Saturday, February 11, 2006

Valentines Day Plans

For valentines, my husband suggested a black-owned restaurant that we both know is frequented by young, upscale blacks. There is an adjacent club that attracts more singles than would the restaurant itself. We have never been to the club or the restaurant, but only know it by reputation. I thought it would be very fun, but our attempt to get reservations did not work out. I suppose others had the same idea.

Maybe some other time.


Wayne C. Rogers said...

Lady Katherine,
Most really good restaurants are booked solid on Valantine's Day. That shouldn't stop you from being able to go to the Club, or to go to the restaurant on a different night. The thing is (you may want to read about how Jenna did it on her blog) you and your husband may want to sit separately in the club so that you can more easily be picked up by a black bull. The men in the club will automatically know why you're there, and I suspect that you'll be approached by several who are interested in having sex with a married white woman. Of course, finding the right bull to take home may mean asking the right questions when you are approached. Think about what type of person you're looking for. Is it just for one night, or are you interested in a long-term relationship? How well endowed do you want him to be? Do you want him to be Dominant over you, or Dominant over your husband? How far are you ready to go with this and will your husband obey you, no matter what the commands are? Your husband may want to read Jenna's blog too in order to understand what her husband, Nick, is going through and what the possibilities are. As the old saying goes, "Be careful what you wish for." You might just get more than was expected :-))

oldbear said...

Hi Katherine, like Wayne said, maybe another club or another night. Regardless of wehether you sit together or apart, it may be hard to screen the men that night in the restaurant. heat of the moment, too hard to talk, etc.

Maybe use this first meting to tease hubby and get some info about your new intended. I do not think, (speaking as an ex-id man aka doorman) that a hot lady will have trouble getting in. Especially if you wear just enough nasty clubwear to look sharp but fetish, and bring hubby with you to the head of the line and let the man there know why you are at the club. It could be delicious humiliation for your beloved.

Unsaid in all of this, including Jennas blog is the higher risk of std from belonging to a daddy who has multiple other partners and/or loans his girls out. pax

Queen'sKnight1 said...

Dear Lady Katherine,

I know this comment belongs with a different post, but I would like for it to be published with current material. I have been away from computer access, assisting my darling Queen in every possible way as she needed to care for her terminally ill mother. There was nothing erotic in this, yet I have never felt such a depth of servitude in this, her time of need.

I wanted to respond to your question regarding racial stereotypes. In this month's issue (Feb. 2006) of National Geographic, Lauren Slater points out in her article "True Love" that many modern anthropologists believe that humans are prewired in their subconscious to seek genetic diversity when they mate. Genetic diversity is a necessity for the survival of any species. This is not an issue of prejudice, nor simply of black and white. Numerous studies of cultures the world over show that the closer a male is to a woman's genotype, the less sexually attracted she will be to him, and the more exotic, or genetically different he is, the more she will be attracted. This is only one of many factors such as age, health, societal status and mores, and wealth.

One word of caution, and this has nothing to do with race, please be cautious regarding STDs. If one plans to go "bareback" and/or have the cuccold engage in activities such as warming up the bull, cleaning up the bull, creamepie consumption, etc., it is best to exchange medical certificates verifying freedom from STDs. Though it is not as erotic, when picking up bulls in bars, it is prudent to use condoms.

Wayne C. Rogers said...

Gosh, guys,
This is kind of strange. No one mentioned condoms and STDs when Lady Katherine cuckolded her husband the first time with a white male; yet, now that she wants to have sex with a black bull, everybody suddenly has a desire to warn her about sexually transmitted diseases. Maybe this is what Lady Katherine was referring to with regards to racial stereotyping. I'm quite sure that Lady K is old enough to understand the need for protective sex in certain situations.

oldbear said...

Hi Wayne, this is a good point you make, and as a minority myself I understnd the need to substitute white for black or white for mexican and and see if you still have a problem with the behavior in question. If the answer is no problem with the behavior if a white guy does it then the objection is almost certainly bigoted or racist.

