Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Dinner Was Served

Dinner was served at 8:00.

Our guests arrived at 7:00. Maria and Paul, her husband, looked wonderful and were glowing with anticipation. With them was Dave, the friend that Maria had discussed on the phone. It turned out that Dave was an old friend of Maria's whom she had known before she ever met her husband. Dave had played with Maria and Paul on several occasions in the past. He was quite good looking. He was tall and thin, and as was the case with our other guests, much younger than I and my husband.

We were all dressed in casual clothes, the men in khaki shorts or jeans, the women in shorts. My husband offered beer or wine to everyone, and we were soon drinking and making the sort of small talk that must have seemed as silly to everyone else as it did to me given what we assumed was to follow. My husband was cooking a tenderloin on the grill, and he served it at 8:00 with a creamy polenta and grilled vegetables. New bottles of wine were opened for dinner. Everyone was delighted with the meal and quite relaxed by the time desert was served. Desert was ice cream served over a warm blueberry crisp.

Maria was the first one to steer the conversation to the topic that was undoubtably on everyone's mind. She told me that Paul and Dave were quite anxious to play their roles and asked if my husband was ready as well. I explained that it was not a matter of roleplaying for my husband, he was at my disposal always. Maria smiled. She clapped her hands twice and commanded Paul to assist my husband in cleaning up the dishes. She lifted a just-opened bottle of wine off the table, picked up her glass, and then invited Dave and I to join her in the living room.

She sat next to Dave on the couch with one arm around him and one leg stretched over both of his. I sat across from them in a high-backed chair. Maria asked me if I had ever been with a woman. I had not and told her so much. Her lingering smile suggested that she was anxious to seduce me. She stood and placed her wine glass on the table beside the couch. She kept her gaze on me as she lifted her shirt above her head revealing youthful breasts. I confess that I have occasionally fantasized about the beauty of the female form, and now I was inclined to indulge this fantasy.

Maria knelt in front of me and lifted my shirt just slightly to kiss my midsection. Then she unbuttoned my shorts and pulled them down and off of my ankles. She left my red lace panties on me as she pulled my legs up and onto her shoulders. She planted soft kisses on me through the panties. I was mesmerized by this young woman. I arched my back and positioned myself lower in the chair to make myself more available to her. I opened my eyes and saw that Paul and my own husband had taken positions on either side of me. Paul extended the wine glass to me, and I took a small sip. My husband put his hand on my head and gently brushed his fingers through my hair. Then, with my eyes again closed, I felt Maria slide my panties off. I felt her warm, soft mouth between my legs. After several minutes, she pulled away and instructed the two husbands to carry me into the bedroom where they propped me upright against some pillows.

I looked up to see that Dave was standing in the room completely naked. His tall, thin form was laced with muscles and he had barely an ounce of fat on his body. His cock hung semi-hard between his legs. Maria knelt in front of him and placed his cock in her mouth. I could see his erection take shape as she wrapped her mouth around it. Then she stood behind him and placed her hand around the base of his erection. She was guiding him towards me and my waiting body. I dropped into position to receive him, and spread my legs invitingly. In an instant he was on top of me and pushing his cock inside of me. My husband kissed my forehead. I took his hand and told him to watch everything that was happening. I screamed to David to fuck me. I was an animal as his cock slammed in and out of me with no rhythm that I could decipher.

David taunted my husband. He rubbed his finger on my clit as he continued to penetrate me. He lifted his finger to my husband and asked him if he would like to taste how excited his wife was. My husband licked at David's fingers with a sweet affection that I knew belonged to me. I soon became lost in the powerful strokes of David's cock until finally, following a sustained pause in David's motions, he released his seed into my body. David pulled out and collapsed backwards on the bed.

By this time Maria had stripped off the remainder of her clothes. She pulled away the pillows against which I had been propped and climbed on top of me, positioning her pussy over my face. I tasted another woman for the first time ever. I was awash in lustful pleasure and could not even watch as my husband took his place between my legs to taste the warm potion that Dave and I had created for him. I could sense his enthusiasm as his tongue went deep into my body to swallow every drop of our fluids.


T.P.S. said...

WOW. Truly, a thrilling expierence. Thank you for sharing!

iobey said...

I don't believe a word of it. Sorry.

Wayne C. Rogers said...

All I can say is "Wow!" Whoever Katherine West is, she's definitely a gifted writer who should be pening short stories and novels for a living. I don't know if I'm reading fiction, or non-fiction, but the words are like pure magic in their ability to draw you into this elaborate web of Female Domination that knows no bounds. Very, very, well done!

Quiet guy said...

I have to side with "iobey" on this one ...sorry

Curious George said...

Lady K,

Now that you've tasted your first woman, what do you think, infinitely better than sucking a male? Describe for us that initial sensation; nothing like it in the world. My wife and I compared notes and eating pussy is a much more sensual experience.

Hope you share with us the rest of the night.

Lpet said...

Are you going to tell us, Ms. West, how the evening ended...especially between you and your husband?

His Grace said...

I used to date my married secretary and we carried on a great affair for a few months when she asked if her husband could watch us fuck. Elaine was a hot bitch and loved to be told what to do. Just tell her...she'd do it!

Initially, I didn't want to let hubby watch but after some moments of contemplation during which time I'd get an erection thinking about it, I accepted the offer.

I had read about how husbands licked the swollen vulvas of their freshly fucked wives. I liked the idea...LOL! I wanted him to do THAT...lick Elaine's oozing cunt right after my dick had stretched those tender membranes slipping and sliding on her copious lubrication and filling her with sperm, semen and my personal testosterone.

She loved the idea and cooperated fully making my first experience with direct cuckolding most erotic.

The scene went as I wished...even better! I lived fantasies I didn't even know I had. I had no idea I could enjoy the "Dom" role so much. He became "slave Del" and she became my submissive but his mistress. He enjoyed his role being told what to do and he obeyed every command without argument. I was in charge and he knew it!