Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Our Dinner Party Continues

Maria was absolutely soaked with passion. She rolled off of me and repositioned her body so that she still straddled me, but was now up on her knees facing away from me. Then Dave stood above her on the bed so that she could return to sucking his cock. It was once again semi-hard and still glistening with our fluids. When she had brought back the life in Dave's beautiful manhood, she rolled over so that she was still on top of me, with her face above mine, her elbows on either side of me and her ass in the air above my mid-section. Dave positioned himself behind her and started fucking her. She locked her mouth onto mine in a passionate kiss. I could feel every thrust of Dave's cock reflected in her breathing, the motions of her tongue, the quiver of her lips.

She was calling out to Paul, "Are you watching this? Are you watching this stud fuck your wife?" The taunts stopped, but the fucking continued. Maria's hair was hanging loosely and bouncing about my face. I reached up and touched her breasts. She repositioned herself so that I could put them in my mouth.

After what seemed like a very long time, Dave exploded in Maria. Paul was anxious to clean Dave's seed from his wife as my husband had done for me earlier. I got back up and propped against the pillows so that Maria could rest back against me as her husband went down on her. I kissed the back of her neck and played with her breasts as she gently rubbed her husband's shoulders.

Maria asked what we should do about our husband's hard cocks. I suggested that she learn how powerful it is to leave it that way for a few days. She laughed, pulling her husband's face away from her pussy by his hair. She asked him what he thought about becoming a full-time cuckold, and he just smiled and pulled himself back to devouring her.

When Maria was satisfied, she stood up and led me to the shower. Dave joined us, and afterwards, Paul and my husband both took separate showers. We all met up in the kitchen to drink coffee and finish sobering up before our guests departed.


Bonnie said...

Just curious lady did your husband react to you with another woman..was the reaction any different to you with a man?..or is it too early to tell the effects (other than the instant turn on)

Curious George said...

Lady K,

As always thanks for sharing. On a serious note, what did you really think of your experience with Maria? How do you compare her kisses to a man's? Did you like sucking her breasts? How do you rate the experience of eating her?

Maybe it's because I'm a predominately heterosexual male or it's the pheromones women give off, or the whole soft versus hard, but women are infinitely more enjoyable to kiss and better at it, breasts are much funner to play with than a man's hard hairy chest, and eating pussy is a superior experience to sucking dick. That instant feedback as she gets wetter and not feeling like you might choke or having to be careful with your teeth or the fact that you only reduce the friction if your salivary glands cooperate are just a few reasons why I prefer spending time between my wife's legs and explains why she'd rather fuck than suck (haha). Don't get me wrong, there are times she is very oral, but better no way..................

Susan's Pet said...

This sounds great. But damn, it also really sounds like a man's fantasy.