Friday, February 03, 2006

Wonderful Dialogue and Some Context

I want to thank all of you have made the incredibly thoughtful posts to my last comment. I never imagined that this blog would be such a tremendous catalyst to my thinking. I encourage all of you to please continue to share your thoughts. I very much like the idea of leading a community with this blog rather than just publishing my own ideas.

I want you all to know that my husband and I have been enjoying our marriage in recent weeks in ways that I know we never could have done before the AHF dynamic began. The acceleration of that dynamic via the cuckolding experience has opened new doors into each others emotions and we are, with no doubt, closer than ever.

Last night he knelt in front of me worshipfully as he often does. I stroked my fingers through his hair and felt for maybe the first time that I was understanding him completely. His submission to me is his heart screaming a love poem to the woman he adores.

We have talked a little more about eventually re-initiating cuckolding. One of the suggestions that was made in a reader posts was to choose a man who might have less similarities to my husband than did Jim... perhaps a man of another race. This interests me greatly.


Wayne C. Rogers said...

Lady Katherine,
A man of another race? That's interesting to us as well :-))

Jan said...

I have my man dress as a sissy

Wayne C. Rogers said...

Ms. Jan,
Are you referring to your husband/submissive, or to the man that you cuckold your husband with?

tallchisub said...

Lady Katherine--

Why select race as the key characteristic of a man who will be different from your husband? In my experience class, education, personal interests, physique and personality are at least as important markers of difference.

Let me explain. I am the male half of an interracial couple. Through my wife I've gotten an bit of an insiders access to folks from a different race. In my experience class counts far more than race.

My concern about the stereotypical black "bull," white "hot wife" and husband "wimp" cuckold scenario is that it reenforces a very old fashioned set of racial stereotypes. I don't particularly relish our son having to navigate his way through such stereotypes as he grows up.

Sorry for being so preachy, but I know that you are acutely sensitive to the ethical implications of your journey.

Just Me said...

Lady Katherine,
Your blog is enthralling, and i appreciate the honest questions You raise. It seems to me that the man You choose in the future will be of Your desire, whether or not he is similar to Your husband or Jim. Whom ever You are comfortable with, whether a different race or class, will be the appropriate lucky man. You have the world (and Your husband) at your feet, having established Your dominance and authority which now can never be questioned. Do what You want, and enjoy. Your husband wants You to, You want to, and we readers applaud You and wait hungrily for any details You care to share!

Curious George said...

Lady Katherine,

Sounds like you're cucking too close to home for your husband's comfort zone. Difficult for him not to be insecure over his own relationship with you because Jim was someone you once emotionally connected with.

It's all about his level of trust in you and his commitment to your absolute authority. If you're his queen and I believe you are he needs to unequivocally understand you and you alone call the shots.

Tell him you've decided Jim will remain your lover. It will ratchet up his angst, but better to do that than to find him calling the shots (topping from the bottom).

He sounds like a man much like me. At one time I hated the idea of her emotionally bonding with another; now I love it. Unfortunately it is something learned as it goes against one's instincts.

If my wife had let my feelings influence her choices in men I might be happier in the short run as I'm getting my pie and eating it too, but in the long run she would resent it as anytime she got too close emotionally I would push her to cut and run.

In turn that would make her resent me and affect our own relationship adversely.

Just my thoughts.