I have no experience in cuckolding, other than to be used a few times as a sex toy by neighborhood women who were already in divorce proceedings when I was a green-kid jock in my early 20's. WAAAHHHH=crybaby :-). But I have lots of experience as both an insider employee and regular patron in the sex at a club scene, aka the hookup scene.

The number of players, an oldschool term I used on purpose as it is race nuetral, who have a terrifying habit of spreading lies and stds among their women is staggering. At least it was back in the 80's. IMHO the risk of a std from a guy picked up by a exploring lady AWAY from clubs (like her first toy-man/lover)is much less than a hookup in a club.

I applaud your consciousness of the possible racial overtones, but at least in my case, the warning is based on specific race-nuetral experience. A women who is having sex with a bull is not in any psoition to question him about his sexual history, let alone verify the veracity of his answers.

Remember the player is a pro at the scene and by definition is a master at using all his mental, physical, and emotional talents to get whatever he wants. A small but not dismissable percentage dont even consider much for their ladies, let alone for the lady's hubby. Unless of course there may be a consequence for the player.

I think it would be much wiser for the lady to use professional connections to meet and entice a non-player into fulfilling her cuckolding/taboo/size and stamina fantasies.

With much respect to both you Wayne, and you Katherine, thanks Dave. ps--To all the other lurkers and fantasizers please remember when have all the power in a relationship you have all the responsibility. I left all this stuff out of my first post on purpose so as not to be a kill joy or too somber. Now the cat is out of the bag.

Again, huge props to both Wayne and Katherine. Both of you have written things both beautiful and terrifying that have torn me up inside and made me REALLY examine my sexuality and my definitions of such key words as Relgion, God, Faith, marriage, and Love.

Wayne C. Rogers said...

You make a lot of good points, which I suspect Lady K will take into careful consideration. Her finding a black bull who is safe and clean may not be as easy as it first sounded. You do have me curious with regards to your last statement about Lady K and I writing things both beautiful and terrifying that have caused you to examine your definitions of faith and God. I can understand about questioning your sexuality, marriage, and love, but what have we written to cause you to question your faith? This is a curiosity on my part. I'm not trying to put you on the spot or anything. Each individual must go their own path with regards to the strength of their faith (whatever that may be)and what they believe God to be. I've always kept my own spirituality separate from my sex life, though sex and spirituality can certainly be joined together to advance one's faith. Many religions would consider cuckoldry to be a sin of some kind, but I consider that as simply another way for the large corporations to control us, and each religion is definitely a large corporation that's geared towards bringing in large sums of money and spreading the word amongst its flock. I went to college to originally be a minister, but saw so much hypocrisy that I changed majors my senior year and started to follow my own journey of self-discovery, reading everything that I could find on the occult, ancient fetility cults, Wicca, the mystical aspects of Christianity, Judiasm, Hinduism, Buddhism, Zen, and New Age philosophy. I spent three months in a Zen monastery fourteen years ago, but quickly realized that I was more concerned with finding a Dominant lady to whip me than I was in reaching enlightenment. Or, maybe that was a form of enlightenment in itself. For the most part, I keep my beliefs to myself, understanding that we all have God within us, whether or not we believe in a God. Each of us has elements within our bodies that originates back to the beginning of the Universe, fifteen billion years ago, and so we have a part of God inside of us. Man is the creature that has placed all of these rules and regulations upon us. Sex between two consenting adults is natural and a part of life. I've never seen anything wrong with two adults expanding their sex lives and living it to the fullest as long as no one is seriously injured or killed. Boy, this comment sure got long, didn't it? I apologize for going on and on, but at least Lady K is causing us to think and question certain aspects about our own lives as I'm sure she and her husband are doing.

Queen'sKnight1 said...

wayne c. rogers,

When Lady Katherine met with Jim, she had already had time to learn about his background and to have STD tests and certificates done. She did not indicate in this blog prior to the cuckolding whether or not she planned to go bareback or have her husband imbibe in creampie. It was after the fact that she revealed those events to us. We still do not know whether medical tests were made beforehand or not.

