Monday, February 27, 2006

Reading Old Posts

I am sitting here drinking my second... maybe third... (large) glass of wine. My dearest husband has given me a glorious massage and spent more than an adequate amount of time adoring me with even more glorious sexual attention. I have sent him to bed with a golden nightcap of my own making and a very well-deserved orgasm to end an evening of his perfect devotion.

I have spent the better part of the last thirty minutes re-reading old posts. I am quite aroused by my reminiscing. As I now look over at my husband sleeping so peacefully, I cannot help but recall with such vivid precision how he knelt before me and so lovingly drank my lover's seed from me.

I also confess that I have just emailed Jim. I have actually exchanged a number of emails since our first encounter. An unexpected consequence of that evening is that I have awakened a submissive side in Jim that he never knew he had. His emails to me are filled with a very sincere curiousity about the glory of serving as my submissive. If he were here now, I would have him worship me only as long as I could resist a command to ravage me. What a wonderful treat it would be to again be taken and adored.

Perhaps tomorrow I will awake and read old posts again... but without the rose colored tint of this third glass of wine.


oldbear said...

Oh Dear Lady, is that not the ultimate pleasure available to a dominant cuckoldess!? To have on demand a new love to pamper and ravish her and reinforce the submission of her hubby; and then control the training of the new lover into a suitor-servant who can also give her the masterful loving her precious body and glorious psyche crave after the pampering?

The concept is so indulgent and hedonistic. The lady is exalted to new heights of power and pleasure. And the vassal-males become mere vessels for the transfer of erotic energy to her, their existence diminished to naught save their service to her intimate desires.

Perhaps it is the wine, M'Lady. But perhaps the wine only quiets the noises of the daily NOW, and allows the mind and soul to hear their true desires.

PAX to all, and kudos to Katherine if she guides another to joy in his servile destiny.

Curious George said...

Interesting twist, Jim admitting he's a closet sub which isn't bad news, but is he capable of turning it on and off like a light switch?

I wonder if Jim taking a more worshipful submissive role will make your husband feel more insecure. He can't help but feel he's competing; the edge goes to Jim who you hope and suspect can go back and forth between being submissive and dominant, something your husband can't do as easily.

Do you think Jim is trying to drive a wedge between you and your husband or merely interested in exploring a different side of his sexuality?

The two of you have a past. I can't help but wonder if he is trying to connect with you emotionally and submitting to you is his strategy.

What do you want Jim's role to be in your life, a second husband to augment not replace the first or an occassional lover, solely around for your pleasure?

Queen'sKnight1 said...

Dear Lady Katherine,

Curious George has some very good points. As I remember back to the aftermath of the first cuccold experience, your husband had a lot to sort through. I still feel that having a variety of bulls with backgrounds different than you and your husband is a better tack. Going back to Jim, IMHO, is something at this point that could destabilize your marriage. It is possible that at some point in time after experience with many bulls that you may take one on for repeat sessions. I really think the wine was talking and that this is something neither of you is ready for and is not a wise choice at this point in time.

Wife of sissy said...

Your discovery that Jim has submissive interests triggers a fantasy of mine that you may find interesting. The fantasy involves two or more submissive men that are engaged in a competition. Here is the way the game begins: The Woman flips a coin and one of the men calls and if he wins he starts by licking the Woman. When she is satisfied he mounts and orgasms inside her. The next man then licks her clean and then mounts her and cums inside her. The first man then cleans her and mounts her again and again orgasms inside her. This goes on until one of the men can no longer get an erection. The winner would get to sleep with the Woman and the next morning would recieve a nice blow job from the loser. Sounds yummy, doesn't it?

guggler said...


this is an interesting twist in your life-story. I assume that Jim knows more or less about your relationship with your husband. Being in contact with Jim, a person you were intimate with, poses always a threat for the husband. Especially if he doesn't know.

This realization might be another trip to subspace for him. But I feel that it would be difficult for your cuckold husband to cope with a situation in which he has to compete with his submissiveness with another guy. Jim might also have a bonus of affection because he might be a better lover. Who knows! Still even this way, at times, this should be a great source of excitment for your husband.

Btw, I bought the book "Around her finger" last week and look for the right time to present it to my wife. As I might have mentioned I am sending her your postings as letters, a couple every week and try to act in the best way to please her. Even though there is yet little dominant input from her side, it is very satisfying for me to please her!

Thanks for being here Katherine and for sharing your experiences and thoughts with us!

Lisa In Houston said...

I have really enjoyed keeping up with your blog and watching your relationships develop. My hubbie and I are nowhere nearly as far along as yourselves but this blog is providing quite an education for me! I doubt that we will ever reach the point of actual cuckolding but as you stated in your blog, just us knowing that I have that right is in and of itself a huge emotional accomplishment!

I am curious as to your position/attitude regarding pubic and body hair on your hubbie...Several other websites reference quite often the shaving smooth of the submissive as a means to further enforce and remind them of their submission. I like the concept of a 24/7 reminder but have yet to discuss with my own hubbie. Thoughts?