Monday, June 05, 2006

Weekend Cocktail Party

Through circmstances I prefer not to discuss, my husband and I became aware of a group in our city which can best be described as a private swingers club. The group consists of about twenty couples, about half of which might show up at any given event. We were recently invited to a party at a lake home belonging to one of the member couples which was held this past weekend. I decided that we would attend this party, but this being our first time at an event such as this, we would absolutely not -- under no circumstances -- consider playing with another couple. We were told by the guests that invited us that this would not be an issue. In fact, the common areas of the home were off-limits to any sexual activity. Any sexual activity was to take place in one of the home's four bedrooms or the very private hot tub area on the downstairs patio.

My husband and I were both incredibly nervous in driving up to the party. While we had met the one couple that invited us, we did not know them well. We had very little idea of what to expect once we showed up.

Once inside, we were pleasantly surprised. The couples that stood around the kitchen and living room area were all very "normal", (at least reasonably) attractive looking people. Most of them were younger than us, but there were at least two other couples visible that seemed to be our age. We were greeted with welcoming smiles that seemed to hide the same curiousity about us that we certainly had for them. The conversations in which we quickly found ourselves provided no evidence as to what might be happening later that evening. We talked about work, music, and any number of very ordinary subjects. We had a very simple dinner of grilled chicken which we ate buffet style on the deck overlooking the lake.

As the evening wore on and drinks continued to flow, the conversations became increasingly less ordinary, and my husband and I ended up very much the center of attention. We were the only couple at the party who had never attended an event in the past. We both failed to answer as to whether or not we had been sexually active outside of our marriage, and apart from my husband's normally very high attentiveness to my needs, there was no overt indication of his submission to me.

As the evening continued, one younger couple was extremely attentive to the two of us. The woman asked my husband to walk out to the lake with her, but he declined. The husband sat very close to me and had his arms around me for much of the night. They finally asked us outright if we weren't up for spending some private time with them, but I explained that we had made a very serious commitment to looking and not touching at this initial party. I asked, however, if they would consider a dinner invitation from us. They replied eagerly that they would. With that, we told them we would call them this week and encouraged them to find some others with whom to spend the rest of the evening. Shortly afterwards we found the host for the party, thanked him very much -- assured him we would be more fun at the next party -- and went home. Needless to say, my husband spent some quality time between my legs that evening.

I called the couple and left a message for them this morning. On the message I asked if they would be available for dinner next weekend.


T's pet said...

I look forward to reading (hopefully) about your experiences next weekend. Our experiments with swinging in the past have been good, but not overwhelming. While it is fun, it doesn't approach the quality of our vanilla activities together and can't hold a candle to the explorations of D/s we've undertaken. As they say, your mileage may vary.

It's good to see you back online after a break - your blog is a particularly excellent one, alternately thrilling and terrifying and you would be greatly missed. Many thanks from both of us,

Curious George said...

Interesting read as you further explore your sexual horizons, but does this signal something deeper, that you're allowing your cuck equal playing time?

I get no hint in your post that the couple you are interested in share your views. If anything their marriage sounds more egalitarian; he plays, she plays.

Or did you detect something different? Do you see a woman like yourself and a man like your cuck, submissive with her, but dominant like Jim with others?

Verrrrrrrrrrrrrry interesting my dear Katherine.