Friday, June 09, 2006

All Set

We are all set for Maria, her husband, and their friend to join us for dinner this weekend.


Curious George said...

Lady K,

Keep us informed! While I'm here I thought I'd share this with you. I won a trip for two to a rather exclusive resort. Showed it to my wife. Her first reaction was to ask if I was giving it to she and her boyfriend.

It's tempting I told her but I don't know if I can be that selfless (haha). She did get me to thinking, talk about torn between being a good husband and cuckold and a good, but a bit selfish husband. What to do, what to do!

cheq said...

Oh george, be a sport and give her the trip that SHE wants. ;)

Queen'sKnight1 said...

Dear Lady Katherine,

i pray You enjoy to the fullest as You imbibe in this sensual delight. Perhaps Your husband will also strike the right chord this weekend, a balanced chord with a harmony between the eroticism he feels and the humility he senses as he sees You have Your way with another man. i believe that sharing the sense of cuckolding with another man alongside him may prevent him from plumeting to the depth of distress he previously has experienced.

i have been following the blogs of another couple, Pretty Peanut(2) and NSN (Not so Normal), who started out as swingers and then moved to a situation where She is now a hotwife, but he is forbidden to be with other women. T/theirs has been a fascinating journey. i have long felt that their relationship would improve so much if T/they were to move to a FLR in which She were more of a Cuckoldress and he a cuckold.

pd said...

curious george,
What an incredible turn on it would be to give your wife the trip with her boyfriend. Imagine all the cuckold angst you could enjoy while your imagination runs wild as they run wild on the trip that you won.trip. Perhaps you could give them your credit card while they are away. I'm trembling thinking about being in that situation. Women sometimes don't realize the power they have at their disposal.

Jewel Scott said...

I think I have read the entire blog this afternoon. I am touched and intrigued with the writing style and the clarity with which you describe your relationship. I am left with no doubts this is a loving relationship. I shall be posting a link to this blog in my own.

Curious George said...

I wonder how dinner went. We too had a dinner date this past weekend. It ended with the two of them heading upstairs to bed and I to another room. While they made love I jacked off. Seems fair considering I'm her cuck and he's her man.

Still toying with the idea of giving them my prize. She's finding it very cute how I'm having such a conflict. Either way she wins.

Someone commented on the angst I would feel if I sent her on the trip and gave her my credit card. She already has the credit card and she has never asked for my permission before she uses it. As for angst, 25 plus years of being with her I'm an expert at dealing with angst and she's the consummate professional at dishing it out.

To paraphrase a country song, we were female led before female led was cool.