Friday, February 17, 2006

A Storm of Disconent

I cannot say that I was surprised by the intensity of the reaction to my last post. The link unquestionably takes the viewer to material that is not in keeping with the purpose or tone of this blog. I do think, however, that many of you ignored my motivation in posting this link.

I do not for a moment suppose that the thoughtful readership of this site will benefit from the link that I posted. I was instead motivated by the notion of the reciprocal link on their site. My own husband confesses that he was a discreet consumer of femdom pornography before realizing the higher calling of true submission and service to me. I believe that many men's base instincts take them to visual and often demeaning imagery on the internet. I have something to offer these men, and I hope they will come to me find a more meaningful model of female authority.

This is not a commercial endeavor on my part. I am continually offended but increasingly less concerned with the naysayers and cynics who question not only my motives but indeed my very existence.


VeezKnight said...

One thing is clear: get a group of people together and they will rarely agree 100%. I also started my blog because I have come to believe in the wisdom of LFA and hope to encourage people (admittedly in a small way) to take the plunge. I think a reciprocal link from such a site would be but a tiny spec in an ocean of porn. Now a link from Elise Sutton's or the Addison's sites, that would be an entirely different matter. But this is your blog, your marriage, and your agenda so do what you feel is best.

Queen'sKnight1 said...

Dear Lady Katherine,

One of the maxims I have come to believe is that it is not a man's place to understand women; our minds are not capable of understanding such marvelous complexity. Our simple task is to love and obey.

We sometimes need help. We are very literal and sometimes take things at face value rather than discerning what the female really wants us to hear and do.

Your statement, "If enough of you object to my participation in link exchanges, and provide good arguments to support your position, I will reconsider," leads us to believe that you want our completely candid feedback. A good husband will eventually figure out that if he is driving down the freeway and his wife says, "Honey, do you need to stop and use the restroom?" the true meaning is, "Darling, I need to go to the restroom. Please stop so that I may go." None of us knows you in person and in our simplicity we take statements at face value.

You know that I have been one of your strongest supporters and that in private e-mail I have asked that any of my writings which offend you be redacted or deleted at your discretion.

I spent from age 7 through 51 being drawn to the image of the cruel dominatrix. I completely misinterpreted the strong emotions within. Abernathy and Sutton stripped away my false conclusions about myself and liberated me to embrace LOVING Female Authority. Oh, how I wish I could have been exposed to LFA at a younger age.

In all humility, I must give my point of view as one who was a seeker for so long. I understand your rationale that men perusing trashy sites may follow a link here. Likewise, there may be those who have discovered LFA independently and come here. When arriving, they may follow the links to the porn style sites and mistakenly conclude that what you advocate is closely associated with that. In all candor, I feel that swapping links with such sites will ultimately do more harm than good. I would advocate swapping links with sites such as those I listed in my comments to your last post. Female led relationships are increasing in number daily. Females are outpacing males in every level of education, in numbers and in grade performance. More and more, businesses are discovering that women make much better leaders than men. History is coming full circle. The day approaches when world societies will once again be be matriarchal in structure. Feminine authority is not in need of pornography to further its cause. Feminine authority is pure in nature and in unadulterated form, it is a potently powerful premise. Feminine authority stands best without making compromise with impure ideals. The power of your pen is so persuasive that you need not poison your prose with pornography.

My wife has ultimate say in every aspect of my marriage. She demands of me, however, that as the executive officer an a ship is fully expected to give totally candid opinions to the captain, then follow the captains orders, whatever they may be, I am expected to do the same. She has insisted that I take this attitude and it is in such a manner that I act now.

This is your blog. You are free to redact or delete comments. You will make your decisions as you see fit. I think most of us will fully accept your decisions. You did, however, ask us for candid feedback; and we have given what you asked.

oldbear said...

Hi queensknight, i think if I understand correctly your own post includes Lady K's arguement. If between 7 and 51 you had followed a link from a Bad femdon site to a site such as this you would have been exposed to LFA (if we had the net and LFA back then). (BTW there was discipline in loving marriages similar to LFA portrayed in some of the letters to Sandy in Corporal, just not often and not called LFA).

As I understand it the converse arguement is the someone such as we enlightend souls who found this wonderful place without such a link might be offended or put off by bad Links. Of course that would be VERY bad if someone coming here was trying to get a grasp of what LFA is and got the impression that Men In Pain or Lady Sonia or Strap on Queens were part of LFA and got a wrong impression. Right? is that the arguement against the links?