At this point in time we do know that the previous cuckolding experience was bareback and included creampie for the cuckold. We also know that Katherine is contemplating meeting a man or men (their race matters not) who are complete strangers and bedding them the same evening. Obviously, there is no time for health verification, and so this gave pause for concern.

All of this was fresh in my mind when I gave my caution. I clearly stated that "This has nothing to do with race..." I find your comments No one mentioned condoms and STDs when Lady Katherine cuckolded her husband the first time with a white male; yet, now that she wants to have sex with a black bull, everybody suddenly has a desire to warn her about sexually transmitted diseases. Maybe this is what Lady Katherine was referring to with regards to racial stereotyping to be an awfully quickly drawn conclusion of racism. This is not the first time that you have made negative comments regarding my replies to Katherine's posts. Please give some thought to my rationalle above. The conclusions you have drawn are very incorrect.

Wayne C. Rogers said...

Queen's Knight,
You're absolutely right, and I apologize about my quick jump to a very wrong conclusion. I'm sorry if it seems like I'm singling you out for negative comments. I'm not. I post comments on several different blogs, and I usually don't remember from one day to the next what I've written, or where. I may be wrong, but it seems as if I wrote a comment of your own blog about five to six weeks ago, praising the quality of your website and how you voice your views. I'm not out to criticize anyone in particular, but rather to voice my own opinions like everyone else. Sometimes I do go overboard in my zest. Once again, I apologize. I think you are very articulate and knowledgable about the things that we discuss, and I certainly enjoy reading your comments, though I may not necessarily agree with all of them. That's what makes these blogs so much fun.

oldbear said...

Hi Wayne, thank you for your repost. you hit the nail on the head. For me religion and sex will never be totally divisible, although i agree all major religions are to greater or lesser extent big business. I also agree that mostly they are compromised and far from for example the christian ideals they espouse.

Becasue christianity is so soiled by religious nuts , especially right now, i would direct someone trying to understand my views to Hopi metaphysics, where a non-christian, non western set of dieties warns us against licentiousness and waywardness.

This is Katherine's blog and it would take too long to fully explain my explorations of my sexuality as they have ranged from fetish, to male dom, to femdom, to fem supreme, to male dom, to now where i accept i have desire for many things, but will not be labelled or categorized. I am more dominant than anything else, but for the right women I would and DO avoid acting on my "kinky" desires by agreement an love for her.

For me the relationship with the lady is all important, as is avoidance of any permanent damage to the relationship or another person. Just me, but i could not live well with the consequences of physical or emotional torment of another .

I believe that in all d/s relationships the problem may arise where the power is so concetrated in one party as to corrupt that person, or at least compromise their perspective. (Too easy to go from AHF to extreme letters to elise :-) Male abuse of dom rights is often worse! I mean no disrespect to those of other persuasions and acknowlege my opinion have no proveable merit over any others.

I do think sex and sexuality ought tot be but a part of a full life, and never the main focus. i apologize for the "buzz kill" of this post, but this comment stuff is great compared to message boards. Very open and honest people make me willing to tell things inpublic . Good community here. Thanks to all of you. Espec the D's and the S's that are sharing with us!

ps i still agree that may to most marriages would be better off with female authority, and society would be better with less stereotypical male stupidity.

pps I meant the part about tearing me up as a positive. thanks again Wayne and Katherine!

Wayne C. Rogers said...

I think Katherine's blog is great, not only because of the subject matter, but also because it allows us to voice our views on a particular lifestyle that certainly has our attention. It gives us the opportunity to share and to learn from each other. I think this is an old Hopi saying, "The world was created when I was born and will no longer exist when I die."

Queen's Knight,
I'm sorry, it must have been someone else's blog that I left the comment on. I was sure that you had a blog that was familiar to me, but I wrong. It's a good night to be wrong about a lot of things :-))

Richard said...

If part of the goal of the night out is to meet some of those young, upscale black men, dinner on Valentine's Day probably wouldn't be your best bet anyway. I suspect most of the men there will be with their wives and/or girlfriends.

Consider going for dinner the following Saturday. The vibe will probably be considerably more open.

Queen'sKnight1 said...

Wayne C. Rogers,

Thank you for your apology. I enjoy reading your thoughts.

OldBear and Wayne C. Rogers,

What an interesting discussion of spirituality. May I recommend three books which I think you both would enjoy? Venus on Top by Barbara Wright Abernathy, The Living Goddesses by Marija Gimbutas, and When God was a Woman by Merlin Stone. All are available through

Abernathy lives in and advocates FLR. She ranks as a peer of Elise Sutton and Emily Addison. She cites a significant degree of Native American world views regarding "Star Women" who are leaders and "Comet Men" who are their followers. Abernathy bases much of her work on the research of Gimbutas, an archaeologist. Both posit that from 35,000 B.C.E. until 3,000 B.C.E., humans lived in Matriarchal societies. Women were the heads of households. Inheritance was through females. Women were considered the prototype of the species. Women were free to mate with whatever males they chose, but males were not allowed the same prerogative. Divine beings were perceived as female. Women were considered an embodiment of the Goddesses while their fertility and sexuality were central to spirituality in a quasi-Tantric manner. During a time of rapid climate change and social upheaval circa 5000 years ago, radical patriarchs emerged from the African Saharan savannah as desertification ocurred. They migrated eastward into the middle east. As humans settled into agricultural communities, males were able to begin a physical dominance over women and patriarchal radicalism turned all of previous societal norms on their heads in all except a few pockets of EurAsia. Merlin Stone's work is similar to that of Gimbutas, but without as much archaeological support.

Wayne, this is just a thought. As a writer of FemDom fiction, you might possibly familiarize yourself with this part of human past and then write some historical fiction that is accurate in terms of this ancient setting. I would love to read some works like that.

Wayne C. Rogers said...

Queen's Knight,
Thank you for all of the wonderful information. I'm familiar with the book, When God Was A Woman, but I haven't read it. My former Mistress wanted to read it for a class that she was taking at the University of Nevada here in Las Vegas. I purchased her a copy of it at the local Barnes & Noble store. I'll check the book out myself when I get a chance. Historical fiction is much more difficult to write than fiction that takes place in the present. A tremendous amount of research has to be done, plus a style of dialogue has to be created that's believable to the reader, but not boring, plus a score of other things so that the characters aren't performing acts that would only take place in the present day. An author has to have a certain type skill to be able to write historial fiction well. I don't. I tried to write a story a few years back that takes place during the late Eighteen Hundreds in England with the female members of the infamous Key Club being into the study of Higher Magick with the Golden Dawn Society and thus gaining the power to turn their rich husbands into their slaves. It only took about six pages before I realized that I just didn't have the talent to write this story and make it realistic. As Dirty Harry says, "A man has to know his limitations." Your idea was excellent though! This is probably something that a woman would be much better at writing. They have the patience to do all of the necessary research to make such a novel come alive for the reader. What I'm really good at is writing sex scenes :-))

pd said...

Just a posting with some hopeful anticipation. My Wife has informed me that on this friday She is invited out to a martini tasting party, and She informed me that i was to drive Her there and be waiting for a call to pick Her up when She was ready. She doesn't want to worry about driving after drinking. i was not invited nor wanted She told me and i may not be required to pick Her up after the party if "other" things develop, but in any event i am to be ready for any eventuality. She said she likes the idea of me waiting all night to pick Her up and that my driving may not be required after all. She has no idea how much i am already twitching in anticipation. i feel as if a door is opening that will not be closed again.

Jenna said...

wow, i love the discussion that goes on here. happy valentine's day everyone!

Jan said...

I had a beautiful Valentines day. My man was fully femned. We surf the net for my bulls, not that hard to find