, Best of luck for any of your future ventures

oldbear said...

Hi LFA skeptic, those who "harass" Lady k are SWINE. Period. I was refering to those who are trying to out her.

I share your skepticism about wether or not some FemDom activities are actually Loving when done as part of a LFA marriage.

BUT this is her blog, and I feel than unless VERY carefully and rspectfully worded, such sentiments have no place on the blog of a Lady who is so willing to share the most intimate details of her life.

You have shown great indiviuality and creativity by starting yor blog with such a good first post and such a unique concept.

Perhaos the bulk of yor objections to Lady K's brand of LFA b elong over there??

hish06 said...

What really is amazing is that the interest in femdom, D/s, cuckolding etc is so wide and deep, even if only in people's minds for the most part, that it does not really matter if this or any other blog has any relationship to any real facts. In this particular case, the timeline is also amazing as to the speed that the couple went from foot domination to golden showers to cuckolding and inter-racial idea. All in less than one year. Amazing.

Curious George said...

Lady K,

If you hope to turn your lifestyle into a commercial venture you need to offer something more than what's currently out there (Lady Misato, Sutton, etc.).

Perhaps a book?

The lecture circuit is out of the question if you wish to remain anonymous, but audio tapes are a possibility.

One angle I haven't seen is a femdom website where both the queen and her husband share the podium.

Since you've taken your relationship to the edge, you could even incorporate Jim's feelings and even some advice he can pass on to other couples on how to keep this both sane and hot.