Well I would prefr it not to be so for thecontext of this discussion, but almost everything in MIP, LS, and SOQ is in just Elise Sutton's site alone. I love her site and I think she a great leader and goddess. We are ALL blessed she came around to help correct the way the average guy treats the woman in his life and his responsibilities to society and the world!!

But you can read the real stories in her site and find: women condoned or applauded for controlling their man with things like: Severe beatings (look at the procedure number 8 scenarios), cock and ball abuse(forcing guys to their knees by the genitals), strap on training (lots of examples), the use of the humbler(that is where I learned or relearned about it) and locking men in cages or dungeons (the lady who all the slaves and who was really sad when her "main slave" died...until she found his diary). So these things are endorsed in many cases, not just in Ms Hillary's letter, in lots of them.

We regulars here pretty much all know that there may be times in any given bad marriage such extreme practices are necessary. But except for cuckolding and forced bi there are few warnings to take it easy with the extreme stuff. Almost none for the stuff i just described.

Beautiful erotic teasing for control as described in the previous comments sounds like a great tool to control men who need correction to please their wives. Thanks again QN!!

Maybe we all need to promote controls such as this? Simple spanking? Tease and denial? Maybe even chastity puts out a betterimage to the world at large?

Maybe putting the TGP links in a separate category with a warning would help. I would like to see all of us united as one behind Lady K as this blog moves forward to lift the cloud of ignornce out there holding people back.

It would seem the question comes down to wether the gain from getting new school young men exposed to female authority is more important than the loss from driving away some indepoendent and inquisitive minds who get here on their own and are offended by the link.

Given my belief that the inquisitive mind will probably read and consider the whole thing and not just one link, and given my belief LFA will not get many chances to get into the minds of tatted and pierced extreme dudes without being on sites that are MILFy, extreme, or nasty I still support the link. Also when I was single I did not really connect with married folk's stories except for the erotic content. But at least old style femdom desensitized me so I was not shcoked away by the rough stuff in Elise Suttons's awesome site.

Swapping links with the good sites adds virtually no one to the pool of people who are exposed to LFA or other forms of "good" female control and authority because if the surfer or seeker is on those good sites they have already been exposed to the good message.

BUT since its Lady K's decision, could we all please just support her from now ONWARD. She asked for comments on her decision in the last post, not this one. MEA CULPA MAXIMA :-)

Wayne C. Rogers said...

Well, the only thing I can say is that for better or worse you certainly get more comments posted on your blog than anyone else does, so you're doing something right. At least you know that people are reading your postings, even though they may not agree with what you write, or do, or even with who you are as a Dominant woman.

hish06 said...

One polite query for Ms West: suppose you came to know of an intense relationship of the sort you described with Jim; mightn't you have expected it to continue beyond one night, a weekend for sure, a couple of weeks perhaps, before its embers died down? No offence intended, just a natural thought. A woman's passion once aroused can't be turned on and off easily like a male's.

oldbear said...

hi hish06, pardon me for being abutt-inski, but let me tell yo something I KNOW from experience.

As a 20 y/o jock i was seduced (read lured to her house, teased and used) by a neighbor of a high school friend. This mid 30's woman and I did it a dozen times in 24 hours before she kicked me ot ucz her soon to be ex was coming by with the kids.

I had bites, scratches, hickeys, and abrasions tha took weeks to months to heal. In some ways my sexuality never has. After she got what her cheating hubby had not given her in ove a year she dropped me like hot rock.

Whether or not a Lady chooses to keep havng sex with a dude depends a lot on her motivations, not on the sex itself, or the stud in question.

The description of dude putting his foot on the floor to power boink Lady K. is pretty close to what I did to mrs print shop owner. I picked her up, she wrapped her legs around me and we did it standiong up with my arms holding her down on my root. I only wish I could still do it like that to give it as gift to my wife. YMMV hish but I have seen a woman come tearing, ripping, and screming one night and then avoid me for over 6 months. FWIW. Dave.

Becky said...

Dear Katherine,

Don't be shaken by the naysayers. The more popular your blog becomes the more attacks you'll receive. Be shaken and you'll yield to their pressure!

This country has turned conservative and I dare say fascist. That means that progressive movements like yours will be fought very hard in a constant attempt to vanquish them. Don't let that happen. Be strong, confident in your message and stay the course. The more resilient you are the more similar movements and other women can find courage to empower their lives and enhance their marriages.

Just don't take the attacks personally. Think of them as ignorant people whom you can educate! That's been the behavior of your mentor, Elise Sutton.

Love and